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A Diamond Engagement Ring – A Beautiful Surprise That Says "Please Marry Me"

A Diamond Engagement Ring – A Beautiful Surprise That Says "Please Marry Me"

Let me be the first to congratulations you – well actually, the only one to congratulate you because, chances are you haven’t told anyone else yet! Welcome to the league of True Gentlemen. Your decision to make a surprise out of your marriage proposal has put you among the exclusive list of action-oriented, decisive men who know what they want in life.



Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Now how will you go about buying that Ring? Here are some practicalities that will help you to keep the proposal a surprise for your special partner:-

How to Keep The Surprise And Still Buy The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

  • First things first. Do not go out shopping, see a ring you like and buy it. That could be a costly mistake in more ways than one!
  • Half the fun of buying a ring without telling her is trying to find out what she likes without letting your secret out. You may even get some insights into your girl’s personality you had no idea about before.

A few tips to the tricky business of finding out her exact ring size:-

  • It would be much easier if you could get hold of a ring she already wears and take it with you.
  • If that is not an option, try one of her rings on your own finger use that as a guide.
  • If she doesn’t have any rings for you to borrow or practice on, then you will have to be a bit more inventive, like making a game of tying a piece of string around her finger.
  • We can also make the ring to an average small / medium / large size.  Once you have proposed we can resize the ring to make it a perfect fit. 

How do you find out what style of ring to buy?

  • Window shopping is a good way to find out type and style of ring she likes
  • You can be a bit inventive and not give the plot away by taking a great deal of interest in looking at watches in jewellers windows.
  • Play a game by asking if she could have any piece of jewellery in the window, which piece would she most like to show around all her friends? If she does not pick a ring, keep the game going till she does.

This fun research will not only help you make the best decision when you go to make your purchase and pick just the most perfect ring for your lady, you will also have learned a lot more about her in the process and perhaps fallen even deeper in love with her.

If you take the time to do things right, then it is just a matter of finding the perfect venue and moment to present your perfect lady with your proposal, safe in the knowledge that you have chosen the perfect diamond engagement ring for her.

Author: Supun
Monroe Yorke Diamonds Fine Jewellers Australia