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Antwerp ~ World Diamond Capital

Belgium's Antwerp is the premier city when considering the diamond industry. Antwerp is also a municipality and capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders.

When considering the industry's history, Antwerp is where most of the diamond industry's beginnings are concentrated. This is where 80% of the world's rough diamonds are handled and more than 50% of processed diamonds pass through this international trading centre of excellence.

In The Beginning
Hendrik Cassiers founded the first diamond cutting company outside Antwerp in Grobbendonk at the end of the 19th Century. He and Frans Dela Montagne laid the foundations of the industry, which settled in Nijlen, Herenthout, Bevel, Kessel, Vorselaar and Berlaar.

One man, Romi Goldmuntz, who was born in 1882, was the catalyst for the survival of the diamond business in Antwerp. His diamond company employed about 600 workers in 1920 and he and his brother Leopold, had business connections with the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). DTC is a subsidiary of the very famous De Beers. It was Romi Goldmuntz who in 1918, after the First World War, persuaded exiles in the Netherlands to return to Antwerp and to continue working in the industry.

From these shaky beginnings grew the community of diamond specialists, craftsmen and experts who have developed and nurtured this wonderful industry, ensuring that the rest of the world can enjoy the most amazing diamonds and diamond jewellery. He also founded the Diamond Office in Antwerp, and other institutions are also named after him.

Small But Very Beautiful
The Antwerp World Diamond Centre comprises more than 1500 diamond companies and 4 diamond exchanges. Surprisingly, it covers only two square miles. This is a highly secured area which is also supported by transport companies, travel agencies, brokers, hotels and restaurants, ensuring a diverse culture in the rarefied atmosphere of the Antwerp community.

The diamonds that pass through it's expert hands are often directed to all corners of the globe and is overseen by The Antwerp Diamond High Council which is the umbrella organisation of the Belgian Diamond Business. Antwerp is also famous not just for diamonds, but also for other gems such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Quality Personified
When a diamond has been cut in Antwerp, a purchaser will know that the unrivalled skill of an Antwerp diamond worker has been utilised to ensure top quality. Diamond schools in the city ensure that craftsmen who work on these precious stones have skills that are second to none in the world. If a diamond has been cut by a craftsman who has been trained in Antwerp, you know that the stone will be of the very best quality.

Recommendations for Antwerp diamonds

  • 50% of all polished diamonds have passed through Antwerp
  • Antwerp is home to the most skilled diamond polishers in the world.
  • 80% of all rough diamonds are traded in Antwerp
  • 'Cut in Antwerp' is the most sought after trademark
  • The number one diamond capital since the 16th Century.

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