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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • The Formation of an Exquisite Diamond ~ Is Coal Involved?


    Contrary to popular belief, diamonds do not form from coal.  Many of us are taught in our science classes that coal magically undergoes a metamorphosis from a black mineral to a shiny diamond.  This is not so.

    In fact, coal is rarely responsible for the earth's source of diamonds.  Many diamonds are dated as far older than coal, so this alone should tell us that diamonds form from another source.

    Another misconception is that when diamonds are being mined, they are excavated from horizontal sources deep within the earth.  In fact, most diamonds are found in vertical mines filled with igneous rocks.

    It is likely that are three ways in which a diamond is formed:~

    In the Earth's Mantle ~ Diamond formation occurs at very high temperatures and many diamonds are found within the earth's mantle, about 150 kilometres from the surface.  Much of the minerals that make up a diamond are believed to have been delivered to the mantle by volcanic eruptions which form the kimberlite and lamproite pipes actively searched for by diamond prospectors.

    Coal is rarely found deeper than 3.5 kilometres below the earth's surface, so is unlikely to be the carbon requirement for the formation of a diamond.

    Subduction Zones ~  Diamonds are found in rocks, subducted deep in the earth's mantle by tectonic movement.  It is possible that coal is involved in this process, but the most likely sources are carbonate rocks such as dolomite, limestone and marble.

    Impact Sites ~ When an asteroid hits the earth - and it is historical fact that asteroids have been falling on us since time began - the pressure and heat are so great it is believed that it could be instrumental in forming diamonds.  Small diamonds have been retrieved from impact sites, so would support the claim that asteroids have instigated the processes of diamond formation.  In this case, coal could have been present at the site of impact, as could other carbonate material such as dolomite, limestone and marble.

    The evidence supports the claim that coal is not instrumental in the formation of the world's favourite gems.  Diamonds are dated as much older than coal deposits so it would seem that other carbonate materials are responsible for the world's source of diamonds.

    My Diamonds source only the very best of the world's diamonds, all being sourced from reliable and trusted providers - exquisite creations and part of the My Diamond Collection because of their innate quality and scintillation.

    When you're searching for your diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding band, or diamond gift, look no further than the diamond selection from My Diamonds.




    Discover the My Diamonds website and make your selection from our eclectic diamond showroom, or telephone 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a My Diamonds diamond specialist.

  • Avril Levine Engaged to Chad Kroeger?

    Well, that came as a surprise.  Avril Levine and Chad Kroeger, singer with the Nickelbacks have announced their engagement...wait for it - on her ex's Brody Jenner's birthday.  Nice timing!

    Kroeger proposed on August 8th with a 14 carat diamond ring.  This will be the first marriage for Chad, and the second for Avril who was previously married to Deryck Whibley, rocker with Sum 41.

    According to those close to them, they're the perfect match with the same family values.

    Chad presented Avril with a pear shaped diamond engagement ring, not unlike those you'll find in the exquisite My Diamonds diamond engagement ring collection.  Pear shaped diamonds have become very popular this year amongst the celebrity crowd.

    Lucky, lucky girl.  Congratulations to them both, and here are the My Diamonds pear shaped stunners.




    These exquisite rings are from the My Diamonds Collection of diamond engagement rings.  Telephone 1300 665520 to speak with a My Diamonds Diamond Specialist.

  • Famous Quotes About Diamonds

    It has to be said that diamonds have caused many a famous person to comment on either the size of the stone in their diamond ring, the beautiful lustre, or in many cases, the cost!  It would seem that all agree - diamonds are not just a girl's best friend, or just forever - but the most exquisite precious stone in nature's natural bounty.

    At My Diamonds we love talking diamonds, particularly when it's about our diamond engagement rings or diamond wedding bands.  Here are a few quotes to get you thinking (and laughing) and some examples of the fabulous diamond engagement rings that will be yours when you visit  Have fun!

    "I don't exercise.  If God had wanted me to bend over he'd have put diamonds on the floor." ~  Joan Rivers

    "Diamonds never leave you - men do!" ~ Shirley Bassey (Ouch!)

    "Diamonds are forever, my youth is not." ~ Jill St. John

    "But this is Miami, you can't come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you're all covered up in this heat, you're gonna make me pass out out just to look at you. It's sweaty in Miami-but the diamonds will keep me cool." ~ Lil' Kim

    "Big girls need big diamonds." ~ Elizabeth Taylor

    "I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back." ~       Zsa Zsa Gabor

    We at My Diamonds would like to add, we don't necessarily agree with the above!  However, we do agree that you'll love these:~




    Don't forget that on the My Diamonds website is all the information you'll need to purchase your chosen diamond engagement ring on line.  Of course, if you'd prefer to speak with one of our diamond specialists, please don't hesitate to call My Diamonds on                 1300 66 55 20.  We look forward to your call.

  • Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for the Remainder of 2012

    BLACK DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS                               Some of the most popular engagement rings for 2012 have included the sensational, dramatic black diamond.  The stones are cut in traditional designs, yet add something really special and eye-catching because of their colour.  Below are some exquisite examples from My Diamonds.

    Rio Black Diamond - AAA 1.00ct Diamond Ring 18k - 1.63ct           This fabulous example of design symmetry will say 'I adore her'. Twenty four white diamonds set onto a fine white gold band that wraps the centre black diamond.  Ring is complete with a premium AAA grade 1.00ct Round brilliant cut black diamond18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold) 

    Tocara Forever - Black Diamond Ring 18k - 0.80ct                      Seduce her with this modern design showcasing a beautiful centre half carat black diamond in a rubover setting.  A halo of white diamonds set around around white gold disk frames and highlights the stunning black centre. The band is also accentuated by white diamonds. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold) 

    Aesis - 1.50ct Centre Diamond Engagement Ring 18k - 2.10ct            A sweep up band of scintillating round brilliant diamonds beautifully enhances the pure grandeur of the centre black diamond in a fine four claw setting.  Ring is complete with a premium AAA grade 1.50ct round brilliant cut black diamond.18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold) 

    DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS WITH A VINTAGE LOOK    Vintage styling is always popular, no matter how fashions change.  The look has dominated many celebrities engagement rings this year, with stars handing their loved ones rings with emerald, cushion and heart shaped diamonds.  They always look fabulous, and vintage is the perfect design for the boho girl.  My Diamonds has an eclectic choice of vintage styling in their exquisite diamond collections.

    Isadora - GIA 1.00ct Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum - 1.63ct      This fabulous example of design symmetry will say 'I adore her'.  Twenty four diamonds set onto a fine platinum band that wraps the centre diamond.  Ring is complete with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct Round brilliant cut diamondPlatinum setting and band 

    Caressa - Majestic GIA 1.00ct Engagement Ring Platinum - 1.22ct  An amazing platinum design with a centre diamond tension set between two highly polished pave set diamond disks. These disks act like a mirror and create a reflection of the centre diamond and enhance the brilliance and fire of the diamond. Ring complete with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct round/brilliant cut diamond.  Platinum disks and band


    The emerald cut diamond seems to be the cut of choice when it comes to celebrities announcing their engagements.  Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and others have all opted for this angular design probably because all eyes are on the exquisite diamond at the centre of the ring.  These girls know how to show off.  Take your cue to show off too, with emerald cut diamonds from My Diamonds.

    DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING TRENDS FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2012Our artisan jewellers are experienced in helping clients realise their dreams by custom crafting their diamond engagement rings.  Nothing could be more romantic than choosing your own diamond, then working with our craftsmen to create the diamond engagement ring of your dreams.  Call My Diamonds on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with one of our diamond specialists who will guide you to your perfect diamond ring.



  • Missing the Five Olympic Rings? Here are Five Diamond Beauties from My Diamonds

    OK, so the Olympics in Great Britain are over and we won't get to see those five iconic Olympic rings again until 2016 when we're dancing the salsa up the main street of Rio de Janeiro.  I can't wait! The problem is we've all become used to seeing the five rings of the Olympic movement in every newspaper, on every channel, so here are five rings perfect for any Golden Girl Olympian, we know you'll love from My Diamonds.  You see, we really care about you.  Here goes!

    This the DULCHE GLAMOUR - GIA 1.00CT DIAMOND RING PLATINUM - 1.20CT ~ Twenty pave set diamonds set into a ballerina style square disk that dramatise the centre 1.00ct premium GIA certified princess cut centre diamond. A design that speaks ultimate in glamour and romance. Platinum setting and band 

    The BIJOU - GIA PLATINUM COMPLETE ENGAGEMENT RING 1.82 CARATS ~ This truly stunning platinum engagement ring complete with a centre premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct pear cut diamond. Setting consists of 29 diamonds with alternating princess, baguette and tapered cut baguettes down the shoulders. Round diamonds set right around the centre diamond

    The Lia ~ GIA Complete Platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.00ct  A simple and elegant solitaire 4 claw setting complete with a centre premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct round/brilliant cut diamond. The solid 4 claw setting allows lots of light into the diamond to bring out the brilliance and fire of this exquisite diamond. Platinum setting and band. 

    The Allure - Platinum GIA 1.00ct Princess Diamond Ring 1.50ct      Utterly superb premium quality diamond engagement ring. Complete with a GIA certified 1.00 carat princess cut diamond. The quality just sparkles. Princess cut diamonds channel set on sweep up shoulders. Platinum setting and band 

    Amor Love GIA 1.00ct Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum 1.27ct   A ring that boasts style, opulence and grace.  The sweep up band of claw set round brilliant cut diamonds makes a dramatic statement of the unique six claw centre setting.  Ring has a diamond set under the centre setting.  Design is made perfect with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct round brilliant cut diamondPlatinum setting and band 

    The stunning pre-set diamond engagement rings above are showcased on the My Diamonds website along with many more exquisite examples of artisan designed and crafted diamond jewellery from My Diamonds.  Call My Diamonds on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a My Diamonds diamond consultant.

    Live the dream!



  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ~ Engagement

    It's official.  Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced their engagement.  A thrilled Jennifer was happy to show off her emerald cut diamond ring, an Art Deco style that has swung back into popularity with diamond lovers the world over.

    Square or oblong diamonds were extremely popular in the Art Deco period - a term coined in 1926 after an exhibition was held at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs entitled Les Annees '25.

    An emerald-cut diamond has rectangular facets parallel to a rectangular top to accentuate its lustre.

    Jennifer, 43 and Justin, 41, met on the set of Wanderlust 2011 and have been inseparable ever since.

    Jennifer, once married to Brad Pitt who is now famously with Angelina Jolie, is said to be thrilled at her boyfriend's proposal on his birthday, and overwhelmed by the beauty and size of the ring.

    Justin could have purchased Jennifer's Art Deco Ring from My Diamonds, a company carrying an eclectic collection of exquisite diamond engagement rings.  For example:~

    The Calista ~ an Emerald Cut Three Diamond Ring in Platinum 1.60ct, or

    The Lauren ~ a GIA Platinum Engagement ring with an Emerald Cut centre diamond 1.35 ct with 42 pave set diamonds on the shoulders

    Envy ~ GIA Complete Platinum Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond 1ct

    Alternatively, create your dream diamond engagement ring with My Diamonds with a beautiful emerald cut stone ranging from $2000 to over $200,000 dollars.  We have stunning diamonds to suit every budget and every style, from contemporary to vintage.

    Call My Diamonds on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a diamond consultant.  Make your dreams come true!

  • De Beers ~ A Change of Location for the Sorting of Botswana Diamonds

    'ERENA' ~ GIA Platinum 3 stone Ring
    Monroe Yorke Diamonds 'Most Popular' Range

    For nearly 80 years the precious natural commodity of diamonds dug from the diamond mines of Botswana have been sorted in London.

    Botswana has for many years campaigned to carry out the sorting of its rough stones locally.  This now appears to have come to pass.  The country is the world's largest producer of diamonds.

    Gabarone is the new location for diamond sorting in Botswana, meaning this phase of a rough stone's life has been radically changed. Although only the first step in the journey, it will develop Botswana as a major international centre for sorting stones, handling about $6 billion dollars worth of diamonds.

    Although the agreement to move sorting to Botswana was agreed six years ago, delays meant that it could not be put into operation until 2012.  Debswana, Botswana's main diamond mining company and owned jointly by De Beers and the Botswana government, signed the final agreement in November 2011 to make the move, enabling Botswana to sell 10% of locally manufactured gem stones.

    De Beers has also agreed to make available to manufacturing companies in the country, an increase to $800 million dollars of diamonds per year from the $550 million it currently makes available.

  • A Warm Welcome From Monroe Yorke Diamonds



    GIA 18k 1.35 Carats

    Welcome to the MONROE YORKE DIAMONDS blog. This is the first post on our brand new website launched today. We hope that it will be informative, interesting to read and help you on your journey to purchasing a fabulous piece of diamond jewellery – from diamond engagement rings to wedding bands, exquisite diamond pendants to diamond stud earrings. We've developed our site because we want to showcase the stunning diamond jewellery designs from the artisan craftsmen at Monroe Yorke Diamonds. These exquisite designs are now ready and waiting for you to choose for your wedding jewellery or gift for a loved one. Your engagement ring should be the stuff of dreams. At Monroe Yorke Diamonds we are very aware of just how much this love token means to you. Our Pre Designed Diamond Engagement Ring collection is discerning and beautifully crafted. We're confident we have something to please everyone. From exquisitely intricate vintage designs with a multitude of diamonds to the very cutting edge contemporary designs - perhaps a solitaire diamond in an unadorned platinum band. We know your imagination will take you to the diamond engagement ring you have always dreamed of. For those of you who desire to wear your own designs the Monroe Yorke Diamonds custom service create rings as extraordinary as they are exquisite. We're constantly bowled over by the vision of our customers – most of whom know exactly what they desire - and Monroe Yorke Diamonds always delivers. In all our years as artisan jewellery designers we have never had a complaint, either about our exquisite diamond jewellery or our customer service. We constantly strive to please you. If you are unsure of what you're looking for we will advise you – taking into consideration your unique personal style and busy lifestyle. We do whatever it takes to ensure your delight with your diamond engagement ring.

    Diamond Education

    Before you purchase your diamond jewellery, we would urge you to read some of the articles on the Monroe Yorke Diamonds site. We recommend our FAQ section, which will hopefully answer some of the questions you have about purchasing online and the guarantees that we offer. Of course if you prefer, we are always on hand to provide the personal touch on 1300 66 55 20. Our Knowledge articles are well worth a read. We always advise our customers to educate themselves in the world of diamonds before they purchase. Apart from eliminating any doubts you may have, the world of diamonds is as interesting as it is exciting. Do you know how long it takes for a diamond to be formed? Would you know how a diamond is cut and how long it takes? Are you aware of the cuts of diamonds available to you from the Monroe Yorke Diamonds loose diamond collection? Go to our Knowledge section. The information is there to educate you before you make that all important choice.

    Thank you for reading this post. Please come back and read our posts on Diamond History, Celebrity Jewellery and much much more. At Monroe Yorke Diamonds our customers become friends. We would love you to be one of them.

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