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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • It's A Diamond Life at the Emmys

    The 63rd Emmy Awards was the perfect place for our stars to show off their bling.  And did they?  You betcha!
    Gwyneth Paltrow looked fabulous as usual in diamond and platinum bracelets valued at $500,000.  She really has style!  Black and white is becoming the popular combo in fashion and in diamonds.  The black diamond is making waves in the diamond fashion world, as shown by Amy Poehler who wore this stunning ring:~

    not unlike the fabulous beauty from My Diamonds.  Just look at this:~


    Jessica Pare wore this little beauty:~
    At My Diamonds our vintage rings are exquisite, perfectly created by our artisan master craftsman who trained in Antwerp.  It's this that makes My Diamonds the rising star in the diamond ring and diamond engagement ring market.  Take a look at this little beauty:~

    Anais by My Diamonds 

    Diamond stud earrings were all over the place as were many floral motifs on diamond jewellery and diamond rings.  At My Diamonds we design jewellery for the most discerning clients at budgets that are tailored to suit everyone's pocket.  You don't have to be Gwyneth Paltrow to buy a My Diamonds original, but Gwyneth if you're ever in Australia.......................

  • Buying Your Precious Diamond On the Internet

    Having face to face contact with a company you're purchasing from is becoming less and less important with the dawning of a new customer - those who buy over the internet.  Our mothers and fathers and beyond, have had to join a revolution in buying and customer service. It would seem that retail outlets that we have come to know and love have accepted that many people prefer to sit in the comfort of their own homes and simply click to buy.

    In the beginning, we nervously stuck our toe in the water, buying books from Amazon, or gradually realising that there's no need to join the crush in the busy times at the supermarket.  We can simply order whatever we want online, and let other people pack and deliver for us.  Absolute bliss!

    In the 21st Century, we're now used to buying high end products on the internet, such as diamonds, diamond jewellery - diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.  This is because companies like My Diamonds, have realised it doesn't matter how your customer chooses their purchase, they still require the same, exemplary customer service they've been shown in the past.

    My Diamonds has flourished - using the internet to bring their diamond collections into the public consciousness, and are now one of the foremost diamond internet retailers in Australia.

    The most important point that most people will consider when buying over the internet is security.  Is it really secure for me to spend a not insubstantial amount of money with someone over the other side of the country, who I've never spoken to?  The answer, at least with My Diamonds is a resounding 'yes'!

    Once you've decided which exquisite diamond engagement ring you wish to purchase from My Diamonds, we advise you to read the diamond knowledge articles on the site, and on this, the My Diamonds blog.  It will cover points such as

    * Engagement ring guidance *Diamond related topics * Conflict Free Diamonds and the Kimberley Process * Custom Made Jewellery * and the My Diamonds 100% Guarantee of Excellence and Quality.

    And of course, if you prefer to speak to a My Diamonds diamond specialist before you make your purchase, telephone 1300 66 55 20.

  • The World Diamond Capital ~ Antwerp, Belgium

    If you're a newcomer to the fabulous world of diamonds, it may be interesting for you to know that currently, 80% of rough diamonds, and 60% of polished diamonds pass through the hallowed diamond quarter of Antwerp, the diamond industry's city of excellence.

    Antwerp is the third largest port in the world, and a municipality and  capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders.

    It was all started by Hendrik Cassiers who founded the first diamond cutting company outside Antwerp in Grobbendon, at the end of the 19th Century.  He and Frans Dela Montagne laid the foundations of the industry, which settled in Nijlen, Herenthout, Bevel, Kessel, Vorselaar and Berlaar.

    One man, Romi Goldmuntz, who was born in 1882, was the catalyst for the survival of the diamond business in Antwerp.  His diamond company employed about 600 workers in 1920 and he and his brother Leopold had business connections with the Diamond Trading Company.  DTC is a subsidiary of the very famous De Beers.  It was Romi Goldmuntz who in 1918, after the end of the First World War, persuaded exiles in the Netherlands to return to Antwerp and continue working the diamond industry.

    From these shaky beginnings grew the community of diamond specialist, craftsmen and experts who have developed and nurtured this wonderful industry, ensuring the rest of the world can enjoy the most amazing diamonds and diamond jewellery.  He also founded the Diamond Office in Antwerp, and other institutions are also named after him.  'Cut in Antwerp' is the most sought after trademark in the diamond industry, because with it translates to excellence and quality.

    My Diamonds, offers client artisan craftsmen, with their chief craftsman experiencing his training in Antwerp.  This is reflected in the exquisite diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and loose diamonds in the My Diamonds collection.

    Below is a selection of exquisite diamond engagement rings from the My Diamonds collection.






  • The Exciting World of Loose Diamonds

    Most diamond retailers carry pre-designed rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands and diamond jewellery in their collections.  One of the most exciting experiences is to choose your own centre stone for your diamond engagement ring - so you can truly say you chose your perfect diamond!

    At My Diamonds we have an extensive collection of loose diamonds to fulfil your dreams.  Choose from round, princess, emerald, cushion, pear, marquise, asscher, oval, radiant, heart and trilliant.  Each exquisite stone will have been graded by a diamond grading laboratory, usually GIA,  and will receive a diamond grading document:~

    This dossier will cover the 4Cs of diamond grading, a subject we will cover in more detail on this blog.  The 4Cs are part of the diamond education information included on the My Diamonds website.  It is imperative that any diamond purchaser familiarises themselves with the grading system so that the diamond you thought you purchased is the one you receive.  At My Diamonds our diamond grading is exemplary and we have total confidence in the high quality of our stones.

    Go to the My Diamonds website at and explore our extensive collection of loose diamonds.  We're sure you will find a diamond to excite you.


    A Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

    The first step of course is deciding how much you are prepared to spend. It has been reliably documented that a couple will be willing to spend at least one months salary to buy the perfect love token and many couples spend a lot more. The rule of thumb is the same as when you rent or purchase your first home. Spend as much as you can afford. As with real estate, there are essential checks that have to made when buying your diamond. The engagement ring you choose will not just say how much you love each other. It is also an investment and you have to be sure that it is of the very best quality.

    At'My Diamonds', each diamond they offer you has a unique GIA Diamond Grading Report or Dossier attributed to it. This will tell the diamond merchant and of course the buyer, the quality and cut of the diamond. This is determined by the essential 4C's. It is essential to educate yourselves as much as possible about diamonds and the way they are graded before buying your diamond.

    The Exquisite MYD Collection

    The collection at is extensive.  Every style and taste is catered for, from the traditional and whimsical to the totally contemporary. Take a look at these fabulous beauties:~




    As you can see from the above examples 'My Diamonds' has an eclectic showroom of fabulous diamond rings on offer. Buying on line is simple. Just register on the site and begin shopping. There are many articles with regard to Diamond Eduction on the site for you to read before you make your choice and then you can navigate around this extensive diamond showroom from the comfort of your arm chair. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call them on 1300 66 55 20 where they will be happy to reassure you and give you the information you require. They also have diamond showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London and New York. If you would like to visit them for a consultation please call 1300 66 55 20.

  • Why You Should Choose My Diamonds, Australia's Foremost Online Diamond Retailer

    Whatever your reasons for buying a diamond, it is paramount to make sure that you buy the best. There is a confusing number of diamond companies out there vying for your attention, but if you're looking for quality wholesale diamonds or custom made diamond jewellery then you must take a look at

    My Diamonds ~ Experts in the Field

    The 'My Diamonds' website offers a comprehensive service to ensure that you buy the diamond engagement ring or loose diamonds that are perfect for you. There are as many designs and tastes in diamonds and diamond jewellery as there are humans on the planet and the 'My Diamonds' website is certain to have a style of jewellery to suit you. From engagement rings to bespoke designs made by Australian master craftsmen, 'My Diamonds' delivers the ultimate buying experience.

    Custom Made Jewellery to Make You Sparkle

    Jewellery design is seemingly an art that is disappearing off the radar, but 'My Diamonds' knows that when you decide to buy a diamond it's a time to celebrate your uniqueness. This is why you are offered an opportunity to have your diamond jewellery custom made. The experience of having your engagement made to your own ring design by the finest artisans is one that shouldn't be missed and the service that you will receive from 'My Diamonds' will be second to none.

    Your style of jewellery will be unique to you and will be crafted from only the finest materials and your own imagination. A beautiful reflection of you and the perfect token of love.

    A Selection of Loose Diamonds to Leave You Breathless

    The 'My Diamonds' loose diamond selection is the beginning of your journey to the perfect custom made diamond jewellery. All of 'My Diamonds' loose diamonds are graded according to the GIA Diamond Grading Chart. This means that any diamond you choose will have been graded according to GIA standards. Each diamond will have a GIA Diamond Dossier or Grading Report and it will show you the quality of the diamond you have chosen by using the essential 4C's.

    Diamond Solitaires

    Choose from Round, Princess, Emerald, Pear, Cushion, Oval, Heart, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant and Trilliant. The round is traditionally the most popular diamond for engagement rings. This is probably due to the cut of the diamond that maximizes the amount of light and brilliance emitted from the stone, giving it that wonderful eye-catching sparkle. Once you have made your decision about the shape and quality that you require for your unique choice of diamond ring, the consultation service that you will receive from 'My Diamonds' will leave you in no doubt that you have made the perfect decision. They will guide you through all of the stages towards a wonderful result, advising you on the shape, quality, colour and overall design. Take a look at the loose diamond guide on which will show you the diamonds and the quality that is available to you. When you are completely happy with your decisions the work of building your perfect piece will begin.

    Now, you can look forward to wearing the most unique, perfect and beautiful diamond ring that was 'once only a dream, now a reality'.




  • The Influence of 1950s Style Jewellery of Diamond Jewellery Trends Today

    After World War 2 life began to return to a semblance of normality. Styles of the 1940s began to change. This was necessary for people to be able to move on from a period of scarcity. No longer were women making wedding dresses from parachute silk, or drawing lines on the backs of their legs with gravy browning to resemble silk stockings.

    When material that had been impossible to source during the war suddenly began to appear again on the open market, it brought with it innovative designs in every aspect of life, not least in the diamond jewellery trade.

    In 1951, the Festival of Britain took place, held to encourage the people of that country to get over the war and to boost morale. Many other countries, including Australia, not only took their lead from countries getting back on their feet, but were also able to use the talents of creative designers to offer revolutionary styling to their customers. People were desperate to throw off the mantle of uncertainty that had been laying over them for more than five years and to get back to living again.

    There were many exhibitors at the exhibition – much of the exhibits featured space age designs. All of the different exhibits filtered into our way of life, including the jewellery we wore. War time restrictions were at last lifted and costume jewellery began to make an appearance again. Woman wanted to wear beautiful things again, and the fashions of the day reflected this. Many woman looked to the icons of the day, such as Jayne Mansfield, an American actress who became an international sex symbol during the 50s and signed long term with 20th Century Fox and appeared in films such as 'A Girl Can't Help It.'  She has been credited as being the actress who heralded the global sexual revolution; Brigitte Bardot; and of course the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe who was rarely seen without her diamond earrings and who also starred in the movie 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes,' and who also recorded the song 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend,' from the film.

    Here are some stunning examples of vintage, yet contemporary diamond dress rings from My Diamonds.




  • MovieStyle with Michael O'Conner on Reelz ~ Jewellery Fashion through the Decades.

    If you love diamond jewellery, and at My Diamonds, one of the foremost diamond retailers in Australia, we absolutely do, you might be interested to know that Michael O'Conner, diamond jewellery stylist will be fronting a programme on the 15th September called MovieStyle with Michael O'Conner on Reelz.

    The first show of it's kind, it will examine how jewellery fashion has changed over the decades, often led by blockbuster movies that become the pop-culture trends of the time.

    The first showing of MovieStyle will highlight trends of the 1940s, a fabulous decade which featured movie heroines like Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford, names that many of us will recognise today even though these fabulous ladies are no longer with us.

    The looks of the day were interpreted in movies like The Notebook, The English Patient and Pearl Harbour, a movie which has since had a glossy make over with Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale.

    The episode will showcase costume designer Karyn Wagner and costume historian, Kevin Jones. Fashion expert Sam Saboura will also be on hand to discuss how fashion trends of the forties are interpreted today. Obviously trends from the World War 2 era will be discussed as this never to be forgotten time has influenced fashions, hairstyles, and of course jewellery.

    Much of the diamond jewellery fashion displayed by movie starlets in their day is still seen in the present day – diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants, and fabulous vintage diamond rings.

    Looking at how past styles have influenced our current diamond jewellery fashion, we can see how creations range from vintage to contemporary, iconic to decadent.

    Here are some exquisite examples from My Diamonds, a trendsetter in today's jewellery fashion world.




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