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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • The Kardashians ~ In the News Again!

    It's out.  News is that another member of the Kardashian clan will be sporting a diamond engagement ring very soon.  Rumours are that Scott Disick will be proposing to the mother of his two children, Kourtney Kardashian very soon.

    According to RadarOnline, Scott was seen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, checking out diamond engagement rings.  But will Kourtney accept the troubled Scott Disick's engagement proposal?  Lately he's been seen partying big style. Watch this space, but if he's really serious about presenting a diamond engagement ring to Kourtney Kardashian he could do worse than choose from these little beauties from My Diamonds, one of Australia's leading diamond retailers:~

    Anais - Argyle Pink Diamond Ring Total 3.78 Carat  Original beauty, forever rare.  A beautifully proportioned centre GIA certified 2.00 carat round brilliant cut diamond, perfectly highlighted by a pair of pear shaped side diamonds.  The highlight of this diamond ring is the rare argyle pink diamonds set to the side of the setting.  All diamonds are painstakingly matched for cut type, proportions and colour. Platinum setting and band.


    Centre diamond: 2.00ct Round (GIA Certified)
    Argyle Pink Diamond:
     0.10ct Round
    Number of Diamonds
    : 13
    Side White Diamonds:
     1.68 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 3.78 carats
    Delivery: 4 weeks

    Brielle - Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring Setting 0.45ct

    An elegant pave setting with milgrain detail that will enhance your selection of centre diamond. This design will make your centre diamond look larger. 32 Pave set diamonds set around the centre diamond and down the band. Platinum setting and band.    

    Centre diamond: Not Included in price (Add from our Diamond Search)  Number of Diamonds: 3  Side Diamonds: 0.45 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Total diamond weight: 0.45 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

    Dulche Glamour - GIA 1.00ct Diamond Ring 18k - 1.20ct Twenty pave set diamonds set into a ballerina style square disk that dramatise the centre 1.00ct premium GIA certified princess cut center diamond. A design that speaks ultimate in glamour and romance. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold). Centre diamond: 1.00ct Princess (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 21
    Side Diamonds: 0.20 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.20 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

  • The CARAT WEIGHT of your Diamond

    Our recent posts have covered the 4Cs - the grading standard that diamond grading laboratories such as GIA and HRD use when examining and grading diamonds.

    As a reminder - when purchasing a diamond from My Diamonds you will receive a diamond grading certificate such as the one shown below:~

    The certificate covers the 4Cs of diamond grading as we have explained, but will also give you unique information about your diamond.

    We have talked about COLOUR, CUT and CLARITY.  This post is about the last of the 4Cs - CARAT WEIGHT.

    CARAT WEIGHT ~ a carat is the unit of measurement specifically used to determine and describe the weight of a diamond or other precious stone.  The word 'carat' originates from the carob seed, a seed with a uniformity of weight that diamond traders in the past used to use as a counterbalance when weighing gems.

    A single carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams, and divided into 100 points.  A diamond grading report will measure the weight of a diamond to the nearest 100th of a carat e.g. a 1 carat diamond has 100 points where as a quarter carat stone has 25 points.  In pre-set jewellery diamond weight is divided into fractions and will be graded with their decimal equivalent.  Below is a carat weight grading chart:~

    Many people think that the weight of the diamond is the 'C' that determines value.  This is not so.  If a diamond is of very high quality i.e. the colour, clarity and finish is exemplary then it will be worth more per carat weight.  All of these factors must be taken in to consideration, and an experienced diamond retailer such as My Diamonds, one of Australia's foremost diamond retailers, will guide you to your perfect diamond.

  • The 4Cs ~ The CLARITY of Your Diamond

    In most diamonds there are tiny imperfections - most of which are not obvious to the naked eye, but will be graded by Diamond Clarity Grading carried out by gemologists.  My Diamonds diamonds are graded by GIA or HRD, diamond grading laboratories that provide certification of quality for all of the diamonds My Diamonds offer their customers.

    The clarity grade is the number and size of these tiny imperfections, many of which can only be seen under a microscope, and will in no way affect the beauty of the diamond to the naked eye.

    Diamond laboratories will refer to the imperfections as inclusions, or blemishes.  If you're unsure about your chosen diamond, a My Diamonds professional diamond specialist is always on hand to guide you through diamond clarity grading.  Below is a diagram designed to explain how a diamond is graded:~


    Of course, those with an F - IF grading will be considered a much higher quality stone and therefore a customer will expect to pay more.  At the other end of the scale, an I1 - I3 grading will be a much more affordable stone.  The middle grades are more usual.  If you have any question about diamond clarity, please don't hesitate to call My Diamonds, one of Australia's foremost diamond retailers on 1300 55 66 20, where a diamond specialists will guide you to the diamond that's perfect for you.

  • The 4Cs - The CUT of Your Diamond

    We began the 4Cs in our last post, looking at the grading of colour within a diamond.  This post is another of the 4Cs ~ the Cut, possibly the most overlooked of the 4Cs.

    The diamond cut refers to the angles and proportions of the rough stone, when it's placed into the hands of an expert diamond cutter.  He will take the rough stone and examine it from all angles, determining the cut that will suit the natural stone - looking for the most fire and scintillation.  The diamond cut is the only one of the 4Cs not naturally present when the mineral is hewn from diamond mines or recovered from alluvial deposits.

    An experienced diamond cutter such as the artisan master craftsman at My Diamonds will enhance the stone ~ looking at how natural light reflects and sparkles in the natural form.  The cutter will then cut the stone to the shape he has chosen, polishing the usual 58 facets until they gleam.  These tiny facets are the table, crown, pavilion, girdle and the culet, - the pointed end of the diamond that sits in the appropriate mount.
    For a purchaser of a diamond, these terms will not be familiar to you. You will judge your diamond on the fire emitting from the stone - the brilliance as you turn it this way and that.  The only time you will consider the cut of the diamond is when you receive your GIA or HRD grading report from My Diamonds.  Because My Diamonds diamonds are sourced from reliable diamond merchants and are of an extremely high quality, each diamond, whether loose or in a         pre-designed diamond engagement ring will be accompanied by a diamond grading report.  It is on this report you will have the true value and quality of your diamond.

    The absolute beauty and stunning scintillation of your diamond will be on her hand, where it will be a reminder of everlasting love.

  • The 4Cs - The COLOUR of Your Diamond

    In past posts we have talked about the 4Cs of diamond grading and where the grading values are on a Grading Certificate.  For my Diamonds, Australia on of Australia's foremost diamond retailers this is usually carried out by GIA or HRD.  One of the four main characteristics of a diamond is colour - an important consideration when purchasing your diamond.

    At My Diamonds we try to make the distinctions easier to understand before you purchase, and explain why certain colours of diamonds will command higher prices.

    Loose diamonds must be graded before they are mounted or put in a setting.  This is because surrounding colours can permeate the true colour of the stone.  For example a yellow gold setting will make a diamond look less yellow.  A white gold or platinum setting will emphasise colour.

    • G~H~I~J  Nearly colourless
    • K~L~M Faintly tinted, usually yellow
    • N~O~P~Q~R  Lightly tinted, usually yellow.  Tint can be seen with the naked eye
    • S~T~U~V~W~X~Y~Z  Tinted, usually yellow, may progress to brownish.  Tint visible to the naked eye.
    • These grades apply to diamonds that are colourless, or those that are yellow through yellowish brown, as in the above diagram.  They do not apply to fancy coloured diamonds.  Fancy coloured diamonds  have separate colour grading standards.
    • When referring to colour, a grading report will grade a diamond's lack of colour or whiteness.
    • D is the highest colour grade with Z being the lowest


    My Diamonds will always ensure you know your diamond before purchase.  Their professional diamond specialists are always on hand to provide information and answers to queries.  My Diamonds will guide you to the diamond of your dreams, whether in a superb pre-designed ring, or an exquisite diamond in a diamond engagement ring of your own design.

  • Certified Diamonds. Why So Important?

    Although you may think the contrary, buying diamonds online is the best way to purchase your dream diamond engagement ring.  You may be wondering why.

    The answer is that all diamonds offered on line are certified.  When you go to your local mall it's quite possible many of the diamonds you see have not been certified by a gemmologist or diamond grading laboratory.  Yes,those little beauties sparkle and scintillate in the mall lights, but do you actually know anything about the diamond in your diamond engagement ring - the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat weight - commonly known in the diamond industry as the 4Cs of gemmology.  My Diamonds, a renowned and trusted diamond retailer in Australia, offer their customers only diamonds that have gone though the certification process with GIA orHRD, diamond grading laboratories.

    This part of the diamond purchasing process is so important that My Diamonds assert in their Diamond Knowledge base, that you should always expect to receive a grading certificate with your diamond, whether a loose diamond for a custom design or a diamond mounted in a pre designed diamond engagement ring.

    The 4Cs will tell you most of the points you need to know when purchasing your engagement ring.  The cut, for example will be graded on the skill of the diamond cutter, not the shape of the diamond- the colour will be graded from accepted diamond colour grades as shown below:~

    - the clarity will be graded by the nature of the diamond:

    - the cut grade:~

    - and of course, the carat weight:~

    This is essential knowledge when buying your dream diamond.  We'll cover the 4Cs in more detail in our next posts.  Enjoy you diamond!

  • Diamond Colour Grading at My Diamonds

    The coloured diamond, or fancy diamonds as they're referred to are quite rare.  Most diamonds are yellowish brown when in their natural state, which is caused by the presence of nitrogen molecules trapped in the mineral when it was formed millions of years ago.

    The less nitrogen in a diamond,the whiter it is and the more expensive and coveted - colour grades go from D - completely colourless, to Z - a beige yellow colour.

    All of My Diamonds diamonds are graded by GIA, a diamond grading laboratory in the United States.  Discernible differences between D, E, and F grades are difficult to see with the naked eye, and when set in a mount, invisible.

    Cut grades often change the colour of a diamond.  My Diamonds use their own artisan master craftsmen when cutting, mounting and polishing a diamond.  Their designs are unique to My Diamonds, so it's unlikely you will see another like your favourite diamond engagement ring on any other online diamond retailer's site.

    As the colour grade gets nearer to Z, the yellow tinge is much more visible, and when compared to diamonds of a higher grade, the difference will be much more dramatic.

    For an overview of diamonds from My Diamonds, go to their website at and refer to their diamond buying guides.  Their diamond sourcing page is the best way to find a special diamond, particularly if you're designing your own ring.  Here is an example of a grading report from GIA, the certificate you'll receive when you buy your own special diamond:~


  • The Black Diamond - Dramatic, Alluring, and at My Diamonds

    Jewellery fashion has taken a turn towards the dramatic.  Stylish, alluring, and goes with everything. the Black Diamond has become the de rigeur diamond for diamond engagement rings.

    Our celebrities, fashionistas and those who are famous for being famous, all know that these noir beauties are second to none when it comes to turning heads.

    It all began when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, aka Sarah Jessica Parker showed off her black diamond ring given to her by 'Big' on their engagement.  Since then the black diamond has gone from strength to strength.  Carmen Electra, the UK's Cheryl Cole and many others have chosen the Black Diamond as their very special diamond. Carmen Electra chose it for her engagement ring and many others have followed.

    The Black Diamond can look even more dramatic when surrounded by white diamonds.  Black diamonds have a density of colour that doesn't quite scintillate, the drama of the diamond is already eye-catching,so the addition of the white diamond is the perfect back drop.

    Here are some absolutely exquisite examples of the Black Diamond from My Diamonds, Australia's foremost online diamond retailer:~



    JACY - MAJESTIC 1.50CT BLACK DIAMOND RING 18K - 1.75CT ~ $3495.00

  • Putting Your Faith in Online Shopping with Australia's Rising Star ~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds

    In the early days of the internet it was a big ask.  To purchase anything online, consumers tentatively and not very willingly tapped their credit card details into their computer and waited for it all to go wrong - credit card rinsed, shoddy goods - or worse, no goods at all.  Sometimes it is like that.  We've all heard tales of woe about people not getting satisfaction when they've purchased something online.  Today, it's a no brainer.

    Sitting in the comfort of our own homes with no racking up of transport costs, or getting caught out by dodgy weather we can purchase just about anything.  Even diamond engagement rings.  And if you want to feel particularly secure when you're purchasing the most important piece of diamond jewellery you'll ever buy, you must definitely visit Monroe Yorke Diamonds on, Australia's rising star in the diamond firmament.

    Honesty and Security with Monroe Yorke Diamonds:~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds is one of Australia's leading online diamond retailers.  Their diamond jewellery is crafted by a leading master craftsman who received training in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, ensuring you will receive diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery of the highest quality and most exquisite designs.

    A Swift Delivery ensuring Complete Satisfaction:~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds set a target of delivering your chosen diamond engagement ring to you within three weeks of confirmation of receipt of funds.  Of course, if you've purchased your diamonds from one of their showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne of Brisbane, delivery is within 48 hours.

    Guaranteed 100% from My Diamonds:~ We very rarely get asked for a refund, a claim that few companies can make.  We ensure this by meeting our customers discerning requirements - every time.  However, should a client ever wish to return a piece of jewellery, or are not happy with their diamond engagement ring, Monroe Yorke Diamonds offers their 100% guarantee.  For more details of this guarantee of delight, visit their online showroom on

    So, with a 100% Guarantee set in stone and the most exquisite diamond craftsmanship available in Australia, you have nothing to lose.  Here are some examples of their superb designs to whet your appetite:~



    MADELEINE - 3 ROWS OF DIAMONDS 0.53CT 18K ~ $2,795.00

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