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    Yet again, Graff stuns the world with a brand new creation, the Hallucination ladies watch.  It will be unveiled at the Basel watch and jewellery fair today.

    The world renowned London based jewellery firm says the timepiece is covered in a kaleidoscope of 110 carats of rare fancy coloured diamonds and 'estimated to be the most valuable watch ever created.

    The company asserts that their team of master craftsmen worked on the piece for a thousands of hours to perfect the design which came directly from Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds.

    My Diamonds, now known as Monroe Yorke Diamonds is the go-to diamond retailer for stunning diamond wedding jewellery, and exquisite loose diamonds.

    Grazia Princess Cut Diamond Engagemetn Ring in White Gold or Platinum. It has princess and Baguette cut diamonds on the band. Grazia White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

    Grazia White Gold - GIA Princess Diamond Ring

    Louise SPECIAL - Diamond Engagement Ring

    Louise GIA Engagement Ring SPECIAL1.60ct

    Elysa White Gold - Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring GIA 1.00ct

    Elysa SPECIAL (SAVE $2,300) - GIA Solitaire Ring 1.00ct


    Diamonds are much treasured and have a very important place in the gemological history of the world.  Battles have been fought over them, human beings have killed and died for them.  They have been used as love tokens for centuries, and as a method of exquisite adornment.

    The word 'diamond' is derived from the Ancient Greek word 'adamas' meaning unalterable and unbreakable.  The very first diamonds were discovered as alluvial deposits in India, along the Godovari, Penner and Kirisha ivers.  It is possible that diamonds have been accessible in India for up to 6000 years.  The formation of a diamond deep within the earth requires very specific conditions - exposure of materials containing carbon to extremely high pressure and at considerable depth.

    Diamonds as Adornment                                                                                    The use of diamonds as gems for adornment dates back to antiquity.  The 20th Century has seen a raised interest in this fabulous mineral, primarily because of it's expensive appearance when set in precious metals.  The diamonds characteristics mean that the dispersal of white light throughout the stone results in scintillation and spectacular colours.  No other gem can display these characteristics in this way.

    Experts in gemology have now devised a method of grading diamonds using certain comparable characteristics.  The four most important ones are knows as the 4Cs, which stands for cut, colour, clarity and carat.

    These grading methods are carried out by globally recognised laboratories such as GIA and HRD.  It is recognised that the diamond is the hardest substance known to man.  Because of this characteristic,it is particularly suited to use as gemstones.  Many engagement rings or wedding rings must stand up to daily use and all the wear and tear that brings.

    Coloured Diamonds                                                                                           Although our first thought of colour when considering a diamond will probably be white or clear, there are beautiful ranges of fancy coloured diamonds.  These begin at the yellow, pink and red spectrum, through blue and green, purple, brown and the very popular and fashionable black.  These colours are caused by impurities within the stone - nitrogen for yellow and brown, boron for blue, and for black, carbon inclusions.

    Blood Diamonds                                                                                               Over time, these precious gems have unfortunately been bought and sold to raise funds to finance wars.  In areas of Africa it has been documented that some military factions have taken over complete mines and forced the workers there to continue supplying them with diamonds, so that they can be sold on the black market.  The money raised is then used to purchase weapons and fund military coups.

    A Rising Star in the Diamond Firmament                                                       When choosing your diamond for your engagement ring, you should ensure that you purchase it from a reputable diamond retailer/wholesaler such as MY Diamonds.  Call them now on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a professional diamond specialist for the diamond of your dreams.

  • Sale of Ellendale Diamonds ~ 18th June

    On Tuesday the 18th June, the sale of the Ellendale Diamonds will begin.  Tens of thousands of rough diamonds from the Ellendale Mine, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia will be sold in an auction conducted over the internet.  This is surely a sign of the technological times we live in. There will be 34 lots in all, containing more than 30,000 stones.  Hope you've got deep pockets!

    Harvested at Ellendale by KDC, the diamonds in the auction are mostly white stones and fancy yellows.  This is to be expected as the mine supplies about half of all yellow gems sold globally. At the previous Ellendale diamond auction, demand exceeded supply resulting in the sale of all the lots offered.  eDiamond will be auctioning nearly three times the amount sold at that time.

    Two viewings will be conducted in anticipation of the auction: one in Tel Aviv, beginning today and continuing until Wednesday, and one in Antwerp, beginning on Friday and continuing until the day before the sale. Diamonds will always be good investments and diamond jewellery never fails to hit the spot as gifts for our loved ones.  For really eclectic designs and quality craftsmanship, view the designs and loose diamonds on offer at   Every piece has been designed in-house and My Diamonds offers a bespoke engagement ring design service second to none.  Call 1300-66-55-20 and speak with a My Diamonds diamond specialist.

    Joy Brilliant Platinum - GIA Diamond Ring

    Joy Brilliant Platinum - GIA Diamond Ring

    A design with presence that boasts elegance and dramatic beauty. Australia’s most favourite engagement ring.  A very fine and open 6-claw setting, with a diamond set under the centre setting. Design is made perfect with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond. Platinum setting and band.

  • Breaking News of the sale of the Rio Tinto Diamond Mine

    As reported previously Rio Tinto plans to sell its world-wide diamond mines, yet news has it that the suggested float of the company has become firmer in recent days.

    One of the interested parties has confirmed that its interests lie only in the DIAVIK DIAMOND MINE, in Canada's Northwest Territories. Canada's Dominion Diamond Corporation, a partner with Rio Tinto in Diavik, and holding just 40%, have stated that they wish to purchase the 60% stake that Rio Tinto have in the mine and no more, as the Argyle mines in Australia, 'are just too distant for a company of its size to consider.'  Dominion recently became 'top-dog' of the Canadian diamond industry, after acquiring BHP Billiton's 80% stake in the Ekati diamond mine, also in the Northwest Territories.

    Diavik Mine ~ Northwest Territory of Canada

    Bob Gannicott, Chairman and Chief Executive of Dominion said that Dominion are entirely focussed on the Northwest Territory of Canada, being a place they know and understand.  Nevertheless, Rio is keeping its options open.  The preferred option would be to sell the company in its entirety, but would certainly consider fragmenting the business if sale of the parts brings a greater return.  Watch this space for more news of the sale of the iconic Rio Tinto mines!

    And don't forget you can purchase your fabulous diamond from My Diamonds at a price easily affordable.  Look out for new designs from My Diamonds artisan jewellers such as The Blossom and The Delfina.  Look below for a tempting glimpse!

    Ribbon of Diamonds Holding the Centre Setting

    The Blossom ~ Your love is unique and so should be your engagement ring. The Blossom is the latest creation by our head master jeweller.  A delicate ribbon of diamonds hold the centre four claw setting.  Centre premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond available from 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. Diamond weight of setting 0.07 - 0.11 carats18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Delfina Yellow Gold - Unique Engagement Ring

    The Delfina ~ An exclusive design by our head master jeweller.  A six claw yellow gold solitaire setting with two claws extending out of the band in yellow gold and remaining four claws in white gold. Complete with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond.  18k yellow gold setting and white gold setting.

  • A Diamond Planet ~ The Largest Precious Stone in the Galaxy?

    It's music to our ears.  There is  diamond rich planet, that astronomers are getting very excited about.  According to those that know, this new diamond planet orbits a nearby star.

    This exciting new planet has been named 55 Cancri e.  It is twice the size of our planet but has eight times its mass which classifies it as the new 'super Earth'.

    It was first discovered in 2011 when it crossed in front of its parent star, orbiting the star in just 18 hours.  Surface temperatures on 55 Cancri e reach an uninhabitable 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit (2,150 degrees Celsius)—which, along with the carbon deposits, make for perfect conditions in the creation of diamonds.

    The planet is only 40 light-years away, in the northern constellation Cancer, sitting relatively relatively near Earth. 55 Cancri e's host star is clearly visible to the naked eye when the sky is dark enough.

    "Science fiction has dreamed of diamond planets for many years, so it's amazing that we finally have evidence of its existence in the real universe," said study leader Nikku Madhusudhan, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University.

    "It's the first time we know of such an exotic planet that we think was born mostly of carbon—which really makes this a fundamental game-changer in our understanding of what's possible in planetary chemistry."

    Now if you're of plundering this planet in the New Year, think again. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is responsible for collecting data on the planet and seemingly only interested in the scientific response around the world.


  • It's Nearly NEW YEAR at My Diamonds

    It's that time again ,when everyone is considering their New Year's Resolutions.  Of course, at My Diamonds, we would recommend that one of your resolutions should be to buy and wear as many diamonds as possible:Not only are they a good investment, but they look sensational.

    Market forces over the last two or three years have made the market place for diamonds difficult, which is no different to any other world commodity, but our long-term love affair with these fabulous precious gems has prevented them falling too low in the sparkling firmament.  Consumers are still buying diamonds because we love them.  2013 will still see plenty of diamond sales, due to the upsurge in engagements and weddings.  Celebrities too are doing their bit to buoy up the diamond market by publicizing their purchases of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands.

    Although diamond prices have remained at historically elevated levels, in the first three months of the year diamond prices declined.  This proved to create stability in the diamond market, rather than some of the unprecedented highs shown in previous years records.  Certainly, the diamond industry was in much better shape than in the same months of 2011, so the outlook is set positive.

    Many retailers are bullish about the future of the industry, stating that the industry has met targets and looks set fair for 2013.

    Positive thinking seems to be the key.  The Diamond Jubilee in the UK saw many investors keen to be part of the celebration by purchasing high quality diamonds that will certainly retain their value. Prices are set to rise in 2013 so a purchase now could be pertinent.

    A major key to success is customer service.  The savvy purchaser knows that to succeed, higher quality diamonds is the way forward.  Many purchasers in the West prefer larger, less high quality stones.  A turnaround in this thinking could save the day and investors are certainly aware of this.  It's really up to diamond retailers to make sure their customer service is second to none.

    Go to the diamond collection pages of My Diamonds and choose your favourite design or favourite loose diamonds.  Contact My Diamonds and experience for yourself the high standard of customer service they offer.  It is second to none!

  • Kelly Clarkson's Diamond Engagement Ring

    Wow, that's a real show stopper.  The photo above shows USA X Factor winner Kelly Clarkeson's diamond whopper.

    At her first public appearance at Sunday's VH! Divas Concert, since she and Brandon Blackstock became engaged, the chart topper showed off her new yellow diamond engagement ring.

    The stunning diamond engagement ring holds a huge canary yellow diamond as the centerpiece with smaller white diamonds surrounding the main stone. There are additional smaller-sized pave set diamonds going all the way around the band.

    Coloured diamonds have become popular with celebrities, including the black diamond, a dramatic talking point that's become a favourite of 2012.  Wonder what the favourite of 2013 will be?

    Below are some of My Diamonds Australia's most longed for diamond engagement rings.

    Layla Dark Beauty - 2.00ct Centre Black Diamond Engagement Ring 2.60ct

    A stunning 2 carat centre black diamond (premium quality AAA grade), surrounded by 12 round white diamonds and 2 pear cut diamonds.  All the diamonds are claw set in a basket setting to make them look like they are floating around the black diamond. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).


    Centre diamond: 2.00ct (AAA grade black)

    Number of Diamonds: 15
    Side Diamonds: 0.60 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 2.60 carats 

    Jacy - Majestic 1.50ct Black Diamond Ring 18k - 1.75ct

    An amazing design with a centre diamond tension set between two highly polished pave set diamond disks. These disks act like a mirror and create a reflection of the centre diamond. Ring complete with a premium cut AAA grade 1.50ct round/brilliant cut black diamond. 18k white gold disks and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.50ct (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 47
    Side Diamonds: 0.25 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.75 carats 

    Rio Black Diamond - AAA 1.00ct Diamond Ring 18k - 1.63ct

    This fabulous example of design symmetry will say 'I adore her'. Twenty four white diamonds set onto a fine white gold band that wraps the centre black diamond.  Ring is complete with a premium AAA grade 1.00ct Round brilliant cut black diamond18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct Round (AAA Grade)

    Number of Diamonds: 25
    Side Diamonds: 0.63 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.63 carats 


    Right, you've had the iPhone and you're bored and want something just a bit more glam.  And here it is.  We're so good to you at My Diamonds.  Anything diamond encrusted and we're on it.

    The Vertu Pink Diamond Phone will only set you back $500 - $600 and it's an absolute gem.  That's not much if you want the blingiest phone on the market.

    This limited edition Vertu Pink Diamond Phone is made from rose gold, decorated with tiny pink and white diamonds in a pretty flower pattern on the side edges. The Vertu Pink Diamond phone will be available in extremely limited quantities but why should celebs like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna have all the fun? They already have one apparently, so it's time you got yours!

  • Another Stunning Diamond Accessory to put on Your Christmas List

    Well, ladies and gentleman, I don't know what these are for, or why you'd want to wear them, but here they are in all their exquisite diamond glory, DIAMOND ENCRUSTED SHOELACE CLIPS.

    I'm guessing these are the perfect Christmas present for the person in your life who has absolutely everything, and ya just don't know what to buy him or her.  Here it is.  This is the KICKBAR, a diamond encrusted shoelace clip to add that extra bit of class and shine to your favourite lace-ups, sneakers, whatever you fancy.

    The Kickbar has been created with 108 G/VS1 diamonds pave set into a rectangular, white gold bar. The diamonds add up to a total of 2 carats per pair. It's also offered with pink sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and coloured diamonds.

    This 'must have' gift retails at $7,500 a pair, so expect Posh,Becks and all their little Posh and Becks' to be wearing them very very soon!

  • The Perfect Christmas Present ~ The $12 million dollar, 150 carat Diamond Wedding Dress

    Are you and your loved one planning to get married in 2013?  Then look no further.  My Diamonds have found the perfect wedding dress - the Martin Katz and Renee Strauss designed diamond wedding dress ~ all for the tiny sum of $12,000,000.  Come on, you know you want to!
    The dress designer and the diamond connoisseur got together to create the most expensive wedding dress ever made, this $12,000,000 stunner, with diamonds laced throughout the dress.  As you can see from the photograph above the stones are gorgeous, and in fact not only adorn the most expensive dress, but the finished wedding dress is exquisite.

    This beautiful dress has not yet been sold, so if you're looking for a very special Christmas present for your loved one, or you're just making you're Christmas list for Santa, this is the wedding dress for you.

    Of course when there's a wedding there must be diamond wedding bands to go with it, and with a stunning dress like this, you'll only desire the very best.  Here are some sparkling ideas from My Diamonds.

    Boston Diamond Wedding / Anniversary Ring -18k 0.27ct

    The eternal wedding and anniversary ring with nine stunning round brilliant cut diamonds elegantly claw set along the top of the ring. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)

    Number of Diamonds: 9
    Total diamond weight: 0.27 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Saba Diamond Wedding / Anniversary Ring - Platinum 0.56ct

    The everlasting ring of diamonds in platinum.  A wedding and anniversary ring with stunning round brilliant cut diamonds elegantly claw set right around the band. Design consists of diamonds set right to the edge of the band where no metal is visible.

    Number of Diamonds: approx. 28 (depending on ring size)
    Approx. diamond weight: 0.56 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Polo Two Rows of Diamonds 18k 0.36ct

    A classic wedding band with 36 stunning diamonds claw set into two rows. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)

    Number of Diamonds: 36
    Total diamond weight: 0.36 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

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