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  • The Whole World Waits for the New Prince or Princess


    Kate Middleton is due to give birth at any moment.  The world waits with bated breath to see whether the new heir to the throne will be male or female.  The world's press are camped outside St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London where Kate will give birth in the famous and celebrated Lindo Wing.

    Camilla Parker-Bowles hinted that the baby should be born 'by the end of the week'.  Perhaps she was teasing us.

    The Duchess of Cambridge has simply 'glowed' throughout her pregnancy.  Apart from severe sickness at the beginning when she was admitted to hospital, Kate has enjoyed a very healthy pregnancy, often spotted shopping with her mother, Carole Middleton and attending functions.

    Betting on the sex and name of the royal infant has reached over £1000,000, unprecedented for a non-sports event.

    Perhaps William will treat Kate to something gorgeous when she has given birth ~ something like this perhaps from My Diamonds, Australia, the home of exquisite, quality diamonds.

    Chloe 160 Yellow Gold - GIA Three Diamond Ring 1.60ct


    Timeless elegance this three stone engagement ring is designed to last the test of time. Centre premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct round/brilliant cut diamond. 0.30ct x 2 round diamonds on either side of the centre. Diamonds G colour and VS2 clarity.  Total diamond weight 1.60ct.  18k yellow gold band and white gold setting (also available in all white gold or platinum)


  • Elle McPherson Engaged!


    It's official!  Elle McPherson is engaged to billionaire, Jeffrey Soffer.  The couple dated for two years up to March 2012 when they parted.  Soffer was subsequently very badly injured in a helicopter crash in November, after which the couple were reunited.  Of course, this means a sparkling diamond rock on Elle's model girl finger.  No official announcement has been made, yet rumour has it that the couple have decided to tie the knot.

    This will be the second marriage for McPherson, previously married to fashion photographer, Gilles Bensimmon.  Elle, one of Australia's most famous models, has recently been seen on TV screens in Britain and Ireland's TOP MODEL series, of which she is host and executive producer.

    No engagement diamond engagement ring photos yet, but we'll keep you posted as soon as what will no doubt be an exquisite ring, appears on the third finger of her left hand!

  • Make Your New Year's Resolution a Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring

    Yes, the New Year has finally arrived and thousands of couples around the globe will have become engaged at the bewitching hour of 12 midnight.  It's quite strange that different countries experience the New Year at different times.  In Australia, you will have celebrated 12 hours or so earlier than say, in the UK, but at My Diamonds, Australia we know that the promise of a really beautiful sparkling diamond engagement ring was made by thousands of guys in love with a gorgeous girl. are some suggestions from the exquisite collection from My Diamonds when it comes to buying that all important diamond engagement ring.

    Soleil - GIA Complete 18k Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.00ct

    This timeless 6 claw solitaire ring is another testament to the skill and creativity of our artisan designer who created it. Ring is complete with a centre premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct round/brilliant cut diamond. The very secure 6 claw setting allows maximum light into the diamond to bring out the brilliance and fire of the diamond. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 1

    Total diamond weight: 1.00 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks


    Ava - GIA 1.00ct 18k Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.04ct

    Exquisite solitaire diamond engagement featuring a tapered band highlighted with two diamonds set to either side of the setting. The arms of the band sweep to the opposite sides of the centre setting. Ring is complete with premium 1.00ct GIA certified round/brilliant cut diamond. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 2
    Side Diamonds: 0.04 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.04 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

    Anais - Argyle Pink Diamond Ring Total 3.78 Carats

    Original beauty, forever rare.  A beautifully proportioned centre GIA certified 2.00 carat round brilliant cut diamond, perfectly highlighted by a pair of pear shaped side diamonds.  The highlight of this diamond ring is the rare argyle pink diamonds set to the side of the setting.  All diamonds are painstakingly matched for cut type, proportions and colour. Platinum setting and band.

    Centre diamond: 2.00ct Round (GIA Certified)

    Argyle Pink Diamond: 0.10ct Round
    Number of Diamonds
    : 13
    Side White Diamonds:
     1.68 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 3.78 carats


    Yes, Christmas is nearly upon us once again.  2012 has gone so quickly and so much has happened in the world of diamonds.

    My Diamonds is a diamond retailer, one of Australia's favourites and a rising star.  This is because of the stunning collections of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and diamond jewellery gifts they offer.

    There are only fifteen days to go, but a call to My Diamonds will ensure your loved one sparkles in 2013.  Below are some suggestions to 'wow' her and capture her heart.

    Lily ~ GIA Complete 18k Engagement Ring 1.13 carats

    Exquisite diamond engagement ring complete with a centre premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct pear cut diamond. Band consists of 10 round brilliant cut diamonds set onto the shoulders of the ring. 18k white gold (or 18k yelllow gold)
    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (GIA Certified)
    Number of Diamonds: 11
    Side Diamonds: 0.13 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.13 carats 

    Isadora - GIA 1.00ct Diamond Engagement Ring 18k - 1.63ct

    This fabulous example of design symmetry will say 'I adore her'. Twenty four diamonds set onto a fine white gold band that wraps the centre diamond.  Ring is complete with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct Round brilliant cut diamond18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct Round (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 25
    Side Diamonds: 0.63 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.63 carats 

    Lauren - GIA 18k Complete Engagement Ring 1.35 carats

    Stunning 18k white gold engagement ring complete with a premium quality GIA certified 1.00ct emerald cut centre diamond.  The setting consisits of 42 diamonds pave set on the shoulders that taper into the setting and diamond highlights on side of the claws that are holding the centre diamond.

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 43

    Side Diamonds: 0.35 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Total diamond weight: 1.35 carats 

    For information about any diamond ring in the My Diamonds collection please contact us on 1300 66 55 20 where one of our professional diamond consultants will be happy to help you.

  • Why You Should Choose My Diamonds, Australia's Foremost Online Diamond Retailer

    Whatever your reasons for buying a diamond, it is paramount to make sure that you buy the best. There is a confusing number of diamond companies out there vying for your attention, but if you're looking for quality wholesale diamonds or custom made diamond jewellery then you must take a look at

    My Diamonds ~ Experts in the Field

    The 'My Diamonds' website offers a comprehensive service to ensure that you buy the diamond engagement ring or loose diamonds that are perfect for you. There are as many designs and tastes in diamonds and diamond jewellery as there are humans on the planet and the 'My Diamonds' website is certain to have a style of jewellery to suit you. From engagement rings to bespoke designs made by Australian master craftsmen, 'My Diamonds' delivers the ultimate buying experience.

    Custom Made Jewellery to Make You Sparkle

    Jewellery design is seemingly an art that is disappearing off the radar, but 'My Diamonds' knows that when you decide to buy a diamond it's a time to celebrate your uniqueness. This is why you are offered an opportunity to have your diamond jewellery custom made. The experience of having your engagement made to your own ring design by the finest artisans is one that shouldn't be missed and the service that you will receive from 'My Diamonds' will be second to none.

    Your style of jewellery will be unique to you and will be crafted from only the finest materials and your own imagination. A beautiful reflection of you and the perfect token of love.

    A Selection of Loose Diamonds to Leave You Breathless

    The 'My Diamonds' loose diamond selection is the beginning of your journey to the perfect custom made diamond jewellery. All of 'My Diamonds' loose diamonds are graded according to the GIA Diamond Grading Chart. This means that any diamond you choose will have been graded according to GIA standards. Each diamond will have a GIA Diamond Dossier or Grading Report and it will show you the quality of the diamond you have chosen by using the essential 4C's.

    Diamond Solitaires

    Choose from Round, Princess, Emerald, Pear, Cushion, Oval, Heart, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant and Trilliant. The round is traditionally the most popular diamond for engagement rings. This is probably due to the cut of the diamond that maximizes the amount of light and brilliance emitted from the stone, giving it that wonderful eye-catching sparkle. Once you have made your decision about the shape and quality that you require for your unique choice of diamond ring, the consultation service that you will receive from 'My Diamonds' will leave you in no doubt that you have made the perfect decision. They will guide you through all of the stages towards a wonderful result, advising you on the shape, quality, colour and overall design. Take a look at the loose diamond guide on which will show you the diamonds and the quality that is available to you. When you are completely happy with your decisions the work of building your perfect piece will begin.

    Now, you can look forward to wearing the most unique, perfect and beautiful diamond ring that was 'once only a dream, now a reality'.




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