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    Diamonds are much treasured and have a very important place in the gemological history of the world.  Battles have been fought over them, human beings have killed and died for them.  They have been used as love tokens for centuries, and as a method of exquisite adornment.

    The word 'diamond' is derived from the Ancient Greek word 'adamas' meaning unalterable and unbreakable.  The very first diamonds were discovered as alluvial deposits in India, along the Godovari, Penner and Kirisha ivers.  It is possible that diamonds have been accessible in India for up to 6000 years.  The formation of a diamond deep within the earth requires very specific conditions - exposure of materials containing carbon to extremely high pressure and at considerable depth.

    Diamonds as Adornment                                                                                    The use of diamonds as gems for adornment dates back to antiquity.  The 20th Century has seen a raised interest in this fabulous mineral, primarily because of it's expensive appearance when set in precious metals.  The diamonds characteristics mean that the dispersal of white light throughout the stone results in scintillation and spectacular colours.  No other gem can display these characteristics in this way.

    Experts in gemology have now devised a method of grading diamonds using certain comparable characteristics.  The four most important ones are knows as the 4Cs, which stands for cut, colour, clarity and carat.

    These grading methods are carried out by globally recognised laboratories such as GIA and HRD.  It is recognised that the diamond is the hardest substance known to man.  Because of this characteristic,it is particularly suited to use as gemstones.  Many engagement rings or wedding rings must stand up to daily use and all the wear and tear that brings.

    Coloured Diamonds                                                                                           Although our first thought of colour when considering a diamond will probably be white or clear, there are beautiful ranges of fancy coloured diamonds.  These begin at the yellow, pink and red spectrum, through blue and green, purple, brown and the very popular and fashionable black.  These colours are caused by impurities within the stone - nitrogen for yellow and brown, boron for blue, and for black, carbon inclusions.

    Blood Diamonds                                                                                               Over time, these precious gems have unfortunately been bought and sold to raise funds to finance wars.  In areas of Africa it has been documented that some military factions have taken over complete mines and forced the workers there to continue supplying them with diamonds, so that they can be sold on the black market.  The money raised is then used to purchase weapons and fund military coups.

    A Rising Star in the Diamond Firmament                                                       When choosing your diamond for your engagement ring, you should ensure that you purchase it from a reputable diamond retailer/wholesaler such as MY Diamonds.  Call them now on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a professional diamond specialist for the diamond of your dreams.

  • Diamond Mining Halted at Ellendale by Kimberley Diamonds


    Work has been suspended due to safety concerns at Ellendale's E9 pit in Western Australia by Kimberley Diamonds, formerly known as Goodrich Resources. The Ellendale mine is known for its production of rare fancy yellow diamonds.  Gem Diamonds sold the mine to Kimberley in April this year for $14.9 million and it was expected that the Ellendale mine would be in production for at least another eighteen months.
    There appears to have been some slippage of the pit wall underneath the main access ramp after a routine blast in the mine, making the ramp temporarily unsafe for use, the company explained. Fortunately there was no danger to life as there were no personnel were in the mine.  No equipment was damaged during the blast.

    Due to the fact that it has sufficient surface ore stockpiles to continue treatment plant operations for at least two months on high-grade ore, and also that the mine has stockpiles of lower-grade ore, shareholders have been reassured by Kimberley Diamonds the reserve will last for up to 12 months.

    Kimberley has stated that the impact that the interruption will have on estimated production is minimal and will not have a negative impact on the company’s financial results.

  • Coloured Diamonds ~ Part 1

    The most popular colour of diamond to date is a diamond with no colour. This is the information sent out by millions of purchasers over the last decade in their choice of the colourless diamond for diamond engagement rings and other jewellery.  And this is a truism when referring to the white diamond.  However, there is a trend emerging of choosing fancy coloured diamonds for jewellery.  Much of this is celebrity driven, but My Diamonds would like to present a range of coloured diamonds for you to consider, and why they are the colour they are.

    Natural fancy coloured diamonds occur when various trace minerals and elements are present within the earth when the stones are formed.  The colour can range from pink to black - blue to yellow.  These stunning diamonds are often very expensive because of their rarity,  The Argyle Pink being one of the most famous.  Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are fancy coloured diamonds and below you will find some extra information on those colours and the famous stones known for each specific colour.

    THE BLACK DIAMOND ~ Minute inclusions and clustering of carbon through the stone render this exquisite gem black. Although they are opaque they still have a fantastic brilliance and display the amazing lustre that is almost unique to diamonds. The Black Star of Africa is the most famous black diamond, weighing a massive 202 carat and thought to be the largest coloured diamond in the world.

    PINK DIAMONDS ~ The colour pink is achieved as a result of a crystal lattice defect during the formation of the diamond giving the stone a soft pastel pink colour. The most famous of pink diamonds is the Agra diamond weighing 32.34 carats and is owned by the SIBA Corporation who also owns the yellow Allnatt diamond.

    BLUE DIAMONDS ~ The colour in a blue diamond is due to the element boron which changes the conductivity of the diamond. The most famous blue diamond and perhaps the most famous diamond of them all is the Hope Diamond which was cut from The French Blue Diamond when it was stolen in 1762. The Hope Diamond is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington where it has been on display since 1958.

    Next Post...Green Yellow and Red Diamonds!


  • Another Stunning Diamond Accessory to put on Your Christmas List

    Well, ladies and gentleman, I don't know what these are for, or why you'd want to wear them, but here they are in all their exquisite diamond glory, DIAMOND ENCRUSTED SHOELACE CLIPS.

    I'm guessing these are the perfect Christmas present for the person in your life who has absolutely everything, and ya just don't know what to buy him or her.  Here it is.  This is the KICKBAR, a diamond encrusted shoelace clip to add that extra bit of class and shine to your favourite lace-ups, sneakers, whatever you fancy.

    The Kickbar has been created with 108 G/VS1 diamonds pave set into a rectangular, white gold bar. The diamonds add up to a total of 2 carats per pair. It's also offered with pink sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and coloured diamonds.

    This 'must have' gift retails at $7,500 a pair, so expect Posh,Becks and all their little Posh and Becks' to be wearing them very very soon!

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