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  • An Exquisite Way to say Hello to 2013

    A beautiful diamond ring is the perfect way to see in the New Year.  You can really 'wow' her with a wonderful piece of diamond jewellery from  My Diamonds.  On the strike of midnight on the 31st December 2012, your engagement proposal should be accompanied by an exquisite diamond engagement ring from My Diamonds.  What a 'beautiful' way to begin 2013.  See below for some stunning diamond engagement ring ideas to set her
    racing!        Caressa - Majestic GIA 1.00ct Engagement Ring 18k - 1.22ct

    An amazing design with a centre diamond tension set between two highly polished pave set diamond disks. These disks act like a mirror and create a reflection of the centre diamond and enhance the brilliance and fire of the diamond. Ringcomplete with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct round/brilliant cut diamond. 18k white gold disks and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 45
    Side Diamonds: 0.22 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.22 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

    Dulche Glamour - GIA 1.00ct Diamond Ring 18k - 1.20ct

    Twenty pave set diamonds set into a ballerina style square disk that dramatise the centre 1.00ct premium GIA certified princess cut center diamond. The ultimate in glamour and romance. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct Princess (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 21

    Side Diamonds: 0.20 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.20 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

    Louise Brilliant - GIA 1.00ct Diamond Engagement Ring 18k - 1.60ct

    A sweep up band of scintillating round brilliant diamonds beautifully enhances the pure elegance of the centre round brilliant cut diamond in a fine four claw setting.  Ring is complete with a premium GIA certified 1.00ct round diamond18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Centre diamond: 1.00ct Round (GIA Certified)

    Number of Diamonds: 31
    Side Diamonds: 0.60 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 1.60 carats
    Delivery: 3 weeks

  • Most Expensive Diamonds ~ No. 5 ~ De Beers Centenary Diamond

    The De Beers Centenary Diamond has a colour grade D, making it a diamond with the highest level of colour grading - colourless and flawless on the interior and exterior.    The De Beers Centenary Diamond is No. 5 on our list of most expensive diamonds, and worth a staggering $100 million dollars.

    The diamond has 273.85 carat and weighs 54.77 grams making it the third largest diamond ever discovered at the Premier Diamond mine.  It was introduced in May 1991 and was cut with an amazing 247 facets, giving it the scintillating look you see above.

    Colourless diamonds are rare - coveted because they reflect light from around them.

    It is named the Centenary Diamond as it was presented in the rough for the Centennial Celebration of De Beers Consolidated Mines on May 11, 1988.

    My Diamonds are currently showcasing their Christmas Collection.   Don't miss it!

  • Diamond Colour Grading at My Diamonds

    The coloured diamond, or fancy diamonds as they're referred to are quite rare.  Most diamonds are yellowish brown when in their natural state, which is caused by the presence of nitrogen molecules trapped in the mineral when it was formed millions of years ago.

    The less nitrogen in a diamond,the whiter it is and the more expensive and coveted - colour grades go from D - completely colourless, to Z - a beige yellow colour.

    All of My Diamonds diamonds are graded by GIA, a diamond grading laboratory in the United States.  Discernible differences between D, E, and F grades are difficult to see with the naked eye, and when set in a mount, invisible.

    Cut grades often change the colour of a diamond.  My Diamonds use their own artisan master craftsmen when cutting, mounting and polishing a diamond.  Their designs are unique to My Diamonds, so it's unlikely you will see another like your favourite diamond engagement ring on any other online diamond retailer's site.

    As the colour grade gets nearer to Z, the yellow tinge is much more visible, and when compared to diamonds of a higher grade, the difference will be much more dramatic.

    For an overview of diamonds from My Diamonds, go to their website at and refer to their diamond buying guides.  Their diamond sourcing page is the best way to find a special diamond, particularly if you're designing your own ring.  Here is an example of a grading report from GIA, the certificate you'll receive when you buy your own special diamond:~


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