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    There is excitement in Botswana as the government owned Okovango Diamond Company begin to auction diamonds in their home country instead of Europe as in previous auctions.  De Beers, which is part owner of the mine will also be moving sales operations to Gaborone.

    Botswana has long held the view that diamonds mined from the country should be processed and sold from where the diamonds were sourced.  In a move to facilitate the smooth running of operations, De Beers moved from London, where its rough stone sorting operation has traditionally been carried out, to Botswana.

    The auction will last for about two weeks, and currently there are a dozen diamond buyers from around the world perusing the diamonds on offer.  This is a very big move for the country and will provide many jobs for locals, as well as experienced personnel from De Beers relocating to Botswana - great for the local economy.

    The long term plan is for Botswana to become a hub of the diamond industry, such as Tel Aviv and Antwerp, continuing even if and when the diamond mines eventually close. After De Beers' relocation they expect to sell within the region of $6million worth of diamonds of Gaborone.

    Philippe Mellier, chief executive of De Beers, who own Debswana, the country's main diamond company with Botswana said, "moving diamond sales was part of a deal agreed with the government of Botswana.  It's a global movement of big scale for the diamond business.  If you migrate $500m-$600m per month of sales of diamonds - that's a big move and at the scale of Botswana that's a very big move and certainly a move of significant scale for southern Africa."

    Rob Young from the BBC World Service, Gaborone, says, "The auction is going to be small, but its symbolism is huge. It should earn more money for Botswana than the previous system. The diamonds which are being sold were mined in Botswana and are being sold by Botswana. For decades, the auctions have taken place in Europe. Staff from diamond giant DeBeers in London are also relocating to Gaborone, and locals are being trained and employed. Soon, DeBeers will sell about $6bn worth of the precious stones annually in Gaborone; that is the equivalent of a third of the size of the economy.It has seen by those in power as the beginning of "bringing the diamonds home. There is excitement among many here, especially the business community which hopes to benefit from a related economic boom." 

  • Most Expensive Diamonds ~ The Heart of Eternity ~ No.8

    Worth $16,000,000, THE HEART OF ETERNITY is No. 8 on the list of most expensive diamonds.  This superb diamond is just as its name denotes - a heart shaped Fancy Vivid Blue diamond which weighs 5.528 grams and 27.64 carats as graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

    A fabulous and romantic diamond as one would expect, the Heart of Eternity was cut by the Steinmetz Group who owned the diamond before selling to the De Beers Group.

    Some diamonds are just meant to be more exquisite than others and the Heart of Eternity is just that.  It is reported to have been found in the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa.

    This particular type of Blue diamond (known as Type11b) account for less than 0.1% of Fancy coloured diamonds sourced from the Premier Mine, the only mine in the world known for producing a noteable source of blue diamonds.

    The Heart of Eternity is part of De Beers Millennium Jewels collection.  This collection also includes the Millennium Star.  This spectacular collection of blue diamonds totals 118 carats (23.6g) and was displayed at The Millenium Dome in London in the UK.

    On the 7th November 2000, an attempt was made to steal the collection.  Happily this was foiled.  Rumour has it that the Heart of Eternity was sold to a private collector after being exhibited at the Millenium Dome.



  • The World Diamond Capital ~ Antwerp, Belgium

    If you're a newcomer to the fabulous world of diamonds, it may be interesting for you to know that currently, 80% of rough diamonds, and 60% of polished diamonds pass through the hallowed diamond quarter of Antwerp, the diamond industry's city of excellence.

    Antwerp is the third largest port in the world, and a municipality and  capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders.

    It was all started by Hendrik Cassiers who founded the first diamond cutting company outside Antwerp in Grobbendon, at the end of the 19th Century.  He and Frans Dela Montagne laid the foundations of the industry, which settled in Nijlen, Herenthout, Bevel, Kessel, Vorselaar and Berlaar.

    One man, Romi Goldmuntz, who was born in 1882, was the catalyst for the survival of the diamond business in Antwerp.  His diamond company employed about 600 workers in 1920 and he and his brother Leopold had business connections with the Diamond Trading Company.  DTC is a subsidiary of the very famous De Beers.  It was Romi Goldmuntz who in 1918, after the end of the First World War, persuaded exiles in the Netherlands to return to Antwerp and continue working the diamond industry.

    From these shaky beginnings grew the community of diamond specialist, craftsmen and experts who have developed and nurtured this wonderful industry, ensuring the rest of the world can enjoy the most amazing diamonds and diamond jewellery.  He also founded the Diamond Office in Antwerp, and other institutions are also named after him.  'Cut in Antwerp' is the most sought after trademark in the diamond industry, because with it translates to excellence and quality.

    My Diamonds, offers client artisan craftsmen, with their chief craftsman experiencing his training in Antwerp.  This is reflected in the exquisite diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and loose diamonds in the My Diamonds collection.

    Below is a selection of exquisite diamond engagement rings from the My Diamonds collection.






  • De Beers ~ A Change of Location for the Sorting of Botswana Diamonds

    'ERENA' ~ GIA Platinum 3 stone Ring
    Monroe Yorke Diamonds 'Most Popular' Range

    For nearly 80 years the precious natural commodity of diamonds dug from the diamond mines of Botswana have been sorted in London.

    Botswana has for many years campaigned to carry out the sorting of its rough stones locally.  This now appears to have come to pass.  The country is the world's largest producer of diamonds.

    Gabarone is the new location for diamond sorting in Botswana, meaning this phase of a rough stone's life has been radically changed. Although only the first step in the journey, it will develop Botswana as a major international centre for sorting stones, handling about $6 billion dollars worth of diamonds.

    Although the agreement to move sorting to Botswana was agreed six years ago, delays meant that it could not be put into operation until 2012.  Debswana, Botswana's main diamond mining company and owned jointly by De Beers and the Botswana government, signed the final agreement in November 2011 to make the move, enabling Botswana to sell 10% of locally manufactured gem stones.

    De Beers has also agreed to make available to manufacturing companies in the country, an increase to $800 million dollars of diamonds per year from the $550 million it currently makes available.

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