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    Yet again, Graff stuns the world with a brand new creation, the Hallucination ladies watch.  It will be unveiled at the Basel watch and jewellery fair today.

    The world renowned London based jewellery firm says the timepiece is covered in a kaleidoscope of 110 carats of rare fancy coloured diamonds and 'estimated to be the most valuable watch ever created.

    The company asserts that their team of master craftsmen worked on the piece for a thousands of hours to perfect the design which came directly from Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds.

    My Diamonds, now known as Monroe Yorke Diamonds is the go-to diamond retailer for stunning diamond wedding jewellery, and exquisite loose diamonds.

    Grazia Princess Cut Diamond Engagemetn Ring in White Gold or Platinum. It has princess and Baguette cut diamonds on the band. Grazia White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

    Grazia White Gold - GIA Princess Diamond Ring

    Louise SPECIAL - Diamond Engagement Ring

    Louise GIA Engagement Ring SPECIAL1.60ct

    Elysa White Gold - Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring GIA 1.00ct

    Elysa SPECIAL (SAVE $2,300) - GIA Solitaire Ring 1.00ct

  • It's November, the month of calm before the Christmas Holiday Sparkle

    And look no further than MY Diamonds . Natural beauty is always best and of course, diamonds are completely natural.  The Earth endows us with these sparkling gifts of raw or rough diamonds from deep below the earth's crust and MY Diamonds (Monroe Yorke Diamonds) sources only the very best from the best, for you to choose for yourself of your loved one.

    With Christmas just around the corner (only seven weekends, phew!)         MY Diamonds will offer you the ultimate gift from their extensive collection.  Their exquisite diamond engagement rings, dress rings, diamond wedding bands, pendants and stud earrings are the perfect, timeless, understated yet elegant gift any woman will fall in love with.

    MY Diamonds' designer is an artisan craftsman who creates only the most beautiful jewels for the most discerning customers, and if you take a look at our testimonials page you will see for yourself that MY Diamonds has served many delighted customers, in fact Monroe Yorke Diamonds have never had a complaint, and with their steadfast 100% Guarantee, you can't go wrong. Here are some superb examples of their collection, and if you wish to see more, go HERE.

    For timeless elegance, encapsulated in one lustrous, divine diamond engagement ring, MY Diamonds has captured the attention of the most discerning with the epitome of unique creativity for your everlasting love.  Our collection of pre-set diamond engagement rings will tempt you like no other...

    Unique Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Dulce White Gold back

    Dulce White Gold - GIA Halo Princess Diamond Ring $3,695.00 Availability: In stock

    SKU: R-116-W-050

     A design that speaks ultimate in glamour and romance. Pave set diamonds on a ballerina style square disk that dramatise the centre GIA certified premium princess cut diamond.  Diamond weight of band 0.16 - 0.32 carats. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)
    Eden Platinum - Round Diamond Engagement RingRound Diamond Ring - Eden PlatinumEden Platinum - Side View - Diamond Culet Visible Under the Setting

    Eden Platinum - GIA Engagement Ring $3,395.00 Availability: In stock SKU: R-111-PT-030

     A spectacular engagement ring with 16 pave set round brilliant diamonds on the band enhancing a centre rub-over setting. Ring complete with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamondPlatinum setting and band.
    Aureo 5 diamond ring - GIA 0.50ct centre 5 Diamond Ring - Aureo Yellow GoldAureo Yellow Gold Ring

    Aureo - 5 Diamond Ring - 1.10ct $5,990.00  Availability: In stock  SKU: R-086-Y-050

     Unique design with five diamonds bazel set on to a winding setting. Centre diamond premium GIA certified 0.50 carat round diamondTotal carat weight 1.00ct. 18k white gold setting and yellow gold band (or white gold).
    Delivery : 3 weeks
  • The Crown Jewels of Great Britain and the Commonwealth

    Every year millions of visitors visit the Tower of London in the United Kingdom, guarded by Yeoman Warders ('Beefeaters') to see the spectacular display of The Crown Jewels, which are part of the Royal Collection.

    Since the early 14th Century,The Jewel House at the Tower has been used for the secure storage of the precious ceremonial objects, the Crown Jewels.  Previously,Westminster Abbey was the chosen place of storage of these priceless and historic pieces, but the Abbey was found to be unsafe. In 1671, a Colonel Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels, as did others over the centuries, yet none succeeded.  The current display of the Crown Jewels was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1994.

    The very essence of the Crown Jewels display are symbolic and ceremonial objects, very much at the heart of the coronations of English Kings and Queens. They include the crowns of Sovereigns, Consorts and Princes of Wales, both past and present, sceptres, orbs, rings, swords, spurs, bracelets and robes, all of which have a specific part to play in the ritual of the English coronation service and are know as the Regalia. The modern day British monarchy still use much of the Regalia in ceremonies, something which many of their European counterparts do not continue.


    Princess of Wales' engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton and known globally.

    The tiara worn by Kate Middleton on the occasion of her marriage to Prince William.  More about the Queens personal diamond jewellery collection in our next post.


    Diamonds are much treasured and have a very important place in the gemological history of the world.  Battles have been fought over them, human beings have killed and died for them.  They have been used as love tokens for centuries, and as a method of exquisite adornment.

    The word 'diamond' is derived from the Ancient Greek word 'adamas' meaning unalterable and unbreakable.  The very first diamonds were discovered as alluvial deposits in India, along the Godovari, Penner and Kirisha ivers.  It is possible that diamonds have been accessible in India for up to 6000 years.  The formation of a diamond deep within the earth requires very specific conditions - exposure of materials containing carbon to extremely high pressure and at considerable depth.

    Diamonds as Adornment                                                                                    The use of diamonds as gems for adornment dates back to antiquity.  The 20th Century has seen a raised interest in this fabulous mineral, primarily because of it's expensive appearance when set in precious metals.  The diamonds characteristics mean that the dispersal of white light throughout the stone results in scintillation and spectacular colours.  No other gem can display these characteristics in this way.

    Experts in gemology have now devised a method of grading diamonds using certain comparable characteristics.  The four most important ones are knows as the 4Cs, which stands for cut, colour, clarity and carat.

    These grading methods are carried out by globally recognised laboratories such as GIA and HRD.  It is recognised that the diamond is the hardest substance known to man.  Because of this characteristic,it is particularly suited to use as gemstones.  Many engagement rings or wedding rings must stand up to daily use and all the wear and tear that brings.

    Coloured Diamonds                                                                                           Although our first thought of colour when considering a diamond will probably be white or clear, there are beautiful ranges of fancy coloured diamonds.  These begin at the yellow, pink and red spectrum, through blue and green, purple, brown and the very popular and fashionable black.  These colours are caused by impurities within the stone - nitrogen for yellow and brown, boron for blue, and for black, carbon inclusions.

    Blood Diamonds                                                                                               Over time, these precious gems have unfortunately been bought and sold to raise funds to finance wars.  In areas of Africa it has been documented that some military factions have taken over complete mines and forced the workers there to continue supplying them with diamonds, so that they can be sold on the black market.  The money raised is then used to purchase weapons and fund military coups.

    A Rising Star in the Diamond Firmament                                                       When choosing your diamond for your engagement ring, you should ensure that you purchase it from a reputable diamond retailer/wholesaler such as MY Diamonds.  Call them now on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with a professional diamond specialist for the diamond of your dreams.

  • Diamond Mining Halted at Ellendale by Kimberley Diamonds


    Work has been suspended due to safety concerns at Ellendale's E9 pit in Western Australia by Kimberley Diamonds, formerly known as Goodrich Resources. The Ellendale mine is known for its production of rare fancy yellow diamonds.  Gem Diamonds sold the mine to Kimberley in April this year for $14.9 million and it was expected that the Ellendale mine would be in production for at least another eighteen months.
    There appears to have been some slippage of the pit wall underneath the main access ramp after a routine blast in the mine, making the ramp temporarily unsafe for use, the company explained. Fortunately there was no danger to life as there were no personnel were in the mine.  No equipment was damaged during the blast.

    Due to the fact that it has sufficient surface ore stockpiles to continue treatment plant operations for at least two months on high-grade ore, and also that the mine has stockpiles of lower-grade ore, shareholders have been reassured by Kimberley Diamonds the reserve will last for up to 12 months.

    Kimberley has stated that the impact that the interruption will have on estimated production is minimal and will not have a negative impact on the company’s financial results.



    After much deliberation and changes of heart as to whether to sell its mining interests or to float them on the Stock Exchange, Global miner Rio Tinto has decided not to sell its diamond mining interests in Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe. After discovering that the long-term view for the diamond market is very positive, the company says it will continue as owner and operative.  They say this has been guided by an upturn in demand from Asia for high-end luxury products.  North America has also been pinpointed as a source of very high demand.

    After strong interest from Dominion Diamond Corporation, Petra Diamonds and De Beers, Alan Davies, Rio Tinto Diamonds and Minerals C/O said the company's diamonds businesses were well-positioned to capitalise on the positive market outlook.

    "After considering a number of alternative strategic ownership options, it is clear the best path to generate maximum value for our shareholders is to retain these businesses," Mr Davies said.

    Analyst, David Lennox said the announcement that Rio Tinto had taken its diamond interests off the market was a fairly clear indication that they had not achieved the price they were looking for. Lennox said, "They weren't a keen seller, but had they got the price they wanted it would have been sold. They've certainly done all they can to ensure that production stays in line, it's just that it is getting more costly and they're not getting significant finds of valuable diamonds," he said.

    Argyle produces around 90 per cent of the world's supply of rare pink diamonds and is the world's largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds.

  • The Merlin Diamond Mine set to regain its Sparkle


    It has been announced that The Merlin Diamond Mine in the Northern Territory (its only mine) will begin producing again next month, with a target of producing 250,000 carats a year.  About 100 Kilometres south of Borroloola, the Merlin Mine ceased production in 2003, but new managing director, Joseph Gutnick says that in six or seven weeks, production will begin again.

    "We're starting at 150,000 carats a year and ramping up to 250,000 carats a year, and we're very excited about it," he said. "It's a dream of mine that's coming true. Our costs of extracting the diamonds are reasonable, around $150 per carat, and the average (price) of our diamonds is around $300 to $350 a carat polished... so some good margins. We are hoping money generated from the sale of the diamonds will be used to increase our resource of 7 million carats to a much higher level, because there's enormous potential in the area."

    One of three famous Australian diamond mines, Merlin was the site of the discovery of the Gungulinya-Bunagina, Australia's biggest diamond, weighing in at a huge 104.73 carats.  Today it is estimated that the Merlin can deliver 7.2 million carats, which will make it Australia's second largest diamond discovery after the Argyle, Rio Tinto's mine in the Kimberley

  • Rio Tinto looks to sell home of the Pink Diamond

    The Argyle Diamonds Mine has had 2.2 billion dollars of expansion by Rio Tinto.  The Argyle Mine is home to that exquisite and rare diamond the Argyle Pink and it's hoping that this, along with the huge investment made will make the mine attractive to potential buyers.

    The Rio Tinto Argyle mine is in the Kimberley in Northern Western Australia,  The expansion and investment increases its life to 2020 meaning diamonds can be mined there for at least another 20 years.  The pinks are so rare they contribute to just a fraction of the diamond haul from the Argyle mines every year - a pink 1ct diamond can command a price of $1 million to $2 million dollars.  These are put into tender and offered to diamond collectors all over the world.

    Rio Tinto are selling mines in Canada and Zimbabwe as well as Australia, trying to shave 5 billion dollars of costs from its operation as commodity prices continue to fluctuate.  They are currently talking to potential buyers as the outlook for the mine is very positive and also considering floating the mine, which will be worth about $2 billion dollars to Rio Tinto.

    So if you fancy owning a few more beauties like the one above, you'll have to dig deep into those pockets.  Maybe this years birthday present?

  • Elle McPherson Engaged!


    It's official!  Elle McPherson is engaged to billionaire, Jeffrey Soffer.  The couple dated for two years up to March 2012 when they parted.  Soffer was subsequently very badly injured in a helicopter crash in November, after which the couple were reunited.  Of course, this means a sparkling diamond rock on Elle's model girl finger.  No official announcement has been made, yet rumour has it that the couple have decided to tie the knot.

    This will be the second marriage for McPherson, previously married to fashion photographer, Gilles Bensimmon.  Elle, one of Australia's most famous models, has recently been seen on TV screens in Britain and Ireland's TOP MODEL series, of which she is host and executive producer.

    No engagement diamond engagement ring photos yet, but we'll keep you posted as soon as what will no doubt be an exquisite ring, appears on the third finger of her left hand!

  • 2013 Engagement News

    As expected, the New Year saw some high profile celebrity engagements.  Reese Witherspoon and John Toth celebrated with this gorgeous diamond engagement ring, designed by William Goldberg with Ashoka diamonds
    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian celebrated their engagement with a 5 carat oval cut engagement ring set in rose gold with single-cut pave diamonds. from the jeweller Brent Polacheck.
    and...Hugh Hefner has found the love of his life in Crystal Harris, a 24 year old Playboy Bunny.  84 year old, Hefner, proposed on 24th December. with a round brilliant cut 3 carat diamond.  Ahh!

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