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  • It's November, the month of calm before the Christmas Holiday Sparkle

    And look no further than MY Diamonds . Natural beauty is always best and of course, diamonds are completely natural.  The Earth endows us with these sparkling gifts of raw or rough diamonds from deep below the earth's crust and MY Diamonds (Monroe Yorke Diamonds) sources only the very best from the best, for you to choose for yourself of your loved one.

    With Christmas just around the corner (only seven weekends, phew!)         MY Diamonds will offer you the ultimate gift from their extensive collection.  Their exquisite diamond engagement rings, dress rings, diamond wedding bands, pendants and stud earrings are the perfect, timeless, understated yet elegant gift any woman will fall in love with.

    MY Diamonds' designer is an artisan craftsman who creates only the most beautiful jewels for the most discerning customers, and if you take a look at our testimonials page you will see for yourself that MY Diamonds has served many delighted customers, in fact Monroe Yorke Diamonds have never had a complaint, and with their steadfast 100% Guarantee, you can't go wrong. Here are some superb examples of their collection, and if you wish to see more, go HERE.

    For timeless elegance, encapsulated in one lustrous, divine diamond engagement ring, MY Diamonds has captured the attention of the most discerning with the epitome of unique creativity for your everlasting love.  Our collection of pre-set diamond engagement rings will tempt you like no other...

    Unique Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Dulce White Gold back

    Dulce White Gold - GIA Halo Princess Diamond Ring $3,695.00 Availability: In stock

    SKU: R-116-W-050

     A design that speaks ultimate in glamour and romance. Pave set diamonds on a ballerina style square disk that dramatise the centre GIA certified premium princess cut diamond.  Diamond weight of band 0.16 - 0.32 carats. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)
    Eden Platinum - Round Diamond Engagement RingRound Diamond Ring - Eden PlatinumEden Platinum - Side View - Diamond Culet Visible Under the Setting

    Eden Platinum - GIA Engagement Ring $3,395.00 Availability: In stock SKU: R-111-PT-030

     A spectacular engagement ring with 16 pave set round brilliant diamonds on the band enhancing a centre rub-over setting. Ring complete with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamondPlatinum setting and band.
    Aureo 5 diamond ring - GIA 0.50ct centre 5 Diamond Ring - Aureo Yellow GoldAureo Yellow Gold Ring

    Aureo - 5 Diamond Ring - 1.10ct $5,990.00  Availability: In stock  SKU: R-086-Y-050

     Unique design with five diamonds bazel set on to a winding setting. Centre diamond premium GIA certified 0.50 carat round diamondTotal carat weight 1.00ct. 18k white gold setting and yellow gold band (or white gold).
    Delivery : 3 weeks
  • Star struck gold!

    We love gold.  In all its wonderful forms, yellow; white; rose; we love to wear it, look at it...and eat it!

    But it's quite a surprise to discover that the wonderful metal was actually formed between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago when two stars cataclysmically smashed into one another...the most recent clash in June of this year.  And this has been deduced by the Harvard-Smithsonian centre for Astrophysics, no less.

    Unlike the carbon that forms diamond which is found deep within the earth, the formation of gold requires something very different - the clash of two neutron stars.  The collision will create a gamma ray burst that forms heavy elements such as gold.  The amount produced can be as much as two moon masses, says lead author, Edo Berger.

    A gamma ray is a flash of high energy light, usually in the very distant universe.  At a distance of 3.9 billion light years from earth, the latest is one of the most recent to date.

    "To paraphrase Carl Sagan, we are all star stuff, and our jewellery is colliding-star stuff," says Berger.  So the gold we love and covet so much comes from outer space.  Who knew?  Here are some 'out of this world' gold and diamond rings from My Diamonds.

    A centre round brilliant cut diamond with cascading yellow and white diamonds on the band

    Belluno Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring ~ $7,495

    The Belluno is one of the latest creations by our head master jeweller.  A centre round brilliant cut diamond in a double claw setting with cascading yellow and white diamonds on the band.  This is a design to be admired from the front and in profile. Centre premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamondavailable from 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. Diamond weight of setting 0.30 carats. 18k two tone.

    Alba - Pear Cut Diamond Halo Ring - White Gold

    Alba - White Gold GIA Pear Cut Halo Engagement Ring ~ $4,895.00

    The Alba, stunning brilliance of a pear cut diamond framed by an elegant diamond halo. Centre premium GIA certified pear cut diamond available from 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 caratsDiamond weight of setting 0.29-32 carats. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).


  • MY Diamonds presents favourite jewellery from Royal Families Around the World

    Bearing in mind we have a new Prince of Cambridge we thought it would be a good idea to begin this segment of posts with The Cambridge Emeralds.

    Surprisingly, the tiara was won in a charity lottery in 1818 by Queen Mary's grandmother, Augusta, the then Duchess of Cambridge.


    The Vladimir Circle Tiara was adapted with fifteen emerald drops.Other pieces in the collection included two emerald drop brooches.


    The "Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure"  refers to a complete suite of emerald jewelry, which also included an emerald and diamond tiara. The suite now belongs to the personal jewelry collection of Queen Elizabeth II, which she inherited from her grandmother Queen Mary, the Queen consort of King George V. The "Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure" was designed and crafted by the crown jewellers, in anticipation of the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary on June 22, 1911, and their subsequent proclamation as the Emperor and Empress of India, at a special Durbar organized for this purpose in Delhi, on December 12, 1911.

    The name Cambridge was derived from the Duke of Cambridge, Adolphus, the seventh son of King George III, who together with his wife Princess Augusta of Hesse, were the original owners of the magnificent emeralds that were incorporated in different pieces of the "parure". At least two of the pieces in the "parure", an emerald necklace and an emerald brooch were presented by the wives of the Maharajah's of India, the Maharanis, including the Maharani of Patiala. Thus the name "Delhi Dunbar Parure" seem to have been inspired for two reasons, one, the parure being specially designed and executed  in anticipation of the Delhi Durbar and two, some of the pieces in the parure were received as gifts by Queen Mary during the durbar.

  • Diamond Mining Halted at Ellendale by Kimberley Diamonds


    Work has been suspended due to safety concerns at Ellendale's E9 pit in Western Australia by Kimberley Diamonds, formerly known as Goodrich Resources. The Ellendale mine is known for its production of rare fancy yellow diamonds.  Gem Diamonds sold the mine to Kimberley in April this year for $14.9 million and it was expected that the Ellendale mine would be in production for at least another eighteen months.
    There appears to have been some slippage of the pit wall underneath the main access ramp after a routine blast in the mine, making the ramp temporarily unsafe for use, the company explained. Fortunately there was no danger to life as there were no personnel were in the mine.  No equipment was damaged during the blast.

    Due to the fact that it has sufficient surface ore stockpiles to continue treatment plant operations for at least two months on high-grade ore, and also that the mine has stockpiles of lower-grade ore, shareholders have been reassured by Kimberley Diamonds the reserve will last for up to 12 months.

    Kimberley has stated that the impact that the interruption will have on estimated production is minimal and will not have a negative impact on the company’s financial results.

  • The Merlin Diamond Mine set to regain its Sparkle


    It has been announced that The Merlin Diamond Mine in the Northern Territory (its only mine) will begin producing again next month, with a target of producing 250,000 carats a year.  About 100 Kilometres south of Borroloola, the Merlin Mine ceased production in 2003, but new managing director, Joseph Gutnick says that in six or seven weeks, production will begin again.

    "We're starting at 150,000 carats a year and ramping up to 250,000 carats a year, and we're very excited about it," he said. "It's a dream of mine that's coming true. Our costs of extracting the diamonds are reasonable, around $150 per carat, and the average (price) of our diamonds is around $300 to $350 a carat polished... so some good margins. We are hoping money generated from the sale of the diamonds will be used to increase our resource of 7 million carats to a much higher level, because there's enormous potential in the area."

    One of three famous Australian diamond mines, Merlin was the site of the discovery of the Gungulinya-Bunagina, Australia's biggest diamond, weighing in at a huge 104.73 carats.  Today it is estimated that the Merlin can deliver 7.2 million carats, which will make it Australia's second largest diamond discovery after the Argyle, Rio Tinto's mine in the Kimberley

  • Congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay

    A lovely baby-bump and a gorgeous diamond engagement ring presented by her fiance, Brian Hallisay has put wide smiles on both their faces.  The Client List star and her boyfriend must be over the moon with their fabulous news, broken to the world last month.

    Now in her second trimester, Jennifer sports a huge diamond on the third finger of her left hand. 'We're so thrilled and happy to start a family,' Jennifer and Brian, both 34, said in the statement to Us Weekly.

    If you've fallen madly in love ~  with Jennifer's stunning engagement ring look no further than My Diamonds, Australia, Australia's premier diamond engagement ring specialists for a design just as spectacular.  Here is a selection to tempt you:~

    Blossom White Gold - GIA Diamond Ring

    Blossom White Gold - GIA Diamond Ring

    Your love is unique and so should be your engagement ring. The Blossom is the latest creation by our head master jeweller.  A delicate ribbon of diamonds hold the centre four claw setting.  Centre premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond available from 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. Diamond weight of setting 0.07 - 0.11 carats18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Louise Platinum - GIA Round Diamond Ring 1.10ct

    Arbella White Gold - GIA Round Diamond Ring

    Diamond engagement ring complete with a centre premium quality GIA certified round/brilliant cut diamond set in a 4 claw setting. Ring consists of 14 round brilliant cut diamonds set onto the shoulders of the ring.Diamond weight of band 0.21 carats. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Arbella White Gold - GIA Round Diamond Ring

    Louise Platinum - GIA Round Diamond Ring 1.10ct

    A sweep up band of scintillating round brilliant diamonds beautifully enhances the pure elegance of the centre round brilliant cut diamond in a fine four claw setting.  Ring is complete with a premium GIA certified 0.50ct round diamond.  Total diamond weight 1.10ct. Platinum setting and band.
    Delivery : 3 weeks

  • Sale of Ellendale Diamonds ~ 18th June

    On Tuesday the 18th June, the sale of the Ellendale Diamonds will begin.  Tens of thousands of rough diamonds from the Ellendale Mine, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia will be sold in an auction conducted over the internet.  This is surely a sign of the technological times we live in. There will be 34 lots in all, containing more than 30,000 stones.  Hope you've got deep pockets!

    Harvested at Ellendale by KDC, the diamonds in the auction are mostly white stones and fancy yellows.  This is to be expected as the mine supplies about half of all yellow gems sold globally. At the previous Ellendale diamond auction, demand exceeded supply resulting in the sale of all the lots offered.  eDiamond will be auctioning nearly three times the amount sold at that time.

    Two viewings will be conducted in anticipation of the auction: one in Tel Aviv, beginning today and continuing until Wednesday, and one in Antwerp, beginning on Friday and continuing until the day before the sale. Diamonds will always be good investments and diamond jewellery never fails to hit the spot as gifts for our loved ones.  For really eclectic designs and quality craftsmanship, view the designs and loose diamonds on offer at   Every piece has been designed in-house and My Diamonds offers a bespoke engagement ring design service second to none.  Call 1300-66-55-20 and speak with a My Diamonds diamond specialist.

    Joy Brilliant Platinum - GIA Diamond Ring

    Joy Brilliant Platinum - GIA Diamond Ring

    A design with presence that boasts elegance and dramatic beauty. Australia’s most favourite engagement ring.  A very fine and open 6-claw setting, with a diamond set under the centre setting. Design is made perfect with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond. Platinum setting and band.

  • Breaking News of the sale of the Rio Tinto Diamond Mine

    As reported previously Rio Tinto plans to sell its world-wide diamond mines, yet news has it that the suggested float of the company has become firmer in recent days.

    One of the interested parties has confirmed that its interests lie only in the DIAVIK DIAMOND MINE, in Canada's Northwest Territories. Canada's Dominion Diamond Corporation, a partner with Rio Tinto in Diavik, and holding just 40%, have stated that they wish to purchase the 60% stake that Rio Tinto have in the mine and no more, as the Argyle mines in Australia, 'are just too distant for a company of its size to consider.'  Dominion recently became 'top-dog' of the Canadian diamond industry, after acquiring BHP Billiton's 80% stake in the Ekati diamond mine, also in the Northwest Territories.

    Diavik Mine ~ Northwest Territory of Canada

    Bob Gannicott, Chairman and Chief Executive of Dominion said that Dominion are entirely focussed on the Northwest Territory of Canada, being a place they know and understand.  Nevertheless, Rio is keeping its options open.  The preferred option would be to sell the company in its entirety, but would certainly consider fragmenting the business if sale of the parts brings a greater return.  Watch this space for more news of the sale of the iconic Rio Tinto mines!

    And don't forget you can purchase your fabulous diamond from My Diamonds at a price easily affordable.  Look out for new designs from My Diamonds artisan jewellers such as The Blossom and The Delfina.  Look below for a tempting glimpse!

    Ribbon of Diamonds Holding the Centre Setting

    The Blossom ~ Your love is unique and so should be your engagement ring. The Blossom is the latest creation by our head master jeweller.  A delicate ribbon of diamonds hold the centre four claw setting.  Centre premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond available from 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. Diamond weight of setting 0.07 - 0.11 carats18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).

    Delfina Yellow Gold - Unique Engagement Ring

    The Delfina ~ An exclusive design by our head master jeweller.  A six claw yellow gold solitaire setting with two claws extending out of the band in yellow gold and remaining four claws in white gold. Complete with a premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond.  18k yellow gold setting and white gold setting.

  • Is It Safe to Buy Diamonds Online?

    A few years ago, buying diamonds online would have been unheard of, if not frowned upon.  Although it may appear to be risky, buying from a well-known, professional organisation like My Diamonds means you are now able to safely purchase the most amazing diamonds at the very best prices.


    The diamond collections at My Diamonds, means you will find the most exquisitely crafted diamonds from large inventories.  The specialists at My Diamonds are passionate about diamonds and are extremely knowledgeable.  They are happy to pass this knowledge on to you to ensure you find the diamond of your dreams.


    Internet pricing is highly competitive between online retailers and traditional jewellery stores in the mall.  However, My Diamonds goes beyond competition, simply because their intricate designs are crafted by diamond artisans just for My Diamonds.  Their designs and the quality of the craftsmanship goes above and beyond.


    My Diamonds have a 100% 14 Day Guarantee.  If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you may return it as long as it is in sent condition i.e. unworn, and with all packaging intact.  They also have a stream of testimonials from delighted customers who return to them again and again.


    Go to for the full story of how to buy your diamond safely online.  Or, telephone 1300-66-55-20 and speak with one of their diamond specialists.

  • Sparkling Celebrity Engagements of 2012

    For some of our favourite celebrities, 2012 proved to be the year when it all went 'pop' love-wise.  The most remarkable of these 'longtime' loves has to be Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman who have enjoyed a relationship with unusual longevity for a Hollywood couple, and they weren't the only ones.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Heidi Klum and Seal also reversed their journey down the wedding aisle.  And of course, there's K- Stew and R-Patz, but who knows what's going on there.  But we at My Diamonds believe in love and 2012 also brought some high profile romances, accompanied by truly stunning diamond engagement rings.

    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: It's true, JT married his 7th Heaven love, Jessica Biel - and that's after a much publicized break up only a couple of months earlier.  You see, true love never runs smooth!

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: The Gossip Girl tied the knot with her gorgeous Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds on September 9th.  He presented her with a rose-gold Lorraine Schwartz ring.  Lucky girl!

    Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez: Halle Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez got engaged in March 2012, and were seen strolling happily through the Saint-Germain-des-Pres district in Paris on Sunday.

    Snooki and Jionni LaValle: In 2012, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi  got engaged to LaValle, the Jersey Boy. He proposed with a  5.02 custom designed ring from B&B Jewellers in Wayne, N.J. See below to feel really jealous!


    JWoww and Roger Matthews: JWoww” Farley got engaged to her Seaside Heights sweetheart, Roger Matthews, in September.   He proposed with a 5ct ring by Layna and Alan Friedman.  Now this one's a real stunner!

    Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley: Guy Ritchie, film director and ex of Madonna, proposed with this gorgeous custom made ring from Neil Lane below.  Gorgeous guy, gorgeous ring!


    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Liam Hemsworth presented his pop-star girlfriend with a 3.5ct cushion cut diamond ring designed by Neil Lane.

    The above just proves that getting engaged and subsequently married is just as important as it ever was.  Some in the media would have us believe that marriage is out of fashion, but clearly it's not.  More people have become engaged over the last year than in 2011, with just as many getting married.

    If you popped the question this New Year, hop on over to the beautiful diamond engagement ring collections offered by                  My Diamonds, Australia.  You won't be disappointed.  And if you're thinking of going down the custom made route, My Diamonds is perfect for you.  Their custom made designs are nothing short of exquisite!

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