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  • Star struck gold!

    We love gold.  In all its wonderful forms, yellow; white; rose; we love to wear it, look at it...and eat it!

    But it's quite a surprise to discover that the wonderful metal was actually formed between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago when two stars cataclysmically smashed into one another...the most recent clash in June of this year.  And this has been deduced by the Harvard-Smithsonian centre for Astrophysics, no less.

    Unlike the carbon that forms diamond which is found deep within the earth, the formation of gold requires something very different - the clash of two neutron stars.  The collision will create a gamma ray burst that forms heavy elements such as gold.  The amount produced can be as much as two moon masses, says lead author, Edo Berger.

    A gamma ray is a flash of high energy light, usually in the very distant universe.  At a distance of 3.9 billion light years from earth, the latest is one of the most recent to date.

    "To paraphrase Carl Sagan, we are all star stuff, and our jewellery is colliding-star stuff," says Berger.  So the gold we love and covet so much comes from outer space.  Who knew?  Here are some 'out of this world' gold and diamond rings from My Diamonds.

    A centre round brilliant cut diamond with cascading yellow and white diamonds on the band

    Belluno Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring ~ $7,495

    The Belluno is one of the latest creations by our head master jeweller.  A centre round brilliant cut diamond in a double claw setting with cascading yellow and white diamonds on the band.  This is a design to be admired from the front and in profile. Centre premium GIA certified round brilliant cut diamondavailable from 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carats. Diamond weight of setting 0.30 carats. 18k two tone.

    Alba - Pear Cut Diamond Halo Ring - White Gold

    Alba - White Gold GIA Pear Cut Halo Engagement Ring ~ $4,895.00

    The Alba, stunning brilliance of a pear cut diamond framed by an elegant diamond halo. Centre premium GIA certified pear cut diamond available from 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 caratsDiamond weight of setting 0.29-32 carats. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold).


  • The Royal Baby and the Most Expensive Nappy Rash Cream Holder in the World

    Now here's some news.  What kind of gifts did you think William and Kate might receive for their newborn from well-wishers?  You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the couple would take delivery of diamond jewellery, perhaps a diamond encrusted teething ring (not to be used of course) or a white gold and diamond first cup and plate, or even a platinum bracelet with a diamond encrusted teddy hanging from one of the links.  Well no, not quite.

    Fine jewellery maker, Theo Fennell has been asked to design a supremely lavish gift by one company eager to impress the Royal couple. And the company involved have spent a princely or princessly £10,000 on the item.  Sounds gorgeous, right? Well up to a point.  This unique piece doubles as a nappy rash cream holder!

    Renowned jewellery designer Theo Fennell, who counts the Beckhams, Elton John and Madonna as his clients, was commissioned by Sudocrem to produce a bespoke bracelet that reflected the Sudocrem pot.  The item will be auctioned for charity which is a wonderful thing...for the charity and...I would imagine the Duchess of Cambridge will be breathing a huge sigh of relief.  Can't imagine her wearing it to Mahiki, one of Wills and Kate's favourite nightclubs.  And from how I remember it, William and Kate are going to need a lot more nappy-rash cream than that!

  • Most Expensive Diamonds ~ No.4 ~ The Hope Diamond

    Now we're getting really serious.  Above is a photograph of the     Hope Diamond, also known as The Bleu de France. (The Blue of France) or the Bijou de Roi (The Jewel of the King).  This stunning gem is valued at 300 million dollars and is a large deep blue diamond kept at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D C.

    The exquisite blue colour is caused by boron captured within the crystal.  When placed under an ultra violet light, the gem will shine red with phosphoresence.

    As lovely as this diamond is, it apparently comes with a curse, so think twice before raiding your bank account!

    The stone has 42.52 carats and weighs 9.10 grams.  Having travelled the world from India to France, then to Great Britain and the USA it is often called the most famous diamond in the world.

    At My Diamonds we hold in our stunning diamond collection this superb sapphire and diamond ring which would be timeless as an engagement ring, or perfection as a Christmas gift.

    Diana 100 - Beautiful Ceylon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    It is the stuff of dreams. A beautiful young girl, a handsome prince and that stunning engagement ring. Beautiful 1.0 carat Ceylon Blue Sapphire surrounded by 12 white diamonds. Total diamond weight 0.60 carats.
    Centre diamond: 1.00ct (Ceylon Blue Sapphire)
    Number of Diamonds: 12
    Side Diamonds: 0.60 carats (G colour, VS clarity)
    Total diamond weight: 0.60 carats
    Delivery: 6 weeks

  • The 4Cs - The COLOUR of Your Diamond

    In past posts we have talked about the 4Cs of diamond grading and where the grading values are on a Grading Certificate.  For my Diamonds, Australia on of Australia's foremost diamond retailers this is usually carried out by GIA or HRD.  One of the four main characteristics of a diamond is colour - an important consideration when purchasing your diamond.

    At My Diamonds we try to make the distinctions easier to understand before you purchase, and explain why certain colours of diamonds will command higher prices.

    Loose diamonds must be graded before they are mounted or put in a setting.  This is because surrounding colours can permeate the true colour of the stone.  For example a yellow gold setting will make a diamond look less yellow.  A white gold or platinum setting will emphasise colour.

    • G~H~I~J  Nearly colourless
    • K~L~M Faintly tinted, usually yellow
    • N~O~P~Q~R  Lightly tinted, usually yellow.  Tint can be seen with the naked eye
    • S~T~U~V~W~X~Y~Z  Tinted, usually yellow, may progress to brownish.  Tint visible to the naked eye.
    • These grades apply to diamonds that are colourless, or those that are yellow through yellowish brown, as in the above diagram.  They do not apply to fancy coloured diamonds.  Fancy coloured diamonds  have separate colour grading standards.
    • When referring to colour, a grading report will grade a diamond's lack of colour or whiteness.
    • D is the highest colour grade with Z being the lowest


    My Diamonds will always ensure you know your diamond before purchase.  Their professional diamond specialists are always on hand to provide information and answers to queries.  My Diamonds will guide you to the diamond of your dreams, whether in a superb pre-designed ring, or an exquisite diamond in a diamond engagement ring of your own design.

  • Diamond Colour Grading at My Diamonds

    The coloured diamond, or fancy diamonds as they're referred to are quite rare.  Most diamonds are yellowish brown when in their natural state, which is caused by the presence of nitrogen molecules trapped in the mineral when it was formed millions of years ago.

    The less nitrogen in a diamond,the whiter it is and the more expensive and coveted - colour grades go from D - completely colourless, to Z - a beige yellow colour.

    All of My Diamonds diamonds are graded by GIA, a diamond grading laboratory in the United States.  Discernible differences between D, E, and F grades are difficult to see with the naked eye, and when set in a mount, invisible.

    Cut grades often change the colour of a diamond.  My Diamonds use their own artisan master craftsmen when cutting, mounting and polishing a diamond.  Their designs are unique to My Diamonds, so it's unlikely you will see another like your favourite diamond engagement ring on any other online diamond retailer's site.

    As the colour grade gets nearer to Z, the yellow tinge is much more visible, and when compared to diamonds of a higher grade, the difference will be much more dramatic.

    For an overview of diamonds from My Diamonds, go to their website at and refer to their diamond buying guides.  Their diamond sourcing page is the best way to find a special diamond, particularly if you're designing your own ring.  Here is an example of a grading report from GIA, the certificate you'll receive when you buy your own special diamond:~


  • Putting Your Faith in Online Shopping with Australia's Rising Star ~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds

    In the early days of the internet it was a big ask.  To purchase anything online, consumers tentatively and not very willingly tapped their credit card details into their computer and waited for it all to go wrong - credit card rinsed, shoddy goods - or worse, no goods at all.  Sometimes it is like that.  We've all heard tales of woe about people not getting satisfaction when they've purchased something online.  Today, it's a no brainer.

    Sitting in the comfort of our own homes with no racking up of transport costs, or getting caught out by dodgy weather we can purchase just about anything.  Even diamond engagement rings.  And if you want to feel particularly secure when you're purchasing the most important piece of diamond jewellery you'll ever buy, you must definitely visit Monroe Yorke Diamonds on, Australia's rising star in the diamond firmament.

    Honesty and Security with Monroe Yorke Diamonds:~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds is one of Australia's leading online diamond retailers.  Their diamond jewellery is crafted by a leading master craftsman who received training in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, ensuring you will receive diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery of the highest quality and most exquisite designs.

    A Swift Delivery ensuring Complete Satisfaction:~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds set a target of delivering your chosen diamond engagement ring to you within three weeks of confirmation of receipt of funds.  Of course, if you've purchased your diamonds from one of their showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne of Brisbane, delivery is within 48 hours.

    Guaranteed 100% from My Diamonds:~ We very rarely get asked for a refund, a claim that few companies can make.  We ensure this by meeting our customers discerning requirements - every time.  However, should a client ever wish to return a piece of jewellery, or are not happy with their diamond engagement ring, Monroe Yorke Diamonds offers their 100% guarantee.  For more details of this guarantee of delight, visit their online showroom on

    So, with a 100% Guarantee set in stone and the most exquisite diamond craftsmanship available in Australia, you have nothing to lose.  Here are some examples of their superb designs to whet your appetite:~



    MADELEINE - 3 ROWS OF DIAMONDS 0.53CT 18K ~ $2,795.00

  • Buying Your Precious Diamond On the Internet

    Having face to face contact with a company you're purchasing from is becoming less and less important with the dawning of a new customer - those who buy over the internet.  Our mothers and fathers and beyond, have had to join a revolution in buying and customer service. It would seem that retail outlets that we have come to know and love have accepted that many people prefer to sit in the comfort of their own homes and simply click to buy.

    In the beginning, we nervously stuck our toe in the water, buying books from Amazon, or gradually realising that there's no need to join the crush in the busy times at the supermarket.  We can simply order whatever we want online, and let other people pack and deliver for us.  Absolute bliss!

    In the 21st Century, we're now used to buying high end products on the internet, such as diamonds, diamond jewellery - diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.  This is because companies like My Diamonds, have realised it doesn't matter how your customer chooses their purchase, they still require the same, exemplary customer service they've been shown in the past.

    My Diamonds has flourished - using the internet to bring their diamond collections into the public consciousness, and are now one of the foremost diamond internet retailers in Australia.

    The most important point that most people will consider when buying over the internet is security.  Is it really secure for me to spend a not insubstantial amount of money with someone over the other side of the country, who I've never spoken to?  The answer, at least with My Diamonds is a resounding 'yes'!

    Once you've decided which exquisite diamond engagement ring you wish to purchase from My Diamonds, we advise you to read the diamond knowledge articles on the site, and on this, the My Diamonds blog.  It will cover points such as

    * Engagement ring guidance *Diamond related topics * Conflict Free Diamonds and the Kimberley Process * Custom Made Jewellery * and the My Diamonds 100% Guarantee of Excellence and Quality.

    And of course, if you prefer to speak to a My Diamonds diamond specialist before you make your purchase, telephone 1300 66 55 20.

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