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  • Even More Diamonds for us to Love!



    One of the most famous diamond mines in the world, Rio Tinto, increased its diamond production to 4.158 million carats in the third quarter of 2013, up 12 percent year on year. Following the full commissioning of the Argyle underground mine in Western Australia in April 2013, the growth in production was instigated by an increase in the amount of processing of higher grade ore.

    A rise of 26% in production at Argyle to 3.085 million carats was enjoyed during the quarter with the amount of ore processed; 2.088 million tonnes, up 20 percent.

    Rio Tinto's production at the Canada-based Diavik mine fell 13 percent to 1.003 million carats due to a lower grade ore mined during the quarter.  Rio Tinto owns a 60% stake in the mine.  It also owns a 78% stake in the Zimbabwe mine, Murowa, its share of production declining to 70,000 carats, or 24%

    Rio Tinto’s total diamond production rose 17 percent to 11.529 million carats during the first nine months of the year. Production at Diavik dropped 3 percent to 3.106 million carats during the nine months while production at the Argyle mine, famous for the Argyle pink diamond rose 27% to 8.205 million carats. The company's share of production at Murowa rose 1 percent to 217,000 carats.

    The expectation is for Rio Tinto to mine 15.7 million carats of diamonds in 2013 compared to 13.122 million carats recovered from their mines last year.

  • Angelina Jolie ~ An Absolute Jewel

    In 2006, Angelina Jolie founded the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.  She has recently teamed up with Beverly Hills-based Jeweller, Robert Procop to start the Angelina Jolie Jewellery Charity fund to support her extensive work to improve the lives of children living in poverty around the world.


    The Style of Jolie is a jewellery collection for people who not only admire and covet beautiful jewellery but who also have social conscience as far as helping children who have very little in their lives.

     “The evolutionary process for these designs was captured by the use of storyboards chronicling the creative journey we took of exploring different shapes and inspiring us toward sharp dramatic lines and soft curves,” says Procop. “The selection of a tablet shape gem was initially based on the idea of engraving a stone with a message and from there it evolved into shapes that echo that symbolism.”

    With emeralds the main focus of the collection, the gems used in the designer jewellery are the most important aspect.


    “We selected only the finest gems using Colombian-sourced emeralds of the highest quality,” comments Procop. “By making the gemstone the main focus of the design, we feel the simplicity of each piece becomes timeless. When you look at it, you recognize it as The Style of Jolie.”

    The sale of this exquisite jewellery is not only bringing pleasure to the wearer.  Recently the project funded a two-storey all girls school-house in the Qala-i-Gudar region of Afghanistan.  There are plans for a second school in a to be selected location, each school funded by proceeds from 'The Style of Jolie.'


    There is excitement in Botswana as the government owned Okovango Diamond Company begin to auction diamonds in their home country instead of Europe as in previous auctions.  De Beers, which is part owner of the mine will also be moving sales operations to Gaborone.

    Botswana has long held the view that diamonds mined from the country should be processed and sold from where the diamonds were sourced.  In a move to facilitate the smooth running of operations, De Beers moved from London, where its rough stone sorting operation has traditionally been carried out, to Botswana.

    The auction will last for about two weeks, and currently there are a dozen diamond buyers from around the world perusing the diamonds on offer.  This is a very big move for the country and will provide many jobs for locals, as well as experienced personnel from De Beers relocating to Botswana - great for the local economy.

    The long term plan is for Botswana to become a hub of the diamond industry, such as Tel Aviv and Antwerp, continuing even if and when the diamond mines eventually close. After De Beers' relocation they expect to sell within the region of $6million worth of diamonds of Gaborone.

    Philippe Mellier, chief executive of De Beers, who own Debswana, the country's main diamond company with Botswana said, "moving diamond sales was part of a deal agreed with the government of Botswana.  It's a global movement of big scale for the diamond business.  If you migrate $500m-$600m per month of sales of diamonds - that's a big move and at the scale of Botswana that's a very big move and certainly a move of significant scale for southern Africa."

    Rob Young from the BBC World Service, Gaborone, says, "The auction is going to be small, but its symbolism is huge. It should earn more money for Botswana than the previous system. The diamonds which are being sold were mined in Botswana and are being sold by Botswana. For decades, the auctions have taken place in Europe. Staff from diamond giant DeBeers in London are also relocating to Gaborone, and locals are being trained and employed. Soon, DeBeers will sell about $6bn worth of the precious stones annually in Gaborone; that is the equivalent of a third of the size of the economy.It has seen by those in power as the beginning of "bringing the diamonds home. There is excitement among many here, especially the business community which hopes to benefit from a related economic boom." 

  • Is It Safe to Buy Diamonds Online?

    A few years ago, buying diamonds online would have been unheard of, if not frowned upon.  Although it may appear to be risky, buying from a well-known, professional organisation like My Diamonds means you are now able to safely purchase the most amazing diamonds at the very best prices.


    The diamond collections at My Diamonds, means you will find the most exquisitely crafted diamonds from large inventories.  The specialists at My Diamonds are passionate about diamonds and are extremely knowledgeable.  They are happy to pass this knowledge on to you to ensure you find the diamond of your dreams.


    Internet pricing is highly competitive between online retailers and traditional jewellery stores in the mall.  However, My Diamonds goes beyond competition, simply because their intricate designs are crafted by diamond artisans just for My Diamonds.  Their designs and the quality of the craftsmanship goes above and beyond.


    My Diamonds have a 100% 14 Day Guarantee.  If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you may return it as long as it is in sent condition i.e. unworn, and with all packaging intact.  They also have a stream of testimonials from delighted customers who return to them again and again.


    Go to for the full story of how to buy your diamond safely online.  Or, telephone 1300-66-55-20 and speak with one of their diamond specialists.

  • 2013 Engagement News

    As expected, the New Year saw some high profile celebrity engagements.  Reese Witherspoon and John Toth celebrated with this gorgeous diamond engagement ring, designed by William Goldberg with Ashoka diamonds
    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian celebrated their engagement with a 5 carat oval cut engagement ring set in rose gold with single-cut pave diamonds. from the jeweller Brent Polacheck.
    and...Hugh Hefner has found the love of his life in Crystal Harris, a 24 year old Playboy Bunny.  84 year old, Hefner, proposed on 24th December. with a round brilliant cut 3 carat diamond.  Ahh!

  • It's Nearly NEW YEAR at My Diamonds

    It's that time again ,when everyone is considering their New Year's Resolutions.  Of course, at My Diamonds, we would recommend that one of your resolutions should be to buy and wear as many diamonds as possible:Not only are they a good investment, but they look sensational.

    Market forces over the last two or three years have made the market place for diamonds difficult, which is no different to any other world commodity, but our long-term love affair with these fabulous precious gems has prevented them falling too low in the sparkling firmament.  Consumers are still buying diamonds because we love them.  2013 will still see plenty of diamond sales, due to the upsurge in engagements and weddings.  Celebrities too are doing their bit to buoy up the diamond market by publicizing their purchases of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands.

    Although diamond prices have remained at historically elevated levels, in the first three months of the year diamond prices declined.  This proved to create stability in the diamond market, rather than some of the unprecedented highs shown in previous years records.  Certainly, the diamond industry was in much better shape than in the same months of 2011, so the outlook is set positive.

    Many retailers are bullish about the future of the industry, stating that the industry has met targets and looks set fair for 2013.

    Positive thinking seems to be the key.  The Diamond Jubilee in the UK saw many investors keen to be part of the celebration by purchasing high quality diamonds that will certainly retain their value. Prices are set to rise in 2013 so a purchase now could be pertinent.

    A major key to success is customer service.  The savvy purchaser knows that to succeed, higher quality diamonds is the way forward.  Many purchasers in the West prefer larger, less high quality stones.  A turnaround in this thinking could save the day and investors are certainly aware of this.  It's really up to diamond retailers to make sure their customer service is second to none.

    Go to the diamond collection pages of My Diamonds and choose your favourite design or favourite loose diamonds.  Contact My Diamonds and experience for yourself the high standard of customer service they offer.  It is second to none!

  • The Perfect Christmas Present ~ The $12 million dollar, 150 carat Diamond Wedding Dress

    Are you and your loved one planning to get married in 2013?  Then look no further.  My Diamonds have found the perfect wedding dress - the Martin Katz and Renee Strauss designed diamond wedding dress ~ all for the tiny sum of $12,000,000.  Come on, you know you want to!
    The dress designer and the diamond connoisseur got together to create the most expensive wedding dress ever made, this $12,000,000 stunner, with diamonds laced throughout the dress.  As you can see from the photograph above the stones are gorgeous, and in fact not only adorn the most expensive dress, but the finished wedding dress is exquisite.

    This beautiful dress has not yet been sold, so if you're looking for a very special Christmas present for your loved one, or you're just making you're Christmas list for Santa, this is the wedding dress for you.

    Of course when there's a wedding there must be diamond wedding bands to go with it, and with a stunning dress like this, you'll only desire the very best.  Here are some sparkling ideas from My Diamonds.

    Boston Diamond Wedding / Anniversary Ring -18k 0.27ct

    The eternal wedding and anniversary ring with nine stunning round brilliant cut diamonds elegantly claw set along the top of the ring. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)

    Number of Diamonds: 9
    Total diamond weight: 0.27 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Saba Diamond Wedding / Anniversary Ring - Platinum 0.56ct

    The everlasting ring of diamonds in platinum.  A wedding and anniversary ring with stunning round brilliant cut diamonds elegantly claw set right around the band. Design consists of diamonds set right to the edge of the band where no metal is visible.

    Number of Diamonds: approx. 28 (depending on ring size)
    Approx. diamond weight: 0.56 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

    Polo Two Rows of Diamonds 18k 0.36ct

    A classic wedding band with 36 stunning diamonds claw set into two rows. 18k white gold setting and band (or yellow gold)

    Number of Diamonds: 36
    Total diamond weight: 0.36 carats (G colour, VS clarity)

  • Diamond Portfolio Sale in Singapore ~ Diamonds A Solid Investment

    Marilyn Monroe sang, 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' and it would seem that she was absolutely right all those years ago.  The value of diamonds is set to rocket if you believe Shlomo Tidhar, the CEO of SDX, the Singapore Diamond Exchange. It has been reported on the BBC'S Asia Business Report that diamonds are a solid investment. They say:~

    "Throughout the world, diamonds are widely recognised as symbols of distinguished status. As global economies evolve and portfolios diversify, these precious gems have come to be considered as an alternative investment asset class.

    In the past decade, polished diamonds have witnessed growing consumer demand, predominantly from China, India and Russia. At the same time, global rough diamond supplies are contracting. These two opposing forces are leading to continued long-term price increases of diamonds of all sizes.

    At Singapore Diamond Exchange, we have developed a uniquely different approach to helping you source and manage these precious assets. Drawing on our collective expertise and strategic alliances, we offer a unique opportunity to invest in diamonds at wholesale prices as an alternative investment asset class for medium to long-term periods."

    All of this will be fantastic news for those of us who have always considered diamonds to be a real investment.  Many diamond portfolios are being sold due to the downturn and although recently the price of a diamond has decreased, there is a sign that diamond prices will hold their own and indeed, increase in price.

    At My Diamonds we have always held the view that the diamond is the most beautiful and unique investment you can buy.  But a diamond should not just be seen as an investment.  We carry a scintillating, breath taking collection of diamonds, either loose diamonds to be made in to stunning engagement rings, or in pre-designed jewellery, crafted by our in-house artisan jeweller.  By all means purchase diamonds as an investment, but for wedding rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and diamond gifts, they are very difficult to beat.  Their sparkle and flash of brilliance will remind you just how beautiful they really are.  A diamond says 'forever'.

  • The 4Cs ~ The CLARITY of Your Diamond

    In most diamonds there are tiny imperfections - most of which are not obvious to the naked eye, but will be graded by Diamond Clarity Grading carried out by gemologists.  My Diamonds diamonds are graded by GIA or HRD, diamond grading laboratories that provide certification of quality for all of the diamonds My Diamonds offer their customers.

    The clarity grade is the number and size of these tiny imperfections, many of which can only be seen under a microscope, and will in no way affect the beauty of the diamond to the naked eye.

    Diamond laboratories will refer to the imperfections as inclusions, or blemishes.  If you're unsure about your chosen diamond, a My Diamonds professional diamond specialist is always on hand to guide you through diamond clarity grading.  Below is a diagram designed to explain how a diamond is graded:~


    Of course, those with an F - IF grading will be considered a much higher quality stone and therefore a customer will expect to pay more.  At the other end of the scale, an I1 - I3 grading will be a much more affordable stone.  The middle grades are more usual.  If you have any question about diamond clarity, please don't hesitate to call My Diamonds, one of Australia's foremost diamond retailers on 1300 55 66 20, where a diamond specialists will guide you to the diamond that's perfect for you.

  • Certified Diamonds. Why So Important?

    Although you may think the contrary, buying diamonds online is the best way to purchase your dream diamond engagement ring.  You may be wondering why.

    The answer is that all diamonds offered on line are certified.  When you go to your local mall it's quite possible many of the diamonds you see have not been certified by a gemmologist or diamond grading laboratory.  Yes,those little beauties sparkle and scintillate in the mall lights, but do you actually know anything about the diamond in your diamond engagement ring - the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat weight - commonly known in the diamond industry as the 4Cs of gemmology.  My Diamonds, a renowned and trusted diamond retailer in Australia, offer their customers only diamonds that have gone though the certification process with GIA orHRD, diamond grading laboratories.

    This part of the diamond purchasing process is so important that My Diamonds assert in their Diamond Knowledge base, that you should always expect to receive a grading certificate with your diamond, whether a loose diamond for a custom design or a diamond mounted in a pre designed diamond engagement ring.

    The 4Cs will tell you most of the points you need to know when purchasing your engagement ring.  The cut, for example will be graded on the skill of the diamond cutter, not the shape of the diamond- the colour will be graded from accepted diamond colour grades as shown below:~

    - the clarity will be graded by the nature of the diamond:

    - the cut grade:~

    - and of course, the carat weight:~

    This is essential knowledge when buying your dream diamond.  We'll cover the 4Cs in more detail in our next posts.  Enjoy you diamond!

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