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Tag Archives: Fancy coloured diamonds

  • Rio Tinto looks to sell home of the Pink Diamond

    The Argyle Diamonds Mine has had 2.2 billion dollars of expansion by Rio Tinto.  The Argyle Mine is home to that exquisite and rare diamond the Argyle Pink and it's hoping that this, along with the huge investment made will make the mine attractive to potential buyers.

    The Rio Tinto Argyle mine is in the Kimberley in Northern Western Australia,  The expansion and investment increases its life to 2020 meaning diamonds can be mined there for at least another 20 years.  The pinks are so rare they contribute to just a fraction of the diamond haul from the Argyle mines every year - a pink 1ct diamond can command a price of $1 million to $2 million dollars.  These are put into tender and offered to diamond collectors all over the world.

    Rio Tinto are selling mines in Canada and Zimbabwe as well as Australia, trying to shave 5 billion dollars of costs from its operation as commodity prices continue to fluctuate.  They are currently talking to potential buyers as the outlook for the mine is very positive and also considering floating the mine, which will be worth about $2 billion dollars to Rio Tinto.

    So if you fancy owning a few more beauties like the one above, you'll have to dig deep into those pockets.  Maybe this years birthday present?

  • Coloured Diamonds ~ Part 1

    The most popular colour of diamond to date is a diamond with no colour. This is the information sent out by millions of purchasers over the last decade in their choice of the colourless diamond for diamond engagement rings and other jewellery.  And this is a truism when referring to the white diamond.  However, there is a trend emerging of choosing fancy coloured diamonds for jewellery.  Much of this is celebrity driven, but My Diamonds would like to present a range of coloured diamonds for you to consider, and why they are the colour they are.

    Natural fancy coloured diamonds occur when various trace minerals and elements are present within the earth when the stones are formed.  The colour can range from pink to black - blue to yellow.  These stunning diamonds are often very expensive because of their rarity,  The Argyle Pink being one of the most famous.  Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are fancy coloured diamonds and below you will find some extra information on those colours and the famous stones known for each specific colour.

    THE BLACK DIAMOND ~ Minute inclusions and clustering of carbon through the stone render this exquisite gem black. Although they are opaque they still have a fantastic brilliance and display the amazing lustre that is almost unique to diamonds. The Black Star of Africa is the most famous black diamond, weighing a massive 202 carat and thought to be the largest coloured diamond in the world.

    PINK DIAMONDS ~ The colour pink is achieved as a result of a crystal lattice defect during the formation of the diamond giving the stone a soft pastel pink colour. The most famous of pink diamonds is the Agra diamond weighing 32.34 carats and is owned by the SIBA Corporation who also owns the yellow Allnatt diamond.

    BLUE DIAMONDS ~ The colour in a blue diamond is due to the element boron which changes the conductivity of the diamond. The most famous blue diamond and perhaps the most famous diamond of them all is the Hope Diamond which was cut from The French Blue Diamond when it was stolen in 1762. The Hope Diamond is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington where it has been on display since 1958.

    Next Post...Green Yellow and Red Diamonds!


  • Most Expensive Diamonds ~ The Heart of Eternity ~ No.8

    Worth $16,000,000, THE HEART OF ETERNITY is No. 8 on the list of most expensive diamonds.  This superb diamond is just as its name denotes - a heart shaped Fancy Vivid Blue diamond which weighs 5.528 grams and 27.64 carats as graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

    A fabulous and romantic diamond as one would expect, the Heart of Eternity was cut by the Steinmetz Group who owned the diamond before selling to the De Beers Group.

    Some diamonds are just meant to be more exquisite than others and the Heart of Eternity is just that.  It is reported to have been found in the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa.

    This particular type of Blue diamond (known as Type11b) account for less than 0.1% of Fancy coloured diamonds sourced from the Premier Mine, the only mine in the world known for producing a noteable source of blue diamonds.

    The Heart of Eternity is part of De Beers Millennium Jewels collection.  This collection also includes the Millennium Star.  This spectacular collection of blue diamonds totals 118 carats (23.6g) and was displayed at The Millenium Dome in London in the UK.

    On the 7th November 2000, an attempt was made to steal the collection.  Happily this was foiled.  Rumour has it that the Heart of Eternity was sold to a private collector after being exhibited at the Millenium Dome.



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