World’s 3rd Largest diamond found in June 2021 and within weeks new larger diamond takes its place.

World’s 3rd Largest diamond found in June 2021 and within weeks new larger diamond takes its place.

Covid times has unearthed some of the largest diamonds ever discovered.  In June 2021 Debswana Diamonds Co. in Botswana unearthed a truly one-of-a-kind diamond.  A massive 1,098 carat diamond that was believed to be the third largest diamond ever discovered in the world, only behind the famous 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond discovered in South Africa in 1905 and the 1,109 carat Lesedi la Rona discovered in Botswana in 2015.  The Lesedi le Rona was sold for US$53 million (AU$75 million).


,109 carat Lesedi la Rona diamond discovered in 2015
1,109 carat Lesedi la Rona diamond discovered in 2015.


This new 1,098 carat diamond measures 73 x 52 x 27 mm.  This is a large stone by any measure, about the size of a lemon.

The stone was presented to President of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi by Debswana Diamond Company's acting managing director Lynette Armstrong.  "This is the largest diamond to be recovered by Debswana in its history of over 50 years in operation," Armstrong said.

The people of Botwana will benefit from this diamond as the Botswana government will receive as much as 80% of the income from the sale of the diamond through dividends, taxes and royalties.  

The diamond is yet to be named.


New 3rd Largest Diamond – 1,174 carat

1,174 carat rough diamond, 3rd largest diamond ever discovered in the world
1,174 carat rough diamond, 3rd largest diamond ever discovered in the world.

The discovery of the above 1,098 carat was reported around mid June 2021.  A week later a new larger diamond was discovered again in Botswana, this time at the Lucara’s Korowe Diamond Mine.  The new diamond weighs 1,174 carats. So within a week this 1,174 carat diamond has taken the mantle of the world’s third largest diamond.  This discovery was reported by Lucara Diamonds on the 22nd of June 2021.

This diamond measures 77 x 55 x 33 mm.

This diamond is described as a cleavage stone of varying quality.  It has large areas of high quality white gem material within it.

Along with the 1,174 carat diamond several other larger diamonds of similar appearance were also discovered.  471 carat, 218 carat and 159 carat.  This indicates that the 1,174 carat and these other diamonds were once part of a larger diamond.  It is estimated this larger diamond weighed over 2,000 carats.

It is stated that during Korowe’s diamond mine's 11 day production in June which unearthed the 1,174 carat diamond, several other high quality white diamonds were discovered.  Imaged below, these were 148 carats, 90 carats, 88 carats and 67 carats.

Lucara Diamonds Large Rough Diamonds Discovered 148ct, 88ct, 86ct, 67ct
Other large rough diamonds discovered on the same day, believed to be part of a larger diamond weighing over 2000 carats.  


Korowe diamond mine is a rich source of large high quality white diamonds.  17.5% of the diamonds recovered from this mine are larger than 10.8 carats.

So far this year (2021) Korowe Mine has uncovered several other high quality gems up to 150 carats and 5 diamonds larger than 300 carats and 12 stones larger than 100 carats.

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