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Design your own jewellery

Build your own jewellery


Jewellery design might be a disappearing art, but not at Monroe Yorke Diamonds. Here you can still get unique pieces that don't cost more. The finest handmade jewellery designed to make you shine. Jewellery is a very personal thing. So your engagement ring, wedding band or other fine jewellery should be a reflection of you ... and your passion. Only custom jewellery design achieves that.

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Why use Build your own jewellery


There are many reasons individuals and couples choose bespoke jewellery design. Monroe Yorke Diamonds master jewellers are skilled and experienced creating glamorous handmade jewellery that:

- expresses your individuality

- reflects the commitment of couples

 - fits absolutely perfectly ... man, woman or child

Bespoke jewellery design is ideal for matching new or vintage engagement rings. Perhaps you'd like to use the diamonds from a family heirloom. Or maybe you just want to stand out from the crowd. Some people even have special needs, like big knuckles, that simply require custom jewellery design. With bespoke jewellery design you'll also enjoy complete freedom to highlight the diamonds of your choice.

Who creates a Custom jewellery


Combining insight, experience and technique, it is Monroe Yorke Diamonds master jewellers who sculpt raw materials into a bespoke jewellery design as unique as you. From setting shimmering diamonds to crafting your wedding band, engagement ring or other jewellery, our exacting handmade jewellery standard will surpass your expectations. Contact Monroe Yorke Diamonds today to arrange a complementary master jeweller consultation for your very own custom jewellery design.