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Building Your Unique Engagement Ring with MY Diamonds

Building Your Unique Engagement Ring with Monroe Yorke Diamonds

If you are about to design and build your own unique engagement ring, then you are to be envied indeed.

Many couple choose to design their own diamond creations and the Monroe Yorke Diamonds Jewellery Building Experience is the one they will choose.  The reasons that they have chosen to design their own jewellery can be very varied.

  • You may wish to express your individuality.
  • You may want to be totally sure that your ring fits perfectly and is made only for you.
  • You may feel that designing a ring together reflects the total commitment that you have to each other.

Some clients may want to incorporate family diamonds into the ring. They may be of a vintage style or taken from a piece of jewellery that is important in the family.

The MY Diamonds Experience

At MY Diamonds, the professional diamond specialists are trained to fulfil your every requirement when it comes to designing your own unique piece. You will be encouraged to put forward as many ideas as possible. Then, with the guidance of our artisan master craftsman you will be guided on the journey to create your own unique engagement ring or diamonds jewellery.

The MY Diamonds Range of Loose Diamonds

At you will see their special loose diamond selection from which you can choose your diamonds. Alternatively, you may wish to use diamonds from a family heirloom or inherited piece. Our master craftsmen will advise you on how to celebrate and display those diamonds in the best possible way.

Alternatively, you may be looking for fancy coloured diamonds, or even the very fashionable black diamond which will be sourced by MY Diamonds and matched perfectly to your requirements.

Below is the selection of cuts that are available to you on :~

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond

Heart Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Diamond

The MY Diamonds Master Craftsmen Jewellers

The MY Diamonds Master Jewellers have decades of unique experience between them. They take the high quality raw materials, your own designs and ideas and craft them into the most fabulous and exquisite engagement ring, wedding band, earrings or pendants.

They will use only the highest quality materials, the most exacting standards and the most innovative methods.

To discover how you too can own your own unique diamond jewellery contact MY Diamonds, on 1300 66 55 20 and begin an exciting journey that you will never forget.