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Looking for the diamond of your dreams?

This diamond search connects you directly with quality loose diamond sources worldwide. Most days you’ll find over 150,000 certified loose diamonds available right here. Simply make a selection to buy your diamond wholesale through Monroe Yorke Diamonds.

Basic diamond search

Astute diamond buyers not only insist on conflict free diamonds. They get some diamond education too. To display more detail, try finding loose diamonds using the advanced diamond search. See diamond quality facts (4Cs) to quickly see and compare matching loose diamonds.

There’s also extra detail like whether you are viewing an inscribed or certified diamond.

Advanced diamond search

For help choosing that perfect loose diamond or superb master crafted jewellery, call Monroe Yorke Diamonds on 1300 66 55 20 to talk to a diamond expert.
** We will match any price for a certified diamond

Diamond Education

Visit our diamond education section to learn about the factors that contribute to diamond quality and how they are evaluated during diamond certification.

Expert Guidance

Our diamond experts are available to assist and guide you on 1300 66 55 20 or via our chat function below to help you find that perfect diamond.

Quality and Excellence

Our gemmologists inspect all our diamonds before shipment to ensure that our products meet your highest standards of quality and excellence.

Ethical Diamonds

Monroe Yorke Diamonds is in compliance with the Kimberly Process and all UN Security Council resolutions and we guarantee that all out diamonds are conflict free.

Custom Diamond Search

Need help? A Monroe Yorke Diamonds diamond expert can prepare a customised diamond list for you.

Preset Engagement Rings

Monroe Yorke Diamonds makes your engagement ring selection process easy with our preset engagement rings. Each ring is completed with a preset premium quality GIA certified center diamond that has been selected by our gemmologists.