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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Buying Guide

Before buying your diamond, no matter how alluring that scintillating sparkle seems to your eye, it is advisable to educate yourself with regard to the 4Cs of diamonds, the standard that reputable diamond retailers use to ensure that the diamonds they source for you are of an extremely high quality.

The 4Cs represent Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. These standards are not only used to assess a diamonds quality but also it's value. To learn about the 4Cs and what it means to you, go to our Diamond Education section on

If you ask a diamond retailer to choose the most important element of a diamond, he may very well say that Cut determines the diamond. It is this element that optimises the fire and brilliance of the diamond.

Your chosen diamond may well have an excellent colour grade or good clarity, but if the cutter has not cut the stone to it's best advantage, it will not emanate that sparkle that we all love. At My Diamonds we would recommend that our customers look for a diamond with a 'good' or better cut grade

To assess a diamond's quality, clarity and colour are also important elements. The colour grade will determine the amount of colour the diamond has, or more accurately, doesn't have. The less colour within the stone, the higher the colour grade.

My Diamond recommends that when purchasing that all important diamond for your engagement ring, where the diamond is the most important part of the piece, a colour grade of 'H' or if possible higher would be very acceptable. For other types of jewellery such as diamond earrings or pendants will still provide beauty if a slightly lower colour grade is chosen.

To a grading laboratory such as GIA, AGS or HRD, the Clarity grade is an important part of the diamonds properties. This is because a diamond is examined under a 10x magnification to show any inclusions or imperfections within the stone.

To the purchaser, they may not be as important unless of course you are a collector. For most purchasers, an inclusion will not detract from the visible quality of a diamond because most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye (looking at diamond without magnification).

A clarity grade of 'VS2', with very small inclusions, so infinitesimal that they are not noticeable will be a very acceptable clarity grade. For those will a slightly lower budget, the 'SI1' and SI2' grades offer purchasers very good value for money. Any diamond that has inclusions or imperfections that are visible to the naked eye will have a Clarity grade lower than 'SI2'.

In rare occasions, some diamonds in the Clarity Grades of 'SI1' and 'SI2' also have inclusions visible to the naked eye (not eye clean). Speak with a professional diamond specialist at My Diamonds on 1300 66 55 20 before purchasing an 'SI1' or 'SI2' clarity diamond. The My Diamonds staff will ensure that the diamond you purchase is completely eye clean.

The size of your budget will certainly determine the size of your diamond, however you can achieve a larger diamond by foregoing the higher grades of Cut, Colour and Clarity. Although it is important to read the My Diamonds Diamond Education, it is there to advise you and your choice of diamond will naturally be governed by your personal taste.

Diamond Shapes

The shape of the diamond you choose will also be to your own taste. There are many exquisite diamond shapes to choose from, such as the very popular brilliant cut (round) or the stunning princess (square) cut. Other shapes on are oval, emerald, pear, cushion, heart, asscher, marquise, radiant and trilliant. For more information regarding diamond shapes, click here :~

Diamond Certificates

At My Diamonds, we stress the importance of the diamond grading certificate that accompanies each diamond. This is the certification that verifies the grades and other information that has been attributed to the diamond

Each certificate should have been awarded by an independant diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, AGS or HRD and all reputable diamond retailers will explain this to you. This means that your chosen diamond has been graded by an unbiased source.

Whilst the certificate is important, research about the laboratories that are used by reputable dealers would not go amiss. There are a number of laboratories that supply certification. Make sure you know which ones are the most reputable.

All My Diamonds diamonds over 0.50ct are accompanied with an independent certificate from highly respected diamond grading laboratories, namely:~

  • GIA (Gemmalogical Institute of America)
  • HRD Antwerp
  • AGS (American Gemmological Society)
  • IGI (International Gemmological Institute.

My Diamonds do not sell diamonds graded from other laboratories that tend to have lower drading standards.

Diamond Prices Explained

If you purchase a diamond from a brick and mortar retail jeweller, it is likely that you will pay a much higher price than from a direct supplier such as My Diamonds. A retailer selling from a shop will have overheads to cover, such as rent, staff costs and advertising. These costs will be passed on to you, the customer.

My Diamonds is not only a diamond wholesaler, but also uses the services of a master jeweller who crafts jewellery exclusively for us. We source and sell loose diamonds and offer customers artisan jeweller craftsmanship in all of our pre-designed jewellery.

Our prices are extremely competitive, so you can always be sure that you are getting value for money. GST is always included in our prices. Some diamond wholesalers 'forget' to quote GST which is illegal practice and very misleading for you, the customer.

You can be sure that when you find the diamond of your dreams at My Diamonds, everything is included along with our excellent customer service, dedicated to finding your perfect diamond.

Planning Your Budget

Deciding on how much you wish to spend on your diamond is the best way to optimise the opportunity of finding the very best diamond that you can buy. This is the rule of thumb to use. Then you can begin to look at the quality of the diamond you can afford. Decide on a budget that fits in with your lifestyle and that you are comfortable with, then go to My Diamonds Here you will find a collection of loose diamonds or pre-designed jewellery that will take your breath away. My Diamonds are experts. Their staff will provide you with customer service that is second to none and their jewellery mastercraftsman designs exquisite diamond jewellery.

If you decide to design your own engagement ring or diamond jewellery, look no further. The My Diamonds experience is waiting for you. Just call us on 1300 66 55 20 and speak with one of our professionals. Your journey begins here!

Why wait any longer to see their superb collections? Go to or call 1300 66 55 20 where you will receive top customer service and a choice of diamond jewellery to die for!