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Many of our customers at Monroe Yorke Diamonds are looking for one of the most important diamond purchases they will ever make. Their engagement ring. This raises a lot of questions from clients, so please find the Monroe Yorke Diamonds Guide ~ How to Buy an Engagement Ring below.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide




Whether you are buying a loose diamond or one that is already pre-set in gold or platinum, there are certain choices that you will have to make to ensure that the chosen diamond or finished product is the one that you desired.

You will need to consider the shape of your diamond i.e. Brilliant (round), princess or pear or from the myriad others; the colour, the clarity grade and whether the size (or carat weight) will complement her hand. We suggest that you read 'How to Buy a Diamond', a guide written especially to help you make the most desirable choice of diamond for you. We also have the Diamond Education section of this website which is a comprehensive guide to everything 'diamond'.

Calais Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring



The design of your engagement ring is utterly important. It will be accompanying you all your life and you will have to be comfortable with your choice. This piece of jewellery will last an eternity and at Monroe Yorke Diamonds, we have an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings to thrill you. Click to see our exquisite designs.

We can also custom design and create a unique ring for you. If you have a specific idea or have seen a design you like, please get in contact with us and we will custom design a ring to your specific needs.

Monroe Yorke Diamonds are a manufacturing jeweller, a rarity in today's mechanised world. It means that all of our unique and exquisite jewellery is created in house to exceptionally high standards using quality materials.

Emeral Cut Halo Engagement Ring Monroe Yorke


Choice of Metal

As with your diamond, the choice of metal for your ring is governed by personal taste. Favoured metals are platinum, and white and yellow gold. Gold and platinum are enduring substances and are perfect for jewellery that will last a lifetime. Read more --->

Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring




The shape of the diamond you choose will also be to your own taste. There are many exquisite diamond shapes to choose from, such as the very popular brilliant cut (round) or the stunning princess (square). Read more --->

Cushion Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring on Finger


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