Why should we buy your diamond from Monroe Yorke Diamonds?

Monroe Yore Diamonds is one of Australia's leading and most trusted jewellers and diamond dealers. Monroe Yorke Diamonds is a respected and trusted member of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). As a respected JAA member, be assured that you are working with one of the most knowledgeable and dependable jewellery retail specialists in Australia.

We also offer our clients one of the most eclectic collections of diamonds and diamond jewellery in the market today. We are also fortunate to work with Australian jewellery and diamond artisans, who have years of experience, ensuring that the jewellery you buy from Monroe Yorke Diamonds, is of the very highest quality.

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?
I want to have my piece of diamond jewellery custom made. Can Monroe Yorke Diamonds do this for me?
How can I be assured that the diamond I have chosen and paid for will be the one I receive?
How can I find my ring size?
Are diamond prices negotiable?
After I have made my purchase, how long before I receive my chosen piece of diamond jewellery?
Why do diamond prices differ from one day to the next?
Do you offer a cash discount on purchases?
Does Monroe Yorke Diamonds provide warranties on their diamonds and jewellery?
How do I make a return if I need to?
Are GST, shipping, insurance and delivery charges included in the quoted price?
When I receive my engagement ring or diamond, how will Monroe Yorke Diamonds have packaged it?
Will I receive the original diamond certificate with my diamond?
Are the diamonds or jewellery I purchase, insured?
What if I want to keep the purchase a surprise?
I live outside of Australia. Can I still purchase my diamonds from you?
Can my diamond be laser inscribed?
Can I view the diamond before it is set in a ring?
Can you resize my ring?
Do you sell fancy coloured diamonds?
Does Monroe Yorke Diamonds sell uncertified diamonds?
Can you deliver to an address other than my billing address?
What is the best way to contact you?
Where can I learn more about diamonds and how to purchase them safely?
How long does it take for a diamond specialist to get back to me when I submit a request online?
What are the standard metals used in Australia in jewellery making?
What is a master jeweller?
Why is it important to have an independent valuation carried out on my diamond/jewellery?
Does Monroe Yorke Diamonds offer payment plans?
What kind of service can I expect from Monroe Yorke Diamonds?