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Quality jewellery that outshine your budget

Quality jewellery that outshine your budget


We hold the very highest standards of quality and value. We use the finest materials and artisan master jewellers to design jewellery that is truly exceptional. We are confident that you will be delighted, not only with your unique choice of diamond jewellery, but also with our second to none customer service.

You are the most important person in our diamond retailer to client relationship, and you have total control over your diamond jewellery and your buying experience.


The Monroe Yorke Diamonds 100% Money Back Guarantee


To date, we have not had one dissatisfied client, however we recognise that problems can arise occasionally . We will ensure that they are resolved 100% fairly. As a client you will have the security and confidence of the Monroe Yorke Diamonds 100% Money Back Guarantee. Please read about our unique


Monroe Yorke Diamonds


All of our diamonds are graded by independent diamond grading laboratories, such as GIA, whose grading standards meet stringent guidelines. We do not sell diamonds that have not been graded, and on purchase, you will receive the diamond grading certificate that is unique to your particular diamond. Go to our Diamond Education section and read


Monroe Yorke Diamonds Specialists


The professional diamond specialists who will take your initial call, have an in depth knowledge and understanding of diamonds, their grading, quality and unique details. They will delight in guiding you through the process of selecting the perfect diamond or diamond jewellery... for you.