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Diamond Education

Diamond Education from Monroe Yorke Diamonds


Choosing the Perfect Diamond for You


Buying your diamond at probably a memorable and significant time in your life, such as an engagement or wedding, can be mystifying and overwhelming. Monroe Yorke Diamonds knows that 'Diamond Education' is the key to finding the perfect diamond or diamond jewellery, so we have designed our Education section to meet your needs.

You can be assured that every diamond from Monroe Yorke Diamonds has undergone laboratory grading and evaluation. We will explain the information on Diamond Grading Certificates and how diamonds are graded and what this means to you as a purchaser.

In the following pages, you will find that your questions about diamonds and their characteristics will be answered. We demystify the "4Cs", that exclusive and essential grading for every diamond and hold your hand on your exciting journey to finding...the perfect diamond from Monroe Yorke Diamonds.


The shape of a diamond is probably the first consideration when buying your diamond. Personal taste will guide you towards the shape that excites you and all have contrasting and beautiful qualities. The diamond's formation is described as viewed from above the stone ~ such as round/brilliant cut, princess cut, pear cut, emerald cut.  There are eleven in the Monroe Yorke Diamonds spectrum that are the most popular.


The brilliance and fire of a diamond is determined by the diamond cutter's skill and craftsmanship. When a diamond is cut to the highest standard, the more sparkling and dazzling your diamond will be.



Today, we can choose from a myriad of coloured diamonds. The higher quality grades are usually given to those stones with a characteristic of little or no colour. Again the diamond that completes your piece of jewellery will be determined by personal taste.


Completely perfect diamonds are rare, but these diamonds will receive the highest grade for clarity. Virtually all diamonds have small imperfections, but these tiny blemishes do not detract from the diamond's beauty.



Carat weight is a familiar term to most of us and is significant along with the other fundamental determinates as to a diamond's value.


Every diamond from Monroe Yorke Diamonds is accompanied by a diamond grading report, the essential certification that documents each diamond's attributes. Here we examine the information in the certificates and what it means to you.



All your questions answered before you purchase your diamond.

The Monroe Yorke Diamonds Quality Standard

Monroe Yorke Diamonds is a rising star in the world of quality diamonds. Our quality standards are second to none and all of our diamonds and diamond jewellery are selected for our showrooms and our online store because of their outstanding quality. Our diamonds are appraised by GIA, HRD, and AGS, independent grading laboratories who exercise the most rigorous grading.


Monroe Yorke Diamonds Hints and Tips For
the Perfect Diamond

Ensure that the diamond you choose is the perfect one for you by reading our essential hints and tips.