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Hints and Tips for Buying the Perfect Diamond

Of course, we believe that you can't buy a better diamond than the My Diamonds collection of diamonds. At My Diamonds you will receive the customer service that is second to none, the most in-depth and up-to-date advice from one of our professional diamond specialists and an online showroom of the most exquisite diamonds and diamond jewellery. We also have showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for your convenience.

To help you even further in your search for the perfect diamond, read our Hints and Tips for Buying the Perfect Diamond. It's an at-a-glance guide to diamond education.

  • Diamonds that are graded the highest in terms of cut will be the most expensive because of rarity value and the skill required of the cutter.
  • The sparkle of a diamond is determined by the quality of it's cut and not by it's shape. All diamonds have sparkle but those that have been graded the highest will emit optimum sparkle and scintillation
  • A diamond with a high colour grade will have little or no colour. A diamond is graded in respect of it's lack of colour, so a colourless diamond will be more expensive.
  • A My Diamonds Professional Diamond Specialist will be on hand to answer your questions and help you to prioritise the elements that will help you find the diamond that suits your budget and style. Please call us on 1800 766 567.
  • A diamond should be graded for colour before it has been placed in a setting.
  • The differences between colour grades of diamonds can be insignificant to the naked eye but can have a significant effect on cost.
  • Most inclusions or imperfections in a diamond are so infinitesimal that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • If you have a smaller budget, certain shapes of diamonds and the setting will be critical for hiding inclusions (see the My Diamonds Clarity chart and speak with a My Diamonds professional diamond specialists for advice).
  • The weight of a diamond should be considered in conjunction with the other elements of the 4Cs to ensure a perfect choice.
  • Decide upon your budget for your diamond and try to achieve the best diamond within that budget.Use our diamond search facility
  • Apply the 4Cs when comparing diamonds.
  • Compare different grades of diamonds so that you can clearly see the difference.
  • Talk to a My Diamonds Specialist to achieve the best quality diamond for your budget and style choice.
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