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Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is probably the most popular choice of metal when it comes to purchasers buying jewellery. It is beautiful in colour, sophisticated in style, and shows diamonds off to their very best effect.

Platinum Engagment Rings

And when someone wants to buy wedding jewellery, the platinum diamond engagement ring or wedding band is the perfect choice. Not only does platinum and diamond look exquisite, it is also an excellent long term investment.

For the very best online collections of superb platinum engagement rings and diamond jewellery, 'Monroe Yorke Diamonds', is the perfect choice.

Take a look at the eclectic selection of platinum engagement rings and diamond weddings bands on the 'Monroe Yorke Diamonds' online showroom.

A Beautiful Investment

The price of platinum has greatly increased and continues to do so. It is a metal that is greatly used in the manufacturing industry and is a favourite for jewellery making for it's utter beauty and elan.

As an investment, platinum is a winner. Recently trading at $1,700 an ounce, it has risen 220% over the past five years and looks set to continue to rise.

At 'Monroe Yorke Diamonds', it is advised that you buy a piece of jewellery that you have fallen in love with. So when considering your diamond engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, purchase jewellery that takes your breath away and steals your heart, perhaps before considering it just as an investment.

Take a look at the eclectic selection of platinum engagement rings and weddings bands on the 'Monroe Yorke Diamonds' online showroom.

The Supply of Platinum is Not Infinite

It takes 14 tonnes of rock to mine one ounce of platinum, thereby causing a deficit between supply and demand. It will be increasingly difficult to increase production, so platinum will always remain buoyant and will very likely continue to rise. When something becomes rare, it is human nature for us to desire it even more, so the market price of platinum looks set to soar.

Let The 'MY Diamonds' Platinum Jewellery Collection Take Your Breath Away

As we have said, platinum is an excellent jewellery investment, especially when set with stunning diamonds, but of course you should always buy a piece of diamond jewellery that you love. Of course, it is very important for purchasers to find value for money, but with the economy being what it is today, and for the foreseeable future, it is wise to be vigilant about jewellery markets and what metals and diamonds are worth.

When buying your wedding jewellery, buy the rings that attract you and represent your marriage and unique style. The point is, that you are saying, 'I love you', and that of course, that is so much more important...and infinite.

Your Diamond Merchant Should Be Someone You Trust

Of course, purchasing your wedding jewellery is a major investment, and it is paramount that you elicit the knowledge and experience of a trustworthy diamond merchant, who can offer you the very best in diamond jewellery.

'MY Diamonds', is one such diamond merchant. 'MY Diamonds' is emerging as a very important source of quality and innovative designs of diamond jewellery for discerning purchasers. Go to for an overview of their fabulous diamond showroom, where you will find the most amazing designs not seen in other showrooms.

Their jewellery is designed by their in house master craftsman who has twenty eight years of knowledge and experience. He has designed rings for the most discerning of clients, with a regular clientèle on the Gold Coast.

For the Very Best Diamond Education and Knowledge

Any diamond or diamond jewellery that you purchase from 'MY Diamonds', are graded by the 4C's method of grading diamonds. Please go to and access their Diamond Education, Articles and Blog sections, where you can find all the information you will need to make purchasing your diamond a happy experience.

They will give you advice on which piece of jewellery is the best investment or will guide you towards your very own diamond jewellery design, a unique experience, that allows you to create a stunning piece of diamond platinum jewellery from your own imagination.

Call 1300 66 55 20 and speak with one of their professional diamond specialists to discuss your unique requirements. It is a journey you will never regret taking.