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The Black Diamond


Stunning Monroe Yorke Diamonds version - Lascel


Whether or not you are a Sex and the City fan, you have to admit the ring pictured above is a complete stunner.

This is the ring that everyone is talking about, the Itay Malkin ring. No, we won't spoil the surprise of when the ring makes it's appearance in Sex and the City 2, but the ring is definitely one of the stars, along with Sarah Jessica Parker et al.

The five carat, black diamond ring is by designer Itay Malkin and set in 18k white gold, with 80, yes that's 80, natural white pave diamonds, equalling 0.35 carats.

The designer worked together with Sarah Jessica Parker and the show's very famous costume designer, Patricia Field, on the design.

If The Black Diamond Isn't for You

Should you decide that this startling black diamond is not for you, but you just have to wear a gorgeous diamond sparkler on your finger, then go to, where the professional diamond specialists at Monroe Yorke Diamonds will guide you to your perfect diamond.

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Black Diamond Ring Designs by Monroe Yorke Diamonds to entice you:

A custom made design
we did for a

Lucrèce Black
Diamond Ring

Tocara Black Diamond Ring




Some Black Diamond Facts
Although black diamonds have not always been popular, they are now beginning to be more fashionable, and so more sought after. Diamonds come in an array of colours, but black diamonds are now being incorporated in to pop culture.

Black diamonds are known as carbonado. They have a texture varying from compact to porous and are found in Brazil.

Black Diamond Stars
Of the 100 documented 'largest diamonds', three of these are well known black diamonds. They are the Black Star of Africa, a black diamond which is a huge 202 carats. This diamond was last documented in Tokyo in 1971. The 'Table of Islam', is an emerald cut diamond that weighs a very commendable 160.18 carats.

Spirit of de Grisogono Black Diamond Ring

This stunning black diamond is the Spirit of de Grisogono, the worlds largest black, cut diamond. It weighs 312.24 carats and was cut from a rough diamond weighing 587 carats. It is set in white gold with 702 smaller, white diamonds.

Stunning Black Orlov Diamond
Black Orlov Diamond
67.5 carats Cushion Cut Stone

Whatever your diamond desire is?
Whatever diamond you have set your heart on, whether it is white, black or the other jewel-like colours, allow Monroe Yorke Diamonds Diamonds, to source or design for you, the ultimate in diamond jewellery. Do not hesitate. Call them now oN 1300 66 55 20 and speak to a professional diamond specialist

Their specialist knowledge and customer service is second to none. They can advise you on the best diamond jewellery for your requirements, and if you wish to have a piece custom made, look no further. They will guide you on the most exciting journey of your life. Your very own diamond jewellery design.