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The Monroe Yorke Diamond Certification 

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds we are confident of the quality of our diamonds and the innovative design of each piece by our master craftsmen, artisans whose meticulous attention to detail has crafted every piece, every diamond.

And to ensure that the diamond you love is the perfect one for you, GIA and HRD , the world's foremost authority in gemmology, grades each diamond according to a stringent grading standard.

It has developed the "4Cs" and the International Diamond Grading System TM, the grading standard adopted by jewellers the world over.

The "4Cs" apply to every diamond. It refers to Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. These four considerations will enable you to make an informed choice when it comes to making your purchase.

We recommend that you only buy a diamond that has been graded using these trusted evaluations.

  • The GIA Colour Scale ranges from colourless (D) to light yellow or brown (Z).
  • The GIA Clarity Scale ranges from flawless to 12.
  • The GIA Cut Scale ranges from excellent to poor.
  • The GIA Carat Weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight.

Every diamond will have been assessed using the "4Cs" by international jewellery professionals and the dossier that they put together for each diamond will be attributed to it for eternity.

Choosing your diamond from www.mydiamonds.com.au means that you are reassured that your diamond will have undergone the most stringent grading. You can be confident that the proportions of the diamond will have been cut to accentuate that enchanting combination of 'brilliance and fire'.

A classic diamond is cut with fifty eight facets and will be invariably and beautifully balanced, enabling the diamond to exploit and reflect light. Each certificated diamond between 0.30ct and 0.99ct will have a unique Diamond Dossier certificate number laser inscribed on it's girdle.

Larger diamonds above 1.00ct may have also been inscribed with a Diamond Grading Report number, giving an assurance that the diamond you choose will be of the highest quality.

The certification of our diamonds at Monroe Yorke Diamonds is carried out not only by GIA but also HRD for the highest possible standards. We would recommend that our customers look for certification by these Institutes in preference to other providers.

In essence, when the sparkle of a diamond at Monroe Yorke Diamonds catches your eye, then don't hesitate to purchase your diamond from us. We are passionate about diamonds and are happy to pass that passion and knowledge onto our discerning clients with a solid guarantee of quality.

A Guide to the GIA's Diamond Grading Reports

GIA, the Gemmological Institute of America, the laboratory that carries out diamond grading for companies all over the world, issues a report or dossier for every high grade diamond. They are probably the best known in the world, but there are other laboratories that carry out the same service, such as the HRD Institute in Antwerp.

GIA Diamond Grading

GIA sets the global standard for the grading of diamonds and grade many of Monroe Yorke's diamonds.

The Grade according to the "4Cs":

  • The Cut Grade: (See Monroe Yorke Diamond's article The Cut of Your Diamond) Diamonds are viewed when looking down towards the top of the gem and they are graded according to the quality of the cutting and the craftsmanship that has been used to fashion the diamond.
  • The Clarity Grade: (See Monroe Yorke Diamond's article The Clarity of Your Diamond) A 10x magnification tool specifically designed for diamond grading is used to determine clarity, i.e. inclusions or any microscopic imperfections.
  • The Plot of the Clarity: A more in-depth explanation about inclusions and their position in the diamond.
  • The Colour Grade: (See Monroe Yorke Diamond's article The Colour of Your Diamond) Diamonds are graded for deficiency of colour; the clearer or whiter the diamond, the higher the grade.
  • The Carat Weight: (See Monroe Yorke Diamond's article The Carat Weight of Your Diamond) Diamonds are weighed to a assess their carat weight.
  • Fluorescence: (See Monroe Yorke Diamond's article on Fluorescence) The effects of viewing the diamond under a UV light.
  • Polish: An assessment of the overall evenness and sparkle that emanates from the diamond.
  • Symmetry: An assessment of the diamond's facets and the shape of the stone.
  • Diagram Relating to the Proportions of the Diamond: i.e. the culet, table, depth and girdle.

The GIA Diamond Dossier for Diamonds that Weigh Less Than 1 Carat

The GIA diamond dossier contains the following details:

    • The diamond's shape and the style of cut.
    • The diamond's measurements.
    • Appearance of facets such as the culet, girdle, and table.
    • Clarity under 10x magnification.
    • An assessment of symmetry and polish.
    • An assessment of quality of colour.
    • An assessment of weight.
    • Fluorescence ~ the diamond examined under a UV light.
    • Laser Inscription Registry ~ Every diamond certified with a dossier will be laser inscribed with the number of the report.

It is essential that your diamond is accompanied by a diamond grading report or dossier.

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds all of our diamonds are guaranteed with either GIA or HRD certification. For more information, contact us on 0800 766 567 and speak with one of our professional diamond specialists.

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