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A Diamond Fit For A Princess


A diamond fit for a princess, the sleek square lines of the princess cut diamond make it a beautiful choice for an engagement ring with a contemporary edge, offering a unique look alongside eye-catching brilliance and sparkle. Monroe Yorke princess cut diamond rings are a stunning way to say ‘I love you’ to your very own special princess...

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Timeless, elegant and contemporary

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

With a timeless elegance, princess diamond rings have a contemporary feel with a simplicity of shape. Most often cut with 55 facets, each of which catch and bounce the light giving fire and brilliance, every princess cut diamond used for our square diamond rings can vary in dimensions and ratio. Depending on the properties of the natural stone, a princess cut diamond can be cut perfectly square with equal length and width, or ever so slightly elongated giving a subtle rectangular shape to your stone. Princess cut engagement rings look stunning as a single stone solitaire, or when grouped as a set of three stones the straight-line shape allows stones to be set seamlessly together for a sleek modern look. The bold geometric shape of princess cut diamond rings also lends itself beautifully to diamond set bands, making a shimmering showpiece of this stunning diamond shape.

Monroe Yorke - Princess Cut Diamond Ring Collection

With a beautiful collection of princess cut engagement rings in a variety of styles and settings, you are sure to find the ring of your dreams at Monroe Yorke. All our diamonds are GIA certified in accordance with the International Diamond Grading System and each of our square diamond rings comes with its own individual certificate recording the 4C’s of each stone - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. Each individual stone is assessed in its natural state before being expertly cut to the highest standards, with master diamond cutters judging which cut best suits the natural form. From there, our craftsmen and artisans ensure the setting of our princess diamond rings are skilfully and beautifully formed, creating an engagement ring that will eternally seduce your very own Queen of Hearts.

Why use a princess cut diamond for an engagement ring?

With its contemporary and angular lines, the princess-cut diamond is truly one of a kind! It's geometric square shape gives it an edgy look with strong character. This stunning stone features the same brilliant sparkle of a round or cushion cut diamond while maintaining its unique flair - making it truly unique in its own right. The princess cut diamond has the most brilliance of all geometric shapes. 

Are princess cut diamonds popular for engagement rings?

The princess cut diamond is a true crown jewel of the gemstone world; its popularity second only to round diamonds with an impressive 30% market share for engagement rings. With clean lines and four sharp corners, this subtle yet chic shape exudes femininity while adding a hint of edginess that speaks volumes in both modern-day designs and classic silhouettes. From statement necklaces to delicate earrings or bold bracelets - wherever you look, it's easy to see why princess cut diamonds are regally reigning over so many pieces!

Is a princess cut diamond value for money?

A Princess Cut diamond offers outstanding value for your money. It's yield of 80-90% is considerably higher than that of a round cut, which yields just 40%. This optimal composition makes Princess Cuts one of the most economical shaped diamonds available while still offering superior quality and clarity due to their high grade rough crystals.


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