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Diamond Engagement Rings - The Trends 40 years on

Diamond Engagement Rings - The Trends 40 years on

The trend in diamond engagement rings has changed since the 1970's, when engagement rings were mostly solitaire diamonds set on a very high claw settings.

Back then, this was a popular way to show off the diamond to its best advantage, but these settings are not seen very often anymore for several reasons, some of which are that they probably caused more than a few ladders in stockings and pulled loops into many a woollen garment. Another disadvantage was that these high set stones tended to store remnants of soap, food and other debris. They caused many an accidental scratch on babies and children, and, a high set diamond engagement ring can also make a formidable weapon!

In the past it mattered very little to the new wearer what size the diamond was. The very fact that they were the very proud owners of diamond engagement rings was what showed the world they were loved, and that there was commitment between the two partners.

Previously, the brilliant cut - round in shape - was the most popular. But these days, most anything goes, and the possibilities for a diamond engagement ring are endless! For example, instead of the brilliant cut, there are now many different shapes to choose from; heart shaped, oval, cushion cut, princess cut, marquise, baguette, trillion and emerald cut to name a few. The expert eye of the diamond cutter knows how to bring out the best in diamond by deciding into what shape it should be cut. The purer the diamond, the less facets it needs.

One setting not seen very often anymore is the illusion setting. This consisted of a platform made of silver or white gold, crisscrossed with lines diagonally to look like facets. This made a diamond appear larger than it actually was.

Bijou - Pear

Azura - Princess

Aria - Trilliant

That Was Then... But What About Now?

In today's world, there are some distinct advantages for people buying diamond engagement rings as they have become a lot more affordable these days. There are now a variety payment options available, jewellers have more consumer-friendly and diamond engagement rings are within reach of almost any couple in love.

One thing that has changed very little is that despite the number of other types of precious stones available for engagement rings, diamond engagement rings are still the most popular and almost always chosen over all other stones!

The rings' settings used to be fairly standard - flat at the sides so that the wedding ring would sit snuggly against the engagement ring when worn together. But settings have also changed - there is far more variety to choose from; diamond engagement rings that have curves on the side can be made to exactly match the wedding band. The diamond can also be teamed with, for instance, the recipient's birth stone, or another favourite precious stone like an emerald, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline etc.

Grazia -
Engagement and
Wedding Ring Pair

Arbella -
Engagemetn and
Wedding Ring Pair

Whatever the style, setting or size of diamond engagement rings, one thing has not changed between the wearers of the past and present. The blushing brides-to-be still become very “left handed” with joy and delight, showing off their beautiful diamond engagement rings as often as possible with big smiles on their faces.