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Top Tips for Buying Your Engagement Ring

Top Tips for Buying Your Engagement Ring

When you and your partner decide it's the right time to get engaged, you can be absolutely sure, that her thoughts will go immediately to the engagement ring. (Cue thought bubble)!

She'll imagine herself sporting, the biggest rock she can find, with all of her girlfriends, cooing and gasping at how fabulous it is, and she being the centre of attention. You, on the other hand, may be thinking very differently.

You'll be wondering no doubt, how to get the best value for money, where to go for the very best in diamond quality and design and whether it would be possible to have your engagement ring custom made.

MY Diamonds, knows that both of you will want to purchase a ring that represents the commitment you are making to each other, and also that you'll want an engagement ring and subsequent wedding band that you can be proud of.

At MY Diamonds, you will find a selection of some of the most exquisitely beautiful designer diamond engagement rings on the internet. Each ring has been carefully crafted by an artisan craftsman who has been designing and making jewellery for 25 years, and whose discerning clientèle come from all over Australia, including The Gold Coast.

Below are some tips that they would recommend, to ensure that you purchase the perfect ring to celebrate your engagement:~

  • Agree on A Budget ~ Before you even think about shopping for the ring, work out a budget and stick to it. Obviously, the more you can afford, the better the diamond and design, but that shouldn't be your marker. You can source some stunning rings on an affordable budget. Love is not about how much you spend on an engagement ring.
  • What Kind of Ring ~ Personal taste will come in to play here. Hers not yours! She may be a vintage girl and want a traditional design, perhaps even including some coloured stones. Alternatively she may be a modern woman, who hates anything fussy and would prefer the contemporary look of a solitaire. Whatever kind of jewellery she prefers there's a perfect engagement ring to suit her.
  • Go to a Reputable Diamond Merchant ~ This is of course, the wisest advice. But how do you know that they are reputable? If this is your first foray into buying diamond jewellery then you won't. Shop carefully. MY Diamonds is a reputable Australian diamond merchants that offers exquisite diamond jewellery collections, incorporating the highest quality diamonds and designs and loose diamonds. They know what they're talking about and they are more than happy to talk to you. Use their online enquiry form, read their extensive FAQ's and call them 1800 766 567. You are under no obligation to purchase, but they will guide you through the process of finding your prefect ring.
  • Read the Diamond Education ~ At, there is an extensive section regarding Diamond Education. This covers the 4C's, the diamond industries highest grading standards, inclusions, fluorescence and much more. This is the information that is crucial to you before you purchase your diamond.
  • Narrow the Search ~ It may be best to decide on more than one ring, then decide between you which one is the perfect declaration of your love for each other. Alternatively, speak to MY Diamonds on 1800 766 567 about having your engagement ring custom made. They offer a wonderful service where they will offer advice, guidance and the most fantastic quality materials to ensure that the end result is utter perfection.
  • Choose the Ring Together ~ It's tempting to buy the engagement ring and present it to your bride to be. Unfortunately, this can sometimes have a negative result when things don't go to plan. Remember Carrie and Aidan in Sex and the City? If you do want an element of surprise, let MY Diamonds guide you to a stunning diamond and present it to her in one of their gift wrapped boxes. Then you can choose the setting for the diamond together.
  • Plan Ahead ~ Buying your engagement ring is going to take some time. So before you book the venue for your engagement party, make sure you give yourselves enough time to have your engagement ring custom made, or to choose a pre-crafted ring.
  • Make Sure Your Diamond is Partnered with It's Certificate ~ Every diamond has a unique grading certificate. MY Diamonds diamonds, are GIA graded for the 4C's, colour, cut, clarity and carat, as well as the shape and size, and will supply you with the diamonds certificate at the time of purchase.

Now, you and your loved one are ready to buy your ring. Do it in the comfort of your armchair by going to Browse their collections, read the Diamond Education section and arm yourself with lots of information. And above all, enjoy yourselves!