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THE CUT OF YOUR DIAMOND - Monroe Yorke Diamonds

The importance of the way a diamond is cut cannot be stressed enough. This is from where that alluring sparkle and enticing play of light first attracts you, appealing to your innermost emotions and urging you to buy. Many would say that the cut is the most important characteristic, the most influential of the 4Cs.

There are two separate elements when referring to diamond cutting:

  • Taking the rough diamond and cutting it to create a diamond that is polished and in the condition that we love to see them
  • How a diamond cutter assesses the rough diamond to determine the most appropriate shape, such as round, princess, asscher, heart etc.

The first time we see a diamond, we are attracted by the sparkle and the light reflecting from each facet. We are attracted by:

    • The Scintillation or Sparkle of the Diamond - Light is reflected from the diamond towards the viewer. Turn the diamond and view it from different angles and the light will bounce between the diamonds facets that creates a display of sparkle and movement
    • The Brilliance or Fire of the Diamond - When light is reflected and refracted between the facets, the stone will emit flashes of light that resembles flashes of fire. A master craftsman will optimise each stone to maximise it's brilliance and light-reflecting qualities.
    • The Dispersion of the Diamond - Diamonds often emit a cascade of rainbow colours as it is moved and viewed from different angles.

    • The Lustre of the Diamond - The bright, reflected light that emanates from a diamond.

Even a stone in it's original rough state can display these elements, but it takes the enviable skill of a master craftsman, to release and optimise them. He must assess the stone, choose the most appropriate shape to conceal any imperfections or inclusions, then carefully cut the stone to reveal it's innermost beauty in all it's forms.


The proportions of the diamond are extremely important. The ratio between the diameter and depth should be about 58%. Other ratios are taken in to consideration also, such as the ratio between the pavilion and the height of the crown.

Diamonds that have been cut with excellent proportions will be the most beautiful in terms of light reflection. The diamond's facets and the excellence of cut is also very important when optimising the beauty of the stone.


When you look at your diamond, you will clearly see the diamond facets, the smooth polished areas of the stone that are placed at various angles, allowing light to enter and reflect, giving the stone it's sparkle.

In cutting terms, it is the decisions and skills of the diamond cutter that will optimise the diamond's beauty and the resulting brilliance.

Anatomy of a diamond. Parts of a diamond. What is diamond table. What is diamond depth. What is diamond girdle. Wha tis diamond cult. what is diamond crown / angle. what is diamond pavilion / angle

Diamond Facets Explained


Diamond Cut Grades - Shallow, Ideal, Deep

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds we would recommend that you buy the best cut grade that you can afford. The artisans skill at cutting your diamond will determine it's ultimate beauty and therefore it's value. It is these skills which result in the overall appearance of your diamond.

The cut grade is measured by GIA and other specialised laboratories to determine the performance of the diamond, or in other terms, it's sparkle, brilliance and reflection of light

Diamonds that have been cut in the correct proportions will emit light from the top of the diamond, known as the table. A diamond whose table's proportions have been cut too deeply will emit (leak) light from the sides of the stone; too shallow and it will emit (leak) light from the bottom.

Diamond Proportions


    • IDEAL : An ideal diamond has been cut to optimum proportions to reflect the most light to intensify the fire and brilliance and represents the top 3% of diamond cut quality.
    • PREMIUM : The difference between the 'Premium' Cut and the 'Ideal' cut is almost imperceptible. This diamond has been cut to reflect most of the fire and brilliance of the stone.
    • EXCELLENT : An excellent cut diamond is considered to be a well cut, well proportioned stone. The difference between 'excellent' and 'premium' is virtually imperceptible. The stone has been cut to emanate a good deal of fire and brilliance in it's light reflection.
    • VERY GOOD : A diamond cut to a 'very good' standard will maximise the carat weight of the stone, whilst retaining optimum fire and brilliance. 'Very good' diamonds are popular with purchasers because of the acceptable balance between the size and sparkle of the diamond against the budget.
    • GOOD : A very acceptable cut for most jewellery. This cut optimises light reflection and represents excellent value for money.
    • FAIR : This cut will optimise some brilliance and light reflection. The carat weight is usually a factor and is desirable for when the size of the stone is more important to the purchaser than the fire and brilliance.

    • POOR : The main consideration in this cut is the carat weight of the diamond. 



The cut of a diamond is only one of the 4Cs that appears on a diamond grading report and should be read in conjunction with Colour, Carat Weight and Clarity. All of this ensures that the diamond you buy is the perfect one for you.

Don't forget that if a diamond is singing to you and you have read the Monroe Yorke Diamonds Diamond Education, it is probably the right diamond for you.


For more information regarding the high quality metals that Monroe Yorke Diamonds uses in all of it's diamond jewellery, call 1800 766 567 and speak with one of our professional diamond specialists.

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