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Top Ten Rules When Buying Your Diamond

You've decided to buy a diamond. It might be for a ring for engagement, a diamond wedding band or anniversary ring, or perhaps you've decided to invest for the future, in this gorgeous, sparkling mineral. Whatever your reasons for buying your diamond, you need to be sure that the diamond that you're buying is the very best, the one you've set your heart on, and top value for money.

Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery at it's Very Best First of all, to get a really unique design and top quality stone, the place not to go is to chain jewellers The jewellery that most chain jewellers carry in their inventory are mass produced, with sometimes inferior diamonds and platinum or gold.

Always look for artisan companies, who use the skills of Australian master craftsmen. Their rings for engagement and wedding bands are of top design quality. At MY Diamonds, the very best master jewellers with years of experience, are employed for their breathtaking designs and quality craftsmanship.

These artisan jewellers have been designing and making jewellery for many years and have crafted designs for the most discerning of clients, using top quality diamonds. This is the service that you should be aiming for, and by shopping online at, is the quality, level of design, and customer service you will receive.

Diamond Certification
The certification of your diamond is incredibly important. You need to see proof that the diamond or diamond jewellery that you have chosen is actually of the quality and value you expect and believe. Diamonds are certified by diamond laboratories, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Always look for a diamond merchant, designer or craftsman who carries proof of these certifications for their diamonds.

Diamond Education
If you go into a chain jewellers, it's unlikely that you will be given the level of diamond education available to you online. Before you buy your diamond, make absolutely sure that you have read the articles at the MY Diamonds Knowledge Centre, about diamond education and the many other articles available which will guide you to your perfect diamond. There is also a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section, which our clients find extremely helpful.

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Buying Loose Diamonds
If you have decided to buy a loose diamond as opposed to a ready designed ring, then make sure you source it from a reputable dealer. Again, read diamond purchasing guides, familiarise yourself with the 4C's cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. All diamonds are unique, so you need to be sure that you are buying from someone with years of experience and a trustworthy record.

Custom Jewellery
OK, so you've purchased the diamond of your dreams and you have promised your bride to be that it will be made into the most stunning ring of her dreams. Where will you go to make sure this happens? And how will you know that you are getting the best value for money?

The MY Diamonds master jewellery almost 30 years of design and jewellery crafting experience. He received his training in Belgium and worked with some of the world's most discerning clients. This is where you can be sure to receive the very best quality design and customer service. The professional diamond specialists at MY Diamonds, will hold your hand as they guide you on the very exciting experience of a custom made engagement ring.

Ensure that Your Diamond is Conflict FreeWhen it comes to purchasing gems, the diamond is without doubt the world's favourite. It is mined for it's beauty and perceived value. Diamond mines are situated not just in Australia, but also in Central and West African countries.

In some areas of Africa, revolutionaries have obtained proceeds from selling diamonds from mines where they have seized control, to finance their activities. These diamonds are known as 'conflict' or 'blood' diamonds, and on no account should be purchased from any source.

MY Diamonds hold a Conflict Free Diamond Policy, an essential assurance that the diamond you choose will not have been sourced from any channels other than those that are totally legal and legitimate. You can purchase your diamond from MY Diamonds in complete confidence.

Buy Safely Online
The beauty of buying your diamond online is that the store is always open, 24 hours every day. You can peruse extensive diamond and jewellery collections from the comfort of your armchair, without any sales pressure, from over enthusiastic sales assistants.

Of course, if you choose this method of purchasing, then you need to be sure that it is safe for you to buy online. Check out the company that you wish to buy from. Examine their website clearly for guarantees, such as the MY Diamond 100% 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Ensure that there are telephone numbers where you can contact the company easily. Read the Frequently Asked Questions. It may give you information to questions that you hadn't even thought of. If you are still unsure, call 1300 66 55 20, where one of our professional diamond specialists will assist you. You can also chat with one of our diamond specialist online at out char facility (see bottom right of your screen).

Diamond and Jewellery Valuation Report
A diamond is an important purchase and it is crucial that you have your chosen piece valued by an independent third party.

Valuations require expertise and knowledge and MY Diamonds would recommend Symmetry Gemmologists and Valuation Service ~ Symmetry are a completely independent company with no alliance or affiliation to MY Diamonds. Symmetry have extensive and world class knowledge of the techniques involved and the methods used for the manufacture of modern and antique jewellery.

Make Sure The Diamond Design is Absolutely Right
Always get some input from the person who is going to wear the diamonds. What's right for one person, will be totally incorrect for another. Investigate styles, colours, metals and of course, Is she a modern girl, or does she prefer a more antique look? The solitaire is very popular today, in minimalist contemporary settings, but there is increasing interest now in coloured diamonds, such as the pink, for more vintage designs. If you're really not sure, ask her!

Now, Enjoy!
You've bought the ring, you're both over the moon with the outcome, so now, just enjoy. She'll love showing it off on her hand and you'll feel great because she's so happy.

You probably purchased your diamond from MY Diamonds ~, but if you're still contemplating, give them a call on 1300 66 55 20, for expert advice and the most breathtaking designs imaginable!