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DIAMOND CARAT SIZE | Diamond Sizes Compared

DIAMOND CARAT SIZE | Diamond Sizes Compared - Monroe Yorke Diamonds

When diamonds are sold, it is usually in the unit of weight known as carat, commonly referred to as ‘ct’.

In the early days, when diamond traders first began to do business with purchasers they would use a carob seed as a form of weight measurement. This is from where the word ‘carat’ originates. The measurement of weight today is equal to 0.2 grams. Carat is sometimes confused with the work ‘karat’, comparable in sound, but a term that refers to the purity of gold.

Of course, there are other factors apart from carat weight which will determine a diamond’s value. These factors are known, along with ‘carat’, as the 4Cs and include ‘cut’, ‘colour’, and ‘clarity’. Depending on who is purchasing the diamond, each individual purchaser will decide which of the 4Cs is the most important to them. If size has the leading edge, then certainly carat weight will take prominence.

The larger the diamond, the rarer it is. Therefore, as the carat size of a diamond increases, the price of the diamond will increase at a higher rate. In its rough state, less than one in one million stones are of a large enough size to produce a polished 1 carat diamond. This means that not only will a value be placed on a diamond because of its size, but the larger it is the higher the price of each carat.

When you purchase a Monroe Yorke Diamond, nothing is hidden. The price-per-carat is clearly explained so that you may evaluate increasing carat weights before you decide upon your purchase.



Although diamond price increases are exponential depending on carat weight, the actual size of the diamond doesn’t increase. Even though the carat weight may triple say from 1 to 3 carats, it is perceived that the diamond size will also triple. However the diameter increases by perhaps 45% (from 6.50 to 9.40), and the area of the crown (this is the surface area visible when diamond is set) increases a little over double. See the chart below for visual explanation.

Carat Weight
Approx. Size



1 Carat Diamond

2 Carat Diamond
3 Carat Diamond
Diameter (mm) 6.50 8.20 9.40
Crown (mm2) 33.2 52.8 69.4


When searching for the perfect diamond, the above will assist you in remembering that an increase in the diameter of the stone will generate a larger increase in the crown and perceived size of the whole stone. Examining the chart above, the 3 carat diamond has an almost 50% larger diameter than the 1 carat diamond, yet appears more than 50% greater.

This chart shows two 1ct. Diamonds. The left-hand diamond has been cut deeper than the right hand diamond, so appears smaller when viewing from above.

Most of us will view a diamond from the top of the stone, so when examining the Monroe Yorke Diamonds diamond collection, inspect the measurements for each diamond to fully understand the overall size of the stone. The length and width can be accurately assessed when the diamond is being observed from above.

Depending on the cut proportions of the stone, two diamonds of the same carat weight and shape may still appear dissimilar in size.



The shape of a diamond will also make two diamonds of equal carat weight present as different sizes. For example, a 1 carat round is likely to appear smaller than a 1 carat marquise. Please review the chart below to understand why. The chart demonstrates the following for each size of diamond:-

  • Approximate Size: - The images for a 1 carat excellent cut are a near estimate to the actual size. Longer shapes such as marquise, emerald, oval and pear will appear larger when compared to square and round shapes.
  • Measurements ~ Length and Width: - The images are typical for excellent cut diamonds of 1 carat weight and are consistent to the comparison above.
  • Crown ~ Total Surface area (mm2): - As covered previously, the image for the oval shape appears larger than the image of the round stone, although the surface area is comparable for the two shapes. The difference between the two stones to the naked eye is perceived that one shape is larger than the other. The oval, however, does in fact have a 10% larger surface area than the princess cut diamond. Although measurements of diamonds are characteristic, every diamond is totally distinctive.
Round diamond 1 carat size
Princess cut diamond 1 carat size

Oval cut diamond - 1 carat size

Marquise cut diamond - 1 carat size

Pear cut diamond - 1 carat size

Cushion cut diamond - 1 carat size

6.50x6.50 5.58x5.46 7.76x5.69 10.18x5.33 8.67x5.66 6.12x5.69 6.57x5.09
Crown 33.2 30.2 33.3 36.9 34.0 29.2 31.8



DIAMOND SIZE CHART (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The chart above can be printed from our website and is free. The chart shows the actual diamond sizes and shapes and will be instrumental in the search for your diamond.

Of course some diamonds do not adhere to popular carat weights and can be slightly less than the norm. As a purchaser, this will give you an opportunity to perhaps purchase a diamond at a slightly lower price on a price-per-carat basis. These stones are often difficult to differentiate from the standard carat weights, as when viewed from above appear to be of a very much similar size.

Monroe Yorke Diamonds is a diamond retailer that takes great pride in sourcing the most exquisite diamonds from reliable sources around the globe. The company is truly international and has carved out a place in diamond retailing alongside the very best in Australia.

A Monroe Yorke Diamonds diamond specialist is always on-hand to guide you on your journey to purchasing the most beautiful diamond you can afford. Please review the Monroe Yorke Diamonds knowledge centre before choosing your diamond. The articles will give you all the information you require to make an informed choice. Call My Diamonds on 1800 766 567 for an informal chat about your exquisite diamond or advice on the Monroe Yorke Diamonds diamond collections.