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Diamond Triple X factor - Triple Excellent Diamonds

All quality diamonds are graded by a reputed diamond laboratory like GIA, AGS and HRD. When you purchase a piece of diamond jewellery or loose diamond it will be accompanied by either a Diamond Dossier for diamonds below 0.99ct or a Diamond Grading Report for diamonds above 1.00 carats. Here is an example of diamond grading report that should accompany your diamond:~

Triple Excellent (EX) GIA Diamond Grading Certificate

Your diamond will be graded using The 4C's. This is the world wide method used to determine, the Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity of the stone. As well as the important 4C's, there is Additional Grading Information, which includes the Proportions, Finish, Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence of the diamond.

Take Another Look

When we buy our diamonds, it's the sparkle and scintillation that attracts us. They glint and fascinate us. Men and women alike fall head over heels in love with diamonds and there are many avid collectors out there.

When we use the naked eye, the possible differences we will spot will be obvious. Those qualities such as the shape of the diamond; is it Round Brilliant Cut or Emerald Cut? The colour maybe, for now there are many fancy coloured diamonds that collectors love, or just the way light travels through it. But on closer inspection, there may be something more. This is what diamond experts call the Triple Ex Factor.

The Triple EX Factor ~ Now You're Talking!

We have established that at Monroe Yorke Diamonds each diamond is independently graded by various grading laboratories from around the world. This is how you can be sure that the diamond you are buying is what it purports to be. But there could be something extra.

When the CUT, POLISH and SYMMETRY of the diamond are all graded as EXCELLENT, it is known as a diamond with 'The Triple Excellent Cut or Triple X Cut. This is a diamond to be coveted indeed.

This attribute was introduced by GIA and looks at how light behaves within a round brilliant cut diamond and a grade of excellent gives a diamond maximum brightness and fire. Such diamonds will have ideal - table size, total depthcrown angle, pavilion angle, star length, lower-half length, girdle thickness, and culet size.

The stone has been cut and polished. The girdle of the stone (waist), should be 'medium' to 'slightly thick'. The point of the diamond, the culet, ideally should be 'small', 'very small' or 'none' (meaning that the culet is pointed.)

Symmetry refers to the precision of the actual shape of the diamond and its arrangement of facets. In a diamond with Excellent Symmetry, the light that enters the stone leaves through the table. If a diamond has been cut with poor symmetry, light can be emitted from any un-alighted facet and dilutes the sparkle and scintillation of the stone.

Polish refers to the quality of smoothness of each facet of the diamond. While a diamond is cut and polished, the polishing wheel may leave behind microscopic surface flaws on the diamond's surface. Depending on the extent of these microscopic flaws they might disrupt light performance as light rays enter and exit the diamond

A diamond with excellent polish means that the diamond has been polished in such a way that light entering and leaving is true and not distorted in any way. Maximum scintillation will be achieved by a stone with 'Excellent Polish.'

Triple X (Triple Excellent)

Parameters of cut, polish and symmetry are interrelated in their effects on light performance. If all of the above attributes are deemed 'excellent' then this is the coveted Triple X (Triple Excellent) Cut Diamond and will be the diamond that sparkles above all others.


We aspire to provide their customers with the most exquisite diamonds and this of course will include the much coveted Triple X Cut Diamond. If this is the diamond you are looking for call Monroe Yorke Diamonds on 1800 766 567 and speak with one of their professional diamond experts who will guide you. You can also browse our website for a glimpse of their exquisite diamond and diamond jewellery collections.

You can send us your specific diamond requirements here