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Does Your Diamond Have The 'TRIPLE EX' Factor?

Does Your Diamond Have The 'TRIPLE EX' Factor? - Monroe Yorke Diamonds

Looking at diamonds is a wonderfully pleasurable activity. We are all entranced by their beauty, sparkle and for some of us the sheer wonder at how a gem that has been hidden under the ground for many thousands of years, can be transformed into the most magnificent diamond.

For the majority of us using the naked eye, the only difference between diamonds are their shape or colour. The diamond that you have your heart set on may be a brilliant, pear, princess or marquise cut and perhaps with a hue of colour...but look more closely!


Finding the 'Ex' Factor

For every graded diamond, and of course you should not consider purchasing any other, there will be a GIA / HRD / AGS Diamond Dossier for diamonds below 0.99ct or a Diamond Grading Report usually for diamonds up to 1ct.

Please see the example:
As you can see from the above sample, the Report is divided into Grading Results – The 4 C's, the ever important method that the GIA use to determine the quality of the diamond, and the Additional Grading Information which includes the Finish, covering the Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence of the diamond.

Triple Excellent diamond grading report

When the proportions, polish and symmetry of the diamond are all graded as excellent the term Triple Excellent Cut or Triple EX Cut can be inferred on the gem.

The cut of the diamond is often considered to be the most important of the grading 4 C's. This is where the birth of an outstanding diamond begins and from where the rest of the grading follows. The light and brilliance of the diamond is determined by the quality of the diamond cutter's skill. Too shallow or too deep and the light that is reflected by the diamond will be of poor quality. It will make the diamond dull, with less brilliance than a brilliantly cut diamond.

The cut of the diamond will ultimately affect it's final value and of course the grading that is documented on it's unique GIA report. This is where the sparkle begins and where your love affair with your diamond will germinate. The is the first consideration in the Triple EX Grading. The second consideration is...

This is where the facets of the diamond are polished to reveal the alluring sparkle that entices all of us. There are usually 57 or 58 facets on a diamond and each one must receive expert attention to ensure that it emits an optimum degree of light. Facets appear on the girdle, pavilion, crown and culet, the very bottom point of the diamond which should be very small. The table is the top flat part of the diamond from where you see the alignment of all the other facets. This is the second consideration in the Triple EX Grading. The third and final consideration is...

The symmetry marks the finish of the diamond. In an asymmetrical cut, parts of the diamond may be off centre. For example the table, the top facet of the diamond or the culet the bottom point of the gem may be out of alignment. The crown or pavilion facets may also be misaligned. In any of these cases, the diamond would not be given an Excellent grading.

Very few diamonds are graded as symmetrically excellent. The naked eye will not detect differences between very good or good diamonds. Most very good or good symmetrically graded diamonds are very beautiful and are purchased regularly by clients who admire the workmanship and the beauty that is still apparent in the stone. Only the highest quality grades of diamonds will be graded symmetrically excellent.

The Triple EX Grading
In conclusion, only the very finest diamonds will receive the Triple Excellent Grading. It will appear on the Gemological Institute of America Grading Report and is your assurance that your diamond is the very best that you can buy.