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71.26 Carat Yellow Diamond is a Rare Find! One of the Largest of its kind

71.26 carats, this rare fancy vivid yellow diamond is the largest of its kind ever found in Canada and one of the largest ever found in the world

A rare and beautiful diamond has been discovered in Canada's Arctic. Clocking in at a whopping 71.26 carats, this rare fancy vivid yellow diamond is the largest of its kind ever found in the country and one of the largest ever found anywhere! Let's take a closer look at this stunning gem and what makes it so special.


Canada's Largest Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

The diamond was first discovered by Canadian company Arctic Canadian Diamond Company at its Ekati Diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.  This super rare 71.26-carat rough diamond is a fancy vivid yellow colour, the most vibrant and valuable of all yellow diamonds. This is the largest fancy vivid yellow diamond ever to be discovered in Canada.

This particular gem was found in the underground section of its mine during routine operations, located about 200 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. It took almost four months for experts to identify and classify it as a type IIa diamond—the purest type of diamonds—and confirm that it was indeed a yellow diamond, rather than its less-valuable brownish or greyish counterparts.


Largest ever yellow diamond discovered in Canada.  71.26 caear fancy vivid yellow diamond.


What Makes this Diamond Special?

This particular yellow diamond is very rare; only 2% of all diamonds are classified as Type IIa diamonds, and even among those, not many are large enough to be cut into fancy shapes such as ovals or emeralds. In fact, this is only the second yellow diamond larger than 50 carats to be found in Canada! It takes an expert eye to determine if a rough stone will make an attractive finished product; luckily for Arctic Canadian Diamond Company, their team of experienced geologists identified this sparkling treasure when it was still deep underground!


The Future of This Rare Gemstone

Now that we know just how special this yellow diamond truly is, what comes next? According to Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., they plan on selling it through their regular tender process later this year. Until then, we can only imagine what sort of jewelry masterpiece could be created from such an exquisite stone! The 71.26 carat yellow diamond is sure to become a highly sought-after item once it goes up for auction—it might even break records for size and value!


Responsible Diamond Trading

Ekati is an incredible example of Canadian excellence: a diamond mine owned and operated by the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company that has supplied rough diamonds to global markets for over two decades. The company's commitment to responsible mining practices - which include improving lives, supporting communities, protecting wildlife habitats and environmental stewardship - shows its dedication in creating positive impacts within the industry. Here at Monroe Yorke Diamonds we are proud to share this responsibility with them as trusted partners in our diamond trading journey.


The 71.26 carat yellow diamond recently discovered in Canada's Arctic region is truly something special—not just because of its size but also because of its rarity! With only 2% of all diamonds being classified as Type IIa diamonds, having one with such impressive dimensions makes it a real find indeed. We can't wait to see what kind of jewellery masterpiece will eventually be created from this precious gemstone once it goes up for sale. Stay tuned for more updates on the future of this remarkable discovery!


Photos courtesy of the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company