Specialised in Dreams
and Diamonds

Feelings of overwhelming happiness, can only be realised on those rare occasions where every single aspect and element of a thing, fall in to form perfection that is complete. Custom-made Diamond Jewellery by Monroe Yorke offers you an unparalleled experience in bespoke creation, as exclusively defined by you...

Why Custom-create

Uniqueness aside, our custom-made jewellery offers you a much greater value, that of holding ownership to its creation, thus realising a sense of true individuality. Every element, from the choice of metal, to the shape, setting, and style, will be defined by you, and in that sense, you will achieve a curation made in your self-image.

The Process

It all starts with simple geometry, with lines and shapes forming the whole of a dream-work. Elaboration then comes into play, as we meticulously detail every single element in minute accuracy. Of course, we are but supportive passengers on this journey. With every step of the process, we will defer to your preference and nothing else.


And then there is the matter of shaping what your heart desires. Fortunately, at Monroe Yorke, we have some of the best craftsmen in the industry, Master Jewellers all. Any design we co-create alongside you, will become a sparkling wonder full of brilliance and fire in their capable hands… We promise.


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