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Master Jeweller Custom Jewellery Design

Bespoke Jewellery Design


Those of us who adore diamond jewellery will instantly recognise the names of Cartier, Bulgari, Georg Jensen and Tiffany. They are famous the world over and are renowned for their timeless jewellery designs and the quality of their creations.

Add to that list Monroe Yorke Diamonds ~ Australia. Many online jewellery retailers simply sell jewellery that is pre-designed and sold on to you. This is fine if you're looking for an inexpensive piece to quickly complete your look.

When you are looking for well crafted, fabulous and uniquely designed diamond jewellery, you expect much more, and quite rightly so. This quality and design innovation are the standards you will find on the Monroe Yorke Diamonds Online Showroom.

We are one of the few remaining diamond merchants and online retailers who have qualified Australian artisan master craftsmen, working exclusively for us. All of our exquisite pieces are painstakingly handmade in our own workshops and we absolutely guarantee that each piece of pre-designed jewellery, or custom made designs will:

  • be entirely crafted in Australia by our artisan jewellers
  • contain only conflict free diamonds
  • last the test of time just as you expect, and
  • represent excellent value for money

Bespoke Jewellery Design and Custom Design


The investment in diamond jewellery, perhaps a ring for your engagement, or a diamond wedding band, is often made at a life changing moment. Because of this, the decisions that you make with regard to the quality and design of your unique piece, will be with you forever.

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds, we understand this concept. We have complete confidence in our master jewellers and professional diamond specialists to guide you to the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Only a master jeweller can design a unique piece that truly reflects you...and your life changing celebration.

Exquisite Design and Quality in Expert Hands


Our head master jeweller has delighted discerning jewellery lovers the world over and regularly provides exquisite hand made jewellery for clients on The Gold Coast of Australia. You and your partner will have an unbreakable emotional bond with your engagement ring and wedding ring. It requires a head master jeweller to take those emotions and create jewellery that reflects it.

Our esteemed master jeweller is a graduate of the highly regarded Brussels and Antwerp College of Fine Arts, Jewellery Design and Manufacture and has personally trained our team of fine jewellery makers. A bespoke jewellery designer for over 25 years, his craftsmanship and eye for detail have earned Monroe Yorke Diamonds a reputation that others can only aspire to.

Find Your Dream Diamond


Call 1300 66 55 20 to speak with one of professional diamond consultants. They will guide you on the journey to your own designer engagement ring or wedding ring. You can also consult with our master jeweller, who will focus on you, and only you, to produce the utmost sparkling results.