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Maria - Exquisite 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Lab Grown Diamond - Monroe Yorke Diamonds
Maria - Exquisite 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Lab Grown Diamond - Monroe Yorke Diamonds
Maria - Exquisite 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Lab Grown Diamond - Monroe Yorke Diamonds

Maria - Exquisite 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Lab Grown Diamond

$4,495.00 Regular price $7,495.00
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Crafted with unwavering attention to detail and designed to capture the essence of enduring love, our astonishing 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring is a symbol of promise that echoes the depths of your affection.

Key Features of the Maria Engagement Ring:

    • Diamond: The centrepiece of this alluring ring is a 2 carat round lab grown diamond, impeccably shaped to radiate a symphony of light. The IGI certification assures trust and authenticity in your investment.
    • Ideal Cut: Revel in the perfection of an Ideal Cut diamond, renowned for its unparalleled brilliance, fire, and scintillation—qualities that ensure your diamond sparkles with the endless dance of light.
    • Colour and Clarity: With an enviable F colour grade, this diamond sits at the pinnacle of near colourlessness—void of any distracting hues and imbued with pure, icy whiteness. The VS2 clarity denotes a virtually flawless appearance, with minuscule inclusions visible only under professional magnification.
    • Lab Grown Diamond: promises an ethical and sustainable choice without compromising on quality or sparkle.
    • Setting: Secured in a four-claw setting, each prong gracefully arches over the diamond, ensuring maximum exposure while safeguarding its precious form.
    • Band: The elegant and dainty band whispers sophistication and is meticulously crafted from 18ct white gold, with the option to upgrade to the timeless prestige of platinum.

    Escape the ordinary and bestow upon your loved one this embodiment of grace—the 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring— and let the clarity of your commitment be crystallised for all time.

    Centre Diamond Details

    Size: 2.00 Carat
    Colour: F
    Clarity: VS2
    Grading & Certification: IGI (International Gemological Institute)
    Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
    Diamond Cut: Ideal
    Diamond Polish: Excellent
    Diamond Symmetry: Excellent
    Setting Type: 4 Claw
    Stone Type: Lab Grown Diamond


    Band Metal: White Gold or Platinum
    Setting Metal: White Gold or Platinum
    Approx. Metal Weight: White Gold: 3.0g
    Approx. Metal Weight: Platinum: 4.5g
    Metal Finish: Polished
    Purity: White Gold: 18ct
    Purity: Platinum: 950ct
    Rhodium: Yes (White Gold)

    Available Ring Sizes

    Australia / UK: F - O
    US / Canada: 3 - 7

    Ring size to be selected at checkout. 
    You can also call or email us the ring size.  Larger sizes available. Please call, email or message us. 


    Maria - Exquisite 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Lab Grown Diamond

    $4,495.00 Regular price $7,495.00

    How long does it take to get get this ring made?

    It normally takes 3-6 weeks to create this engagement ring. Having said that, if you are working to a specific deadline, we will pull out all stops to make it happen within the timeframe you are looking for.

    Does Monroe Yorke Diamonds provide warranties on their diamonds and jewellery?

    We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our jewellery. we guarantee that our products will leave our workshop without damage or any fault in craftsmanship.

    How can I be assured that the diamond I have chosen and paid for will be the one I receive?

    All of the lab grown diamonds that Monroe Yorke Diamonds sell are fully certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute). Each diamond is given either a Diamond Grading Report, which includes the "4Cs" (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight) and the identifying characteristics and proportional details of your chosen diamond. The certificate number is also laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. In addition all diamond jewellery purchased from Monroe Yorke Diamonds is checked against its certificate, and is accompanied by an independent jewellery valuation certificate. NO extra fee is charged for independent valuations.

    How do I figure out her / his ring size?

    If she / he wears a ring on her left or right hand ring finger, you can use a pair of vernier callipers (or ruler) to measure the inside diameter of that ring. 

    We can also send you a plastic ring sizer, please give us a call on 1800 766 567 if you would like us to send you one.

    You can also use this ring sizing tool to measure her / his ring size.


    Fast shipping

    Once we complete your ring we will call you to confirm delivery details. After contacting you we will send the parcel within Australia via StarTrack on an overnight service. Outside Australia we will ship via StarTrack, FedEx or DHL

    Insured Shipping

    Our parcels are fully insured within Australia and Worldwide

    Get in touch

    You can contact us at any stage of your order. Our friendly customer service team are trained to help you at all stages of your order. You can call us on 1800 766 567 or via our contact form.

    Monroe Yorke Diamond Excellent Cut Diamonds are Visibly Brighter

    IGI Certified

    IDEAL Cut Diamonds



    Monroe Yorke diamonds are truly captivating works of art. Expertly cut for breathtaking brightness and unparalleled sparkle, these exquisite jewels will fill you with emotion every time you look at them.

    What is an IDEAL cut Diamond?

    Congratulations on finding the most perfect diamond! Let's dive into what makes an IDEAL cut diamond so special.

    An IDEAL cut diamond is meticulously crafted with ideal proportions, angles, and excellent polish and symmetry ratings. This exquisite cut allows the diamond to shine like no other, reflecting almost all the light that enters it. It's important to note that an IDEAL cut diamond is not just any ordinary cut; it is a rarity coveted by many

    In fact, the IDEAL cut diamond serves as the benchmark for grading all other diamonds. With its unparalleled brilliance, an IDEAL cut diamond is a true gem that captures the essence of elegance and beauty.

    So, if you're searching for a diamond that delivers unmatched brilliance and radiance, look no further than an IDEAL cut diamond. It's the epitome of perfection.



    Turn your special moment into a timeless memory with our unique custom-tailored diamond engagement rings, exclusively crafted in Australia. Our one-of-a kind experience guarantees to make this occasion truly extraordinary!

    We offer you an innovative diamond purchase experience that has unrivalled potential for personalisation.

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    Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Made in Australia