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A Special Ring Needs Special Diamonds

A Special Ring Needs Special Diamonds

You're getting engaged. Congratulations. And every engagement needs that special ring to seal the deal. So, where do you go to find the engagement ring of your dreams? It's a no brainer. MY Diamonds is the perfect place. It is a rising star in the diamond jewellery firmament, designing jewellery for the most discerning clients from the Gold Coast and across the nation.




It is paramount that you find an honest and trusted diamond retailer/wholesaler who has the most up to date and in depth knowledge of diamonds. This will also ensure that the diamond you choose has been sourced from areas that are not involved in blood diamonds.

The MY Diamonds online showroom displays the most exquisite choice of superb designer diamond jewellery and loose diamonds including the amazing black diamond and fancy coloured diamonds. It is from here that you will choose the fabulous gem that will complete your custom made diamond engagement ring.

The Knowledge and MY Diamonds

No diamond is created equal to another. That is the real beauty of a diamond. It's uniqueness. The reason from this is that diamonds are hewn from the ground, mined from layers of carbon deep within the earth. Each piece of rough diamond is completely different. This results in finished diamonds that have been cut and polished by an expert also reflecting that difference. Each stone will provide different cutting opportunities for the craftsman. Some are obviously best for brilliant cut, round diamonds, others for trilliant or cushion. It is the rough diamond that decides the finished product. It is because of this that we are able to purchase the most beautiful polished, sparkling diamonds.

What Are You Looking For?

All diamonds have unique characteristics. They are as unique as you are, and these are the qualities you should look for when searching for your perfect diamonds. The shape of the diamond is probably the first criteria. At, there is an eclectic choice of diamond shapes, all totally exquisite, all waiting for you to include them in your diamond engagement ring. They are:~

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond

Heart Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Diamond

Trilliant Cut Diamond

From here you can begin your search for the most perfect diamond for you. Each of the cuts above can be included as a solitaire in white or yellow gold, or platinum which is the preferred metal. See our other articles to find out why. To speak with a MY Diamonds Diamond Specialist, call 1300 66 55 20 and ensure that the diamond that you buy is the perfect one for you.