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Black Diamond Jewellery

If you're into high end fashionable jewellery then black bling is 'in'. And it's 'in' in a very big way. Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus have all been seen sporting the latest black diamond jewellery. 'Lost' star Elizabeth Mitchell wore hers to the 'Emmies' and Katie Perry, the California Girl continues to wear them at awards ceremonies. And what could be more dynamic or eye catching?

Black Bling for the Guys
For real out there black bling for the guys go over to Monroe Yorke Diamonds. Their designs are totally stunning and quite revolutionary. Think about having them custom made just for you. This service that is available to celebrities who want to wear something totally unique and utterly fabulous, is also available for you too. At Monroe Yorke Diamonds, their professional diamond specialists will take your ideas and turn them into gorgeous black diamond jewellery, with a unique twist.

Monroe Yorke Diamonds designs are edgy and sleek and made from quality metals and high end black diamonds, that are sourced from legitimate diamond producers.

Black Bling for the Girls
For the girls have a range of superb black diamonds, that can be artisan crafted into fabulous rings, pendants and ear studs. The misconception is that black diamonds are somehow man made. They are in fact colourless diamonds that have been treated in a certain way to achieve that deep midnight black colour that everyone loves and have a rarity value that everyone covets.

Lucrèce 3.00 carat Black
Diamond Ring

Noire 3.00 carat Black
Diamond Ring

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Where to Get Yours
Black jewellery is right on trend with black pendants in every style and every culture leading the way. At MY Diamonds the choice is infinite, because you can design your very own unique piece of black diamond bling. Everyone who's anyone is sporting black pendants. It would seem that the new black! So, be up there with girls who want to team these gorgeous stones with the 'little black dress' or the latest 'designer gothic styles', and the guys who want to follow the 'hiphop' music revolution. Guys or girls, it doesn't matter. Black diamonds are top of the jewellery fashion tree right now and MY Diamonds is the go to diamond retailer to make your own unique design dreams come true. Go to Monroe Yorke Diamonds, or telephone 1300 66 55 20 and speak with one of their professional diamond specialists.