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Most Expensive Diamonds No. 4 - The Hope Diamond

Now we're getting really serious.  Above is a photograph of the Hope Diamond, also known as The Bleu de France. (The Blue of France) or the Bijou de Roi (The Jewel of the King). This stunning gem is valued at 300 million dollars and is a large deep blue diamond kept at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D C.

The exquisite blue colour is caused by boron captured within the crystal.  When placed under an ultra violet light, the gem will shine red with phosphoresence. As lovely as this diamond is, it apparently comes with a curse, so think twice before raiding your bank account!

The stone has 42.52 carats and weighs 9.10 grams.  Having travelled the world from India to France, then to Great Britain and the USA it is often called the most famous diamond in the world.

Above image of hope diamond from the Smithsonianmag


At Monroe Yorke we hold in our stunning diamond collection this superb sapphire and diamond ring which would be timeless as an engagement ring, or perfection as a Christmas gift.

Carmel - Emerald Cut Ceylon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Carmel - Emerald Cut Ceylon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring. Centre emerald cut blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds


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