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Putting Your Faith in Australia's Finest Purveyors of Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery ~ Monroe Yorke Diamonds

In the early days of the internet it was a big ask.  To purchase anything online, consumers tentatively and not very willingly tapped their credit card details into their computer and waited for it all to go wrong - credit card rinsed, shoddy goods - or worse, no goods at all.  Sometimes it is like that.  We've all heard tales of woe about people not getting satisfaction when they've purchased something online.  

Today, it's a no brainer. Sitting in the comfort of our own homes with no racking up of transport costs, or getting caught out by dodgy weather we can purchase just about anything.  Even diamond engagement rings.  And if you want to feel particularly secure when you're purchasing the most important piece of diamond jewellery you'll ever buy, you must definitely visit Monroe Yorke Diamonds on, Australia's finest purveyors of diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Honesty and Security with Monroe Yorke Diamonds

Monroe Yorke Diamonds is one of Australia's leading online diamond retailers.  Their diamond jewellery is crafted by a leading master craftsman who received training in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, ensuring you will receive diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery of the highest quality and most exquisite designs.

A Swift Delivery ensuring Complete Satisfaction

Monroe Yorke Diamonds set a target of delivering your chosen diamond engagement ring to you within four to six weeks of receipt of your order and payment.   

Guaranteed 100% from Monroe Yorke Diamonds

We very rarely get asked for a refund, a claim that few companies can make.  We ensure this by meeting our customers' discerning requirements - every time.  However, should a client ever wish to return a piece of jewellery, or are not happy with their diamond engagement ring, Monroe Yorke Diamonds offers their 100% guarantee.  For more details of this guarantee, visit their online showroom on So, with a 100% Guarantee set in stone and the most exquisite diamond craftsmanship available in Australia, you have nothing to lose.  

Here are some examples of our superb designs:


Chelsea - Round Diamond Halo EarStuds


Venus diamond eternity ring / anniversary ring

Venus Diamond Eternity Ring / Anniversary Ring


Envy - Emerald & Tapered Baguette Trilogy Diamond Ring

Envy - Emerald & Tapered Baguette Trilogy Diamond Ring


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